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Dateline: Events/Week of July 1, 1994 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

O.J. preliminary hearing – Testimony is made that Simpson purchased a 15-inch cutlery knife a few six weeks before the slaying.

PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat returns to Gaza City in triumph after 27 years of exile and calls on Palestinians to put aside their differences and build “a democratic and free homeland.”

A USAair jetliner flying through a thunderstorm at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport tries to turn and climb out but crashes, killing at least 19 of the 55 onboard.

3-month war - Rebel troops overrun Rwanda’s capital of Gikongoro, prompting French forces to declare a government-held pocket in the southwest a safe area under French protection.

Trapped by a wall of flames, 13 federal firefighters are killed and three others are missing while battling a forest fire near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Traffic accident kills 14 in Weatherford, Tex after a tractor-trailer slams into a passenger van.

Jim Bakker arrives at a North Carolina halfway house after 4 ½ years in prison for defrauding investors out of millions of dollars. “I’m glad to be back in the Carolinas, and I’m glad to be with my son today,” said Bakker.


Sports news – July 1, 1994

At a San Francisco Giants news conference, Darryl Strawberry says he is finally rid of alcohol and drugs. “I am looking forward to talking on a baseball field for the first time with a clear mind.” Strawberry begins a minor league stint at the Giants’ triple-A team in Phoenix this week.


Radio news – July 1, 1994

Lt. Gov. Bob Kustra of Illinois has quit that job to become a radio talkshow host on WLS/89.


Entertainment news – July 1, 1994

“The Lion King” opens this week, taking-in $42 million, but there’s some talk of it being a little too violent for little children.


Television news – July 1, 1994

Deborah Norville is hitting her stride on “America Tonight” after a turbulent ride over at NBC. Hopefully, this show has staying power.

Don’t miss Nick-at-Nite’s summer block party. It all starts this week with “Mary Tyler Moore” on Mondays, “I Love Lucy” on Tuesdays, “Bewitched” – Wednesdays, “I Dream of Jeannie” – Thursdays and “Dragnet” - Fridays for two months! 

The only network to cover the O.J. Simpson hearing – the way it should be covered. Court TV (This is an advertisement).


Top TV Shows/Ratings  - July 1, 1994

Home Improvement – 16.0

Grace Under Fire – 15.7

Frasier – 14.7

 Seinfeld – 13.8

Roseanne – 13.1

Dateline NBC *Thurs.) – 12.5

Coach – 12.4

20/20 – 12.4

Murphy Brown – 11.7

60 Minutes – 11.2

Love & War – 11.0

Murder, She Wrote – 11.0

PrimeTime Live – 10.8

Turning Point – 10.8

Wings – 10.8

Dateline NBC – 10.6

Movie-Dead and Alive – 10.1

Movie-Revenge – 10.0

Northern Exposure – 10.0

Unsolved Mysteries – 9.8

Mad About You – 9.7

NYPD Blue – 9.7

Movie-Glory – 9.6

Full House – 9.6

Law & Order – 9.6

Now – 9.6

Sister, Sister – 9.6

Day One – 9.5


Music news – July 1, 1994

Tupac Shakur in a New York Courtroom in a sodomy and sexual abuse case against the rapper – in an alleged November attack on a 20-year old woman.

“Break On Through The Other Side” by the Doors and “Turn Turn Turn” by the Byrds, both out of the 1960’s and part of the Forrest Gump soundtrack, are being offered as videos to VH-1 and MTV. Will they be played as oldies?

Neil Young becomes the first in rock to pay tribute to the late Kurt Cobain with a song “Sleeps With Angels” – a title song to his new album. 


Top movies – July 1, 1994

Lion King

The Shadow


Blown Away

I Love Trouble


Wyatt Earp

The Flintstones

Baby’s Day Out

Little Big League

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