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Dateline: Events/Week Of March 22, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Four girls and a teacher are dead at Westside Middle School near Jonesboro, Arkansas. Two boys are held in the shootings.

California becomes the first state to switch to a free market for electricity. Now  - dozens of new business enterprises have begun buying and selling electricity as if it were a commodity. Will it work?

Monica Lewinsky’s father – Dr. Bernard Lewinsky said he is concerned that President Clinton’s decision to invoke executive privilege will only prolong his daughter’s isolation. “The longer this delays, the more difficult it becomes.’

Restaurants -  Koo Koo Roo Inc. names Lee Iacocca as acting chairman.

A respiratory therapist – who calls himself the “angel of death” – says he has killed as many as 50 seriously ill patients over nine years at a hospital near Los Angeles, Ca. The man is Efren Saldivar – but authorities are treating as a rumor for now.

Oil rockets up 13% in a single day – jumping $1.90 to $16.51 a barrel. It’s all due to a production cut. 

An elderly woman suffering from breast cancer – dies after she swallowed a fatal dose of barbiturates and she becomes the first to utilize Oregon’s doctor-assisted suicide law.


Entertainment /Movie News – March 22, 1998

Academy Awards held this week –

Best picture – “Titanic.”

Best actor – Jack Nicholson – “As Good As It Gets.’

Best actress – Helen Hunt – “As Good As It Gets.”

Best supporting actor – Robin Williams – “Good Will Hunting.”

Best supporting actress – Kim Basinger – “L.A. Confidential.’


Technology News – March 22, 1998

Wireless Internet Becoming More Possible

Wireless Internet? It’s making a beginning. You can get a device from Ricochet that attaches to the back of a laptop computer – and you can go wireless – but it’s available only in Seattle, Washington D.C. and San Francisco. The cost is $30 a month.

PBS is drawing up plans for digital TV – and its plan is to split one TV station into 4 digital channels. The FCC began handing out digital licenses last April. PBS plans to start supplying the multiple channels and some hi-def programs by the end of this year.


Sports News – March 22, 1998

Another college sports scandal - Federal grand jury in Chicago indicts two former Northwestern University players on charges of attempting to fix the outcome of three contests during the 1994-95 season.


Music news – March 22, 1998

 Don’t miss Janet Jackson’s “Velvet Rope Tour.” It’ll kick off July 9 in Washington D.C.

 “12 Bar Blues” - Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots gets his first solo album released this week. He’ll perform on Dave Letterman’s show this week.

Interscope Records pays for play – but legally – when it paid KUFO Portland to play a new Limp Bizkit song called “Counterfeit.”

Vonda Shepard – who provides a sort of soundtrack on “Ally McBeal” is getting a series soundtrack released.

It’ll be Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion and Shania Twain for VH1’s “Divas Live” on April 14.

Chuck Negron – who founded “3 Dog Night” is suing his ex group mates – Cory Wells and Dan Hutton over the use of the rock group’s name.

A record 19 people died at rock concerts and festival events in1997.

Rapper Warren G. settles his suit with Garth Brooks over the letter “G” in Brooks’ tour advertisements.


Television news – March 22, 1998

New York soup maker Al Yeganeh – who inspired the “soup nazi” on Seinfeld, just appeared on the Home Shopping Network and is booked for Dave Letterman show.

Impasse – Simpson’s voices want 5x what they are getting - $150,000 per episode. They are - Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Hank Azaria (Moe) and Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns, Smithers). Nancy Cartwright – the voice of Homer – came to terms for a third. 

Kevin Newman is named to succeed Charles Gibson as co-anchor of “Good Morning America.” Newman reads the news.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – March 8, 1998

Seinfeld – 20.92

Friends – 23.13

Seinfeld (10pm) – 22.96

Just Shoot me – 22.91

Caroline in the City (Thur.) - 22.12

60 Minutes – 20.71

Movie-it Could Happen – 20.63

Frasier (Thu.) – 19.51

Touched by an Angel – 19.29

Home Improvement – 18.18

Drew Carey – 17.35

Dateline NBC (wed.) –16.45

Frasier – 16.37

Dateline NBC  (Mon.) 16.29.

Movie-The Little Rascals – 16.01

Ally McBeal – 15.42

The Simpsons – 14.96

Walker, Texas Ranger – 14.50


Top movies – March 22, 1998  



Primary Colors

The Man in the Iron mask

Wild Things

As Good as it Gets

Good Will Hunting

U.S. Marshals

T he Newton Boys

Mr. Nice Guy

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