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Dateline: Events/Week of January 23, 1991 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Iraqi scud missiles hit Tel Aviv – three are dead with most devastation coming from a crippled apartment building.

French warplanes join allied forces in the Persian Gulf theater.

Japan announces that it will add $9 billion to its support of U.S.-led forces in the Middle East and supply military cargo aircraft to transport refugees.

An angry President Bush – in his first speech since the U.S. and allied forces attacked Iraq – said “No one should weep for this tyrant when he is brought to justice. No one – anywhere in the world.”

State of the Union address - President Bush called on Americans to “accept our responsibility to lead the World away for the dark chaos of dictators” and “we will succeed” of the allied commitment to expel Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein indicates that he will use chemical weapons only as a last resort, asserting that he and his military have maintained “our balance” by employing only conventional weapons thus far in the Persian Gulf conflict.

Allied forces recapture much of the Saudi area of Khafji after Iraq’s first air strike. 12 U.S. Marines are dead.

A major containment effort is under way to hold back massive surges of crude oil unleashed in Kuwait – the largest oil spill in history. The slick is 30-miles long and eight-miles wide and spreading at an alarming rate. As much as 6 million barrels of crude oil had been pumped into the Gulf. Iraq is blamed for unleashing the oil from five huge oil tankers moored off the Kuwaiti coast.

In Israel - Patriot missiles shoot down Iraq scud missiles.

Lt. Gen. Stanislav Petrov – a top Soviet chemical warfare officer says that Iraq had more than 2,000 tons of chemical and biological weapons before the start of the Gulf war and it’s likely that only a portion has been destroyed.

Ricky Abeyta surrenders to authorities – a day after he allegedly killed seven people – including a baby – in the worst mass slaying in New Mexico history. 

Interview with Barbara Walters - Russian republic President Boris N. Yeltsin says Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev should abandon “his attempts to set up a dictatorship or resign.”

 Marriott Corp says it’s selling all 104 Bob Big Boys restaurants for $65 million. Most – if not all – will be converted to Carrows or Coco’s restaurants. This could be the end of the cherubic big boy.  Buyer is Restaurant Enterprises Group.

Fighting in San Salvador as 25 casualties – dead and wounded – are reported.

Beginning Feb. 3 – It’ll cost 29cents to mail a first-class letter.


Medical/Health news – AIDS/Cancer Update – January 23, 1991

The American Cancer Society says that one out of nine women risk breast cancer during her lifetime. It’s been a slow increase – about .5% a year for the last 30 to 40 years.

AIDS is now the #2 cause of death of young men – according to federal health officials. The disease has killed more than 100,000 Americans since it was first reported in 1981.


Technology news – January 23, 1991

Apple Computer asks the FCC to set aside a small portion of the radio frequency spectrum to allow personnel computers to communication wireless instead of over phone lines.


Sports news – January 23, 1991

Super Bowl XV – The New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19 at Tampa Stadium – the closest game yet in Super Bowl history. It all came down to the Bills’ Scott Norwood missing a 47-yard field goal attempt with four seconds on the clock! The game was almost postponed because of the Persian Gulf War.

Texas Rangers - Pitcher Bobby Witt aggress to a three contract of $7.3 million.


Radio news – January 23, 1991

 (trend) Music radio stations are signing up to get news from radio networks such as CNN and ABC. Most are doing it for the Persian Gulf War.


Music news – January 23, 1991

Produced for the armed forces is “Cher’s Video Canteen” a two-hour special to be distributed by AFRTS – the military radio and television network. Look for videos by Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Traveling Willburys and Bonnie Rait.

Speaking of Cher – at bookstores now “Cher Forever Fit:” The lifetime plan for the health fitness and beauty. By Robert Haas. The book is featured on Oprah Winfrey this week. 

N.W.A. released and EP – “100 Miles and Running.” They really didn’t have enough material for a full album – so they resurrected the EP format. Guess what? It’s selling like hotcakes and other rap labels such as Tommy Boy may do the same. 

American Music Awards – Rapper M.C. Hammer receive five awards – most popular single, album rap artist and album, Soul/R&B artist – wow! Only Michael Jackson did better – seven awards back in 1984.


Television news – January 23, 1991

CNN  - once again – is in the spotlight due to the Persian Gulf War. Lots of new subscribers it seems. CNN and Headline News are doing badly at all. In 1989 – they did $130.1 million in gross business. 

AIDS activists disrupt two newscasts this week – one with CBS’ Dan Rather and PBS’ “MacNeil” Leherer NewsHour. As Rather was beginning the CBS Evening News – a man jumped out and shouted, “Fight AIDS, not Arabs.”

Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – January 23, 1991

CBS – 48 Hours, Lonesome Dove, America Tonight

NBC – Unsolved Mysteries, Night Curt, Seinfeld, Hunter, Tonight Show

ABC – Wonder Years, Growing Pains, Doogie Howser, Married People, Equal Justice, Nightline, Into the Night

PBS – Smithsonian World, Making Sense of the Sixties

HBO – Rick Ducommun: Piece of Mind, 1st & Ten

A&E – Steve Allen & The Improv


On the Tonight Show – Jay Leno hosts with the Indigo Girls, Anthony Edwards, Edie McClurg.

On  Into the Night w/Rick Dees – Heather Locklear and Corin Nemic.


Top movie video rentals – January 23, 1991

RoboCop 2

Dick Tracy

Another 48 Hours

My Blue Heaven

Bird on a Wire


Top movies – January 23, 1991


Flight of the Intruder

Kindergarten Cop

The Godfather Part III

Home Alone

Dances with Wolves

Edward Scissorhands

Eve of Destruction


Not Without My Daughter

White Fang

The Drifters

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