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Dateline: Events/Week of November 22, 1994 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Jeffrey Dahmer who confessed to killing 17 men and boys is beaten to death in a prison bathroom. Dahmer suffered massive head injuries from a broom handle, while he was on clean-up duty. A third inmate was also attacked and is recovering in a hospital.

Defense Secretary William Perry says that heavily armed (advancing) Serbian rebels on the city of Bihac are unstoppable and that further NATO strikes would be useless. Recent bombing raids by NATO against the rebels failed to even slow their progression into the U.N protected area. 

Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole gives a thumbs-up and throws his support behind the proposed international trade agreement which comes up for congressional vote next week. Dole was swayed by a White House pledge to create a panel to monitor the 124-nation accord.

In New York, a firefighter was cradling two children in his arms and guiding their parents to safety on an aerial ladder when suddenly it collapsed. The father leaped free and jumped to his death. The mother and two children are in critical condition and the fireman is in serious but stable condition. The ladder, which was extended 91 feet to reach a top floor apartment, could have buckled under the weight of the last section - but that’s not suppose to happen.

In St Louis, a TWA jet began it’s take-off and just short of lifting, clips the top of a parked Cessna, killing both people aboard. The MD-80 clipped the top off of the Cessna with its wings. Eight people on the jet suffered minor injuries.

A Catholic priest and an ex-guerrilla from Northern Ireland are convicted of charges related to the $7.4 million Brinks armored car depot robbery several years ago. The Rev. Patrick Moloney (62) and Sam Millar (39) were taken into custody after the verdict was read. It was the nation’s fifth largest armored-car robbery. A total of $2.01 million was recovered in Moloney’s apartment.


Sports news – November 24, 1994

Quarterback Joe Montana of the Kansas City Chiefs surpasses 40,000 career passes, but is injured as the Seahawks win in a close game 10-9. It’s not known if his injury is serious. That places Montana at #6 in total yards passed. Denver’s John Elway is currently #7 with just over 37,000 yards. Football great Johnny Unitas is at #5 with 40,239.


Christmas Shopping – Toy Prices – November 24, 1994

At the toy store - “Lite Brite” - $9.99 ... Jenga Game - $9.99 ... Talking Alphie II - $13.88 ... Creepy Crawlers Oven - $15.99

Bestsellinb books include - The Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield, “Insomnia” - Stephen King, “Couplehood” - Paul Reiser, “The Bell Curve” - Richard Hernstein and Charles Murray.


Technology news – November 24, 1994

An IBM Thinkpad 355 - 486 SX 33 MHZ with 4MB RAM, 125MB Hard Drive - $1299.99


Entertainment/Movie news – November 24, 1994

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Speilberg and David Geffen “The Dream Team” announce an alliance with ABC - a Capital Cities company. Robert Iger, president of the network said his company is putting in excess of $100 million into the joint venture.

Akio Morita - the man who co-founded Sony’s predecessor company in 1946 and who built Sony into an international bemoth resigns. Morita was sidelined by a stroke late last year and since then has undergone a slow and difficult partial recovery.

Disney posts record profits thanks to the box-office smash “The Lion King.” Record net profits of $225.9 million exceeded what analysts predicted.

Baywatch Star Pamela Anderson (27) is suing the Globe for $12 million for writing that she was a heroin addict and in danger of losing her role in the popular TV series.

Dies - Jerry Rubin - 60’s activist who once told his peers never trust anyone over the age of 30. Rubin was hit by a car while jaywalking several weeks ago and died from those injuries. He was 56. The person that hit him was over 30.

Dies - Tommy Boyce (55) half of the famous Boyce and Hart songwriting team of the 60’s. He was found of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound by his wife. Teamed with Bobby Hart - they wrote hits like “Pretty Little Angel Eyes” and the Theme for The Monkees.  Boyce and Hart were named musical directors for the TV group and contributed a number of songs on their first two albums.

As singers themselves, Boyce & Hart charted with several hits including - “Alice Long” and “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight” in 1968. The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia credits them with more than 300 compositions and sales of more than 42 million records. 

TV ratings - Seinfield - 21.3, Seinfeld -9:30p -20.6, 60 minutes - 18.7, Home Improvement - 18.6, Grace Under Fire - 18.5, NYPD Blue - 18.1, Scarlett part 3 - 17.8, Scarlett part 4 - 17.7, ER - 17.3, Scarlett part 2 - 17.1, Monday Night Football - 17.1, Roseanne - 16.9, Murder, She Wrote - 16.4, Mad About You - 16.2, Million Dollar Babies part 1 - 15.9,

Friends - 15.7, Ellen - 15.2, Frasier - 15.2, Murphy Brown - 15.2


Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – Week of November 24, 1994

TV - (CBS) Movie, 48 Hours .... (NBC) The World’s Greatest Magic, Law & Order ... (ABC) Sister, Sister, All-American Girl, Ellen, Turning Point ... (FOX) Beverly Hills 90210, Models Inc.

On the CBS Movie - “Wizard Of Oz” (1939) - Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr.

On Sister-Sister - The twins begin to work part time juggling two jobs.

On Beverly Hills 90210 - Donna and Steve sneak into a Rolling Stones concert with the help of Ray.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – November 22, 1994

“On Bended Knee” - Boyz II Men, “I’ll Make Love To You” - Boys II Men, “All I Wanna Do” - Sheryl Crow, “Another Night” - Real McCoy, “Always” - Bon Jovi, “Secret” - Madonna, “Here Comes The Hotstepper” - Ini Kamoze, “I Wanna Be Down” - Brandy, “You Want This” - Janet Jackson, “Flava In Ya Ear” - Craig Mack, “Turn The Beat Around” - Gloria Estefan, “I’ll Stand By You” - The Pretenders


Top movies – November 22, 1994

The Santa Clause - Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson

Miracle On 34th Street - Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins

Junior - Arnold Schwarznegger, Danny Devito, Emma Thompson

Interview With The Vampire - Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas

The Pagemaster - Macaulay Culkin, Christopher Lloyd

Star Trek Generations - Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Levar Burton

Pulp Fiction - John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman

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