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Dateline: Events/Week of April 10, 1994 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Two U.S. jet fighters bomb Bosnian Serb artillery positions outside the eastern enclave of Gorazde halting a fierce rebel offensive in its tracks and delivering the first punishing air strikes after months of U.N. threats.

After three days of carnage, it’s estimated that 10,000 are dead in Rwandan capital of Kigali after fighting resumes.

Bosnian Serb rebels, hardening their stance, order troops to shoot down NATO warplanes, laying mines to trap U.N. peacekeepers and rebuff high-level diplomats seeking to rescue abandoned peace talks.  


Technology news – April 10, 1994

Computer news - a group of companies from the Silicon Valley say they are bringing a sort-of home shopping network to millions of users on the worldwide computer network known as the Internet. Called CommerceNet - it allow users to buy computers, scan catalogs and bid on contracts. Said Project Manager Steve Harari - “We’re not sure how it’s going to evolve. It could include everything from pizza parlors to real estate.” The company is backed by $12 million in seed money from the government and such Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Sun Microsystems Inc, Lockheed Corp and Bank of America. The Internet now attracts 20 million users. It is envisioned that consumers will shop for thousands of products at home or the office by scanning huge databases with a computer. 50 to 100 companies are expected to back the service by the end of 1994. Companies offering services on CommerceNet will pay $25,000 a year for a high-level membership, but lower-priced memberships are expected.  

Tech tips - if you need a PC for letters, homework, managing your finances, playing games or using a service like Prodigy - don’t go overboard. Recommended - a 486SX (25MHz or 33MHz) Pc or a 68030 Mac. Get 4 megs of RAM and a 120-meg hard drive... Small Business for word processing, spreadsheets and databases, it’s recommended you get a PC with a 486SX or DX (50 Mhz) PC or a 68040 Mac. Either with 8MB RAM and a 200meg hard drive .


Sports news – April 10, 1994

In sports - Magic Johnson says he’s leaving his L.A. Lakers coaching job - effective the end of the season. “It’s not the fact of our record. I never wanted to be a coach. I’m just sticking by that... I take losses too hard. I hurt. I take it home with me. It’s tough for me to sit there and take it, hard. I wanted to win so bad...”  

The NFL announces that it will begin charging bars and restaurants for satellite transmissions of its games. Under the new rules, establishments with 100 seats or less will be charged $699 for a full season. The biggest clubs from 201 to 600 will be charged $1,899. 


Some Bestselling Books – April 10, 1994

Disclosure - Michael Crichton

The Bridges of Madison County - Robert James Wallter

The Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield

Accident - Danielle Steel

Smilla’s Sense of Snow - Peter Hoeg

The Alienist - Caleb Carr

Like Water For Chocolate - Laura Esquivel

Slow Waltz in Cedar Ben - Robert James Waller

Embraced By The Light - Betty J. Eadie

How We Die - Sherwin B Nuland

Magic Eye - N.E. Thing Enterprises

Book of Virtues: A Treasury of the World’s Great Moral Stories - William J. Bennett

Men are From Mars: Women Are From Venus - John Gray, Ph.D.

Stop the Insanity! - Susan Powter


Entertainment/Celebrity/Music news – April 10, 1994

“The House of Blues” is scheduled to open April 30th in Los Angeles. Dan Aykroyd co-owns the club chain. Look for Aerosmith, the Black Crowes, James Brown and John Lee Hooker in an inaugural, invitation-only event.

Comedian/actor Jerry Seinfeld appears in a current of “Automobile Magazine” as a writer.  He interviews on of the designers of the VW Concept I - the successor to the Beetle. Seinfeld owns nine Porches and a Beetle.

Is this really the end for vinyl records?  - Pioneer Electronics say they are about to release a CD player for club DJ’s - that will allow “hands-on” CD spinning like vinyl records. Vinyl records have survived in clubs, whose DJ’s like to scratch, mix and otherwise manipulate music in ways you can’t do with CD’s - until now? Says a Pioneer spokesman - “We shoed deejays an early prototype and their jaws dropped. We also took in their feedback and enlarged the buttons and simplified the product.” The new mixer comes with a joystick-type device that manipulates the CD’s back and forth and also allows deejays to change the beat speed without affecting the vocals.

 Courtney Love - widow of Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain, reads parts of his suicide note in an angry taped message to thousands of fans that gathered for a candlelight vigil in Seattle. Love described it as “a letter to the editor.” Some excerpts said, “I haven’t felt the excitement for so many years. I felt guilty for so many years. The fact is I can’t fool you, any one of you. The worst crime is faking it.” Cobain (27) was found dead Friday in the home he shared with his wife and their toddler daughter - with a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head.

More Courtney Love - just before her husband committed suicide last week, it’s learned that Courtney Love was being arrested on drug charges in Beverly Hills. She was arrested at the posh Peninsula Hotel after hotel officials called police to report that they believed one of their guests had overdosed on heroin. Her group “Hole” has just released an album. 

Some rock female artists and/or bands to watch out for ... Hole (Courtney Love’s band), PJ Harvey, Bikini Kill ( from Olympia, WA),  The Breeders (headed by Kim Deal of the Pixies), Juliana Hatfield, Kristin Hersh, Liz Phair, 7 Year Bitch (from Seattle)

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley confirm rumors that they have split and have been since Thanksgiving. Married nine years, they have an eight-year old daughter.

Tony Bennett (67) tapes an MTV-Unplugged this week. The special will air next month. 


Top Movie Video Rentals – April 10, 1994

The Fugitive

In The Line of Fire

Demolition Man

The Good Son

Striking Distance

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Judgment Night

The Man Without A Face

The Joy Luck Club



Top TV Shows/Ratings – April 10, 1994

Home Improvement - 22.9

NCAA Basketball - 21.6

Seinfeld - 19.4

These Friends of Mine - 18.8

 Roseanne - 18.8

60 Minutes - 18.6

Coach - 18.0

Frasier - 17.9

Movie - David’s Mother - 16.3

20/20 - 16.2

Murder, She Wrote - 15.5

Wings - 15.1

Home Improvement (8pm) - 14.8

Movie - Prelude to a Championship - 14.5

Thunder Alley - 14.4

PrimeTime Live - 14.3

 Movie - Beyond Obsession

Rescue 911 - 13.6

Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman - 13.3

NYPD Blue - 13.2

Sister, Sister - 13.1

Full House - 12.9

Frasier (Mon) - 12.9

Phenom - 12.8

Mad About You (Mon) - 12.7

Step by Step - 12.6


Television news – April 10, 1994

Keenen Ivory Wayans - the creator and producer of “In Living Color” hooks up with CBS-TV to develop programming. Wayans and Fox parted company in 1992. Says Wayans - “Our plan is to build a company that will foster and develop new voices reflecting the changing landscape of television.”

Fox-TV will premiere its “Melrose Place” spinoff - “Models Inc” on June 29 with a 90-minute episode. The Aaron Spelling series stars Linda Gray as the owner of a successful Hollywood modeling agency and the mother of bad girl Amanda (Heather Locklear).

On a “Geraldo” show this week - the subject is Madonna and whether the controversial star is now “over the hill.” The syndicated show is hosted by Geraldo Rivera.

Sunday Night Television listings/TV guide – April 10, 1994

CBS - 60 Minutes, Murder, She Wrote Move - David’s Mother (1994)

NBC - Ancient Prophecies - Movie - Shadow of Obsession (1994)

ABC - America’s Funniest Home Videos, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Movie - Memphis Belle

 Fox - Code 3, Martin, Living Single, Married... With Children, George Carlin

PBS - Nature, Masterpiece Theater

A&E - Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Movie - Thicker Than Water

Discovery - Touring Civil War Battlefields, Natural World, Black Easter, Nature of Things


Ancient Prophecies - David McCallum examines ancient and modern-day predictions about the year 2,000 from Nostradamus, St Malachy, Edgar Cayce, Jeanne Dixon, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Martin - Gina mistakenly throws away courtside tickets to an upcoming basketball game while cleaning Martin’s apartment.

Superman - Superman winds up in jail after the powers that be decide he is responsible for a freak winter heat wave.

Also on Sunday - Comedy Central holds a 10-hour tribute to the talents of Chevy Chase. The marathon features some of Chase’s films, comedy clips and “Saturday Night Live” episodes.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – April 10, 1994

Bump N’ Grind - R. Kelly

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World - Prince

The Sign - Ace of Base

Without You - Mariah Carey

 The Power of Love - Celine Dion

Whatta Man - Salt-N-Peppa

Something To Ride To - Conscious D

Born to Roll - Masta Ace Incorporated

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash Test Dummies

So Much In Love - All-4-One

Now and Forever - Richard Marx

Gin & Juice - Snoop Doggy Dogg

Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen

Mary Jane’s Last Dance - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers



Top Music Albums – April 10, 1994

The Division Bell - Pink Floyd

Longing In Their Hearts - Bonnie Raitt

The Sign - Ace of Base

August and Everything After - Counting Crows

Above the Rim - soundtrack

Music Box - Mariah Carey

12 Play - R. Kelly

Not a Moment Too Soon - Tim McGraw

Live at the Acropolis - Yanni

The Colour of My Love - Celine Dion

God Shuffled His Feet - The Crash Test Dummies

Chant - Benedictine Monks


More Top Music Albums – April 10, 1994

Superunkown - Soundgarden - featuring “Spoonman”

Very Necessary - Salt n Pepa

The Downward Spiral - Nine-Inch Nails

Essex - Alison Moyet

Brutal Youth - Elvis Costello

Diary of a Mad Band - Jodeci

Strange Pleasure - Jimmy Vaughan

Angela Winbush - featuring “Treat You Right”

Tony Braxton

Far Beyond Driven - Pantera

Notorious - Confederate Railroad

Longing In Their Hearts - Bonnie Raitt

Philadelphia - soundtrack

Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We - The Cranberries - featuring “Dreams”


Top Country Music Albums – April 10, 1994

 Kickin’ It Up - John M. Montgomery

Rhythm Country and Blues - various artists

Greats Hits Vol. 2 - Reba Mcentire

Pure Country - George Straight

Not a Moment Too Soon - Tim McGraw

A Lot About Livin’ - Alan Jackson

Easy Come Easy Go - George Straight

In Pieces - Garth Brooks

Songs of the Eagles - various artists


Top movies – April 10, 1994

D2 The Mighty Ducks - Emilio Estevez

Major League II - Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger

The Paper - Michael Keaton, Glenn Close, Marisa Tomei, Randy Quaid, Robert Duvall

Naked Gun 33 1/3 - Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley, George Kennedy, O.J. Simpson, Fred Ward

Threesome - Lara Flynn, Josh Charles, Stephen Baldwin

Four Weddings And A Funeral - Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell

Schindler’s List -


Above The Rim - Duane Martin, Tupac Shakur

Clifford -  Martin Short, Charles Grodin

 Jimmy Hollywood - Joe Pesci, Christian Slater

The House of the Spirits - Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons, Glenn Close

Philadelphia - Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington

Serial Mom - Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston

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