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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of December 15, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The army says it conducted simulated attacks with non-disease causing substances in eight areas to determine the country’s vulnerability to germ warfare.

About 4 million gallons of oil pours from a Liberian tanker split in half by stormy Atlantic seas and spills into the Georges Bank fishing grounds near Nantucket.

Federal health officials order a halt to the $135 million nationwide swine flu immunization program because of concern that the vaccinations may be connected with recently reported cases of paralysis. 

Mozambique-based guerrillas line up about 25 black laborers from a tea plantation and massacred them with machine gun fire.

 Passing – Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley (74)  - of a heart attack. Wilson Frost becomes acting mayor.

Griffin Bell, a Southern former federal judge who favors tough limits on mass busing to desegregate schools, is nominated as the next attorney general and becomes Jimmy Carter’s most controversial appointment. 

The British Labour government proposes to cut government spending by $4.2 billion over a two-year span.

A federal judge orders former President Richard M. Nixon and two officials of his administration to pay damages to a national security aide whose telephone had been tapped by the government.  The two officials named were former Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell and former White House chief of staff H.R. Haldeman.  The judge said he would determine later, after receiving arguments on the question, the amount the three would be required to pay in damages to Morton H. Halperin, a former chief of the National Security Council Planning Group.

Hundreds attend the funeral of Richard J. Daley – the mayor and boss of Chicago for more than 21 years. Seen – President-elect Jimmy Carter, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller and Ted Kennedy.

Rosalynn Carter and her daughter Amy fly to Washington to look over the family quarters of the White House and to visit Amy’s future school.

OPEC raising prices - President Ford blasts the decision of 11 oil exporting countries to raise prices by 10%, declaring it is irresponsible and short-sighted. Only member Saudi Arabia said they would raise prices by 5%.

Oklahoma case - The Supreme Court rules that a state cannot set different legal age levels for the purchase of beer by men and women.

The wicker bassinet used by John F. Kennedy as an infant was back in place with other family memorabilia for the reopening of the late President’s birthplace. The house had been closed for repairs since Sept. 8, 1975 when a gasoline bomb was thrown into a back hall and damaged the building.


Technology news – December 15, 1976

Get “Super Pong” from Atari.


Sports news – December 15, 1976

Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Blendo Gay is fatally stabbed in the neck at his apartment in New Jersey and his wife, Roxanne, has been charged with murder.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – December 15, 1976

Diana Ross will star in “The Wiz,” – a movie being written and formed for her talents. Ms. Ross, who is 31, will play a girl of 15, says Michael Roshkind, v/p of Motown Industries – the movie’s producer. The movie will feature an all-black cast – and is described as a semi-rock version of “The Wizard of Oz.’ A stage version has been doing very well. Ms. Ross it’s reported – will be paid more than $1 million.

She’s on a role (roll) – 13-year-old Tatum O’Neal – Ryan’s daughter. She was recently named top female box office draw in a poll of film exhibitors. She won an Academy Award for “Paper Moon” in 1973. She just finished “Six Weeks.” and stars in “Bad News Bears.”


Television news – December 15, 1976

CBS News correspondent Morley safer has criticized ABC’s Barbara Walters for acting like “Pope Barbara” on her television special last week. Safer said Ms. Walters had become “fair game” as a result of her interviews on the special with President-elect Jimmy Carter, his wife, Rosalynn, Barbra Streisand and the man with whom she singer-actress lives – Jon Peters.

Donny and Marie Osmond Family Christmas Special. With Paul Lynde, Jimmy Osmond plus special friend Andy Williams! On ABC-TV.


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – December 15, 1976

CBS – Good Times, The Jeffersons, Movie

NBC – CPO Sharkey, McLean Stevenson Show, Sirota’s Court, The Practice, The Quest, Tonight, Tomorrow

 ABC – Bionic Woman, Baretta, Charlie’s Angels, (late night) The Rookies

PBS – Wonder Anew, Great Performances.

Baretta – A convict sent to prison by Baretta escapes.

On the Tonight Show – John Davidson is guest host.



Top movies – December 15, 1976           


The Shaggy DA

King Kong

Against Crooked Sky


Incredible Sarah


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