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Dateline: Events/Week of September 1, 1996 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Democratic convention in Chicago – President Bill Clinton accepts renomination and bows to protect popular programs and lists new goals.

Clinton and Democratic strategist Dick Morris resigns in response to reports he had shared campaign secrets with a $200-an-hour prostitute.

President Clinton orders the U.S. military to prepare for possible action in the Persian Gulf region after concerns on Iraqi troop movements.

U.S. forces strike Iraqi targets again – as part of an operation that President Clinton pledged would continue until Iraqi President Saddam Hussein complies with standards of international conduct.

President Clinton says that Iraq appears to be withdrawing its troops from Irbil – the Kurdish city that Iraqi forces invaded last week. The President declared the two rounds of U.S. missile strikes against Iraq this week a success.

Whitewater – Susan McDougal – former Whitewater investment partner of President Clinton and the First Lady, refused a judge’s order to testify before a federal grand jury about the Clinton’s role in the case. 

Presidential Campaign as President Clinton and Bob Dole hit the mid-west.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian helped a Tennessee man with pancreatic cancer commit suicide.


Business news – September 1, 1996

Staples will purchase Office Depot for $3.5 billion in stock.

General Motors agrees to sell its stake in rental car company Avis Inc to HFS Inc. for about $800 million.

A recovery expedition lifts a giant slab of the Titanic’s hull from its ocean grave. The RMS Titanic Inc. is sponsoring the expedition. Plans call for the piece of debris to be taken to Boston then New York. 

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan proclaims himself honored to accept a human rights award named for Libyan ruler Moammar Kadafi, but turned down its companying $250,000 prize to avoid legal problems in the U.S.


Radio news – September 1, 1996 – Don Imus Simulcast on MSNBC

MSNBC begins to experiment in broadcasting Don Imus’ morning radio show – live – beginning 6am eastern time.


Music news – September 1, 1996

Paul McCartney announces that his wife Linda, has made a full breast cancer recovery – after undergoing surgery in December. 

MTV Music Awards- Smashing Pumpkins get sever awards – including video of the year for “Tonight Tonight.” Alanis Morissette got three awards including best female video and best new artist.

Pearl Jam begins a tour on Sept 16.

Look for the “Beatles Anthology, Vol. III” in the fall.

A&M Records will released a lost Karen Carpenter album, but look for the album “Karen Carpenter” in October with 12 unreleased songs. 


Television news – September 1, 1996

Oprah Winfrey interviews John F. Kennedy Jr. this week!

MTV Networks announces plans to spend more than $420 million on animated series and films over the next five years for MTV and Nickelodeon.

David Letterman will air an entire show – but without regular commercial breaks on Sept 20. Letterman will simply billboard sponsors – four in all.

Jenny McCarthy is leaving as co-host of MTV’s “Singled Out” to begin her own weekly comedy-variety series. That will begin in December.

Look for the Fox News Channel to launch Oct. 7.

Nick at Night is adding “Happy Days” to its lineup beginning Sept. 9. 

Margot Kidder talks to Barbara Walters on her battles with mental illness and her recent “dazed and confused’ incident in S. California. On ABC-TV.

CBS is delaying “Ink” starring Ted Danson. The four episodes already shot are being scrubbed and Dreamworks will have to start over.

 NBC’s “Later with Greg Kinnear” which had halted production for Kinnear to do a movie – is back.  The movie is “A Smile Like Yours.”

Republican presidential hopeful Bob Dole interviews with Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” this week.

Ross Perot plans to mix his homespun message with his ever-present charts in a paid 30-minute TV advertisement – to air on ABC this week.

On E! this weekend – “The Life and Death of Sam Kinison.”

Now that she’s hotter – Janeane Garofalo, whose movie career took of with “The Truth About Cats and Dogs,” will make less appearances on HBO’s “The Larry Sanders Show.”

Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – week of September 1, 1996

CBS – Queen, David Letterman

NBC – Wings, NewsRadio. Dateline NBC, Law & Order Jay Leno

ABC – Ellen, Grace Under Fire, Drew Carey, Prime time Live, Nightline

Fox – Beverly Hills 90210, party of Five

UPN – The Sentinel Star Trek: Voyager

MTV – The 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, Post Show

E! – Cool Clubs, Howard Stern, Talk Soup


Top music albums – September 1, 1996

Nada Es Igual – Luis Miguel

Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette

Submlime – Submlime

Falling into You – Celine Dion

Tragic Kingdom – No Doubt

Secrets – Toni Braxton

Beats, Thymes – A Tribe Called Quest

It Was Written – Nas


Keith Sweat – Keith Sweat


Top Pop Hit Singles(top-40) – September 1, 1996

Macarena – Los Del Rio

Loungin’ – LL Cool J

Only You – 112

Twisted – Keith Sweat

Hit Me Off – New edition

Elevators – Outkast

Change the World – Eric Clapton

I Love you Always – Donna Lewis

How Do You Want It – 2pac

It’s All Coming Back – Celine Dion


Top movies – September 1, 1996

The Crow: City of Angels

The Cup

First Kid

A Time to Kill

The Island of dr. Moreau


Independence Day

A Very Brady Sequel


The Fan

The Spitfire Gill

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