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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 1, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts





In The News

President Ford flies home from a 10-day, five-nation visit to Europe, encouraged by his reception to eastern capitals where he sought stronger ties with Communist governments.

Malaysia - A gang of Japanese Red Army terrorists seize the U.S. consul and a Swedish diplomat and threaten to blow up the building where they were being held if their demands were not met. Later – five of the terrorists who held the 52 hostages in the U.S. Embassy, boarded an airliner with 15 of their captives and were heading out of Malaysia.

Pledging to reduce tensions – 35 nations sign a broad East-West security agreement. The document recognizes Europe as its “map emerged after World War II and forswears forcible changes of boundaries while calling for increased East-West corporation.

New York mayor Abraham Beam announces a recovery program for financially strapped New York City, which includes a graduated wage freeze for most municipal workers and higher subway fares and bridge tolls.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - Former Teamsters President James R. Hoffa is reported missing after his car was found abandoned outside a restaurant. Police said there was no evidence of foul play, but would not rule out the possibility. Hoffa’s son, James Jr., said his father failed to return home Wednesday afternoon and filed a missing person’s reports. Later the FBI takes over the search, citing “extortionate communications” had been received on connection with he Hoffa disappearance, meaning he could have been kidnapped. The FBI would not elaborate.  

The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa is said to be an advantage to Frank E. Fitzsimmons, current Teamsters national president. Although Hoffa chose Fitzsimmons to succeed him when Hoffa went to prison, the two men, once close friends, became bitter enemies because Hoffa had the intention of reclaiming his union presidency. 

More Hoffa – The FBI questions Hoffa’s foster son – Charles O’Brien (who had gone missing for six days himself) about the disappearance.

Former Sen. Ed Gurney, who cut short a 20-year political career under the cloud of a federal indictment, is found not guilty of bribery, accepting unlawful compensation and thee counts of lying to a grand jury.

President Ford signs a seven-year extension of the Voting Rights Act, which in the last decade, has enfranchised more than a million blacks in Southern states.

In addition to extending the provisions of the act for seven years, the measure substantially broadens the law by permanently prohibiting literacy tests and by bringing Spanish-speaking Americans and other minorities under its coverage. 

The government reports that wholesale prices leaped 1.2% in July, reversing a decline of .1% in June.

A Brooklyn grand jury indicted the Good Humor Corp. on charges of knowingly producing, marketing and selling ice cream with an illegally high bacteria level. Based out of New Jersey, the company does $43 million worth of business annually and ships its products nationwide.

In a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine, something called a “Frisbee Finger” is described. Two doctors describe it this way: “We have found that Frisbee finger has a higher rate among city dwellers because constant use of the Frisbee on hard surfaces, such as concrete, produces jagged edges, which intensify and facilitate the abrasive action on the middle finger.” They say the Frisbee glides off the middle finger as it is thrown, and it can cause an abrasion, sometimes serious blistering.


Sports news – August 1, 1975

Mark Spitz and his wife, Susie, and former swimmer Novella Callgaris hold a press conference in Columbia. The subject – can swimming in the nude improve times? Said Spitz –“As a show, I believe no one would miss it and I would be the first present, but from a sports viewpoint, I believe that swimming naked will not better times. The swimming suits for women as well as for men, help pickup parts of the body that hamper freedom of movement.”

Only 12 days after being fired by the Texas Rangers, Billy Martin is hired as manager of the New York Yankees, replacing Bill Virdon. Martin was previously dismissed by Minnesota and Detroit as well as Texas over differences with the front office.

Yogi Berra is fired by the Mets with his team riding a five-game losing streak and 9 ½-games back of the division-leading Pittsburgh Pirates. Coach Roy McMillan is named as his successor. “I guess the doubleheader in Pittsburgh did it,” said Berra, who lead the Mets to within one game of taking the World Series in 1973. Ironically, his other pennant winner was in 1964, his only year as manager of the New York Yankees.  

Stops the Red Sox - Pitcher Jim Palmer becomes the majors’ first 16-game winner this year by choking the division leaders on two hits – a fifth inning double by Carlton Fisk and Rick Burleson’s double in the ninth as Baltimore beats the Red Sox 3-0.


Music news – August 1, 1975

“Al Green is L-O-V-E” is released this week.

CBS will televise the first annual “Rock Music Awards” on Saturday. It’ll be the fourth music awards show broadcast this season. Yes, there’s the Grammy Awards, the Country music awards and Dick Clark has one. But this one is the brainchild of Don Kirshner, who said he got the idea of doing a rock music salute two years ago while attending the Grammy show. “The awards were coming up and it was incredible to me that Led zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, people who are leaders in a $3 billion business, weren’t even getting nominated,” said Kirshner. The Rock Music Awards has some 81 nominees in 16 categories that range from “Best Album” to “Public Service,”and each winner will get an 18-karet gold medallion called a “Rocky.”

Neil Diamond’s next album hopefully will be out by Christmas. He’ll tour after that – the first time in three years. He has some new band members and is rehearsing.


Television news – August 1, 1975

Oscar winner Goldie Hawn will star in a one-hour special for CBS. It’ll be produced by her old Laugh-In producer – George Schlatter. Goldie has been off TV for five years! She won an Oscar for work in (Cactus Flower).

Interesting – (Married) comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara will have their own series next season – their own “different” series. Stiller is cast as a regular on “Joe and Sons” a new sitcom and Meara has her own series – “Kate McShane” where she stars as a lawyer. Wow!


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 1, 1975

CBS – Gunsmoke, Maude, Rhoda, Medical Center

NBC – Baseball World W/Joe Garagiola, Baseball, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – The Rookies, SWAT, Caribe, Wide World Special

PBS – Grand Prix Tennis


 On theTonight Show – Guest host is Bob Newhart. Ben Vereen guests. 


Some top movies – August 1, 1975



Man in the Glass Booth

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing




Night Movies


Return to Macon County

Love and Death

Towering Inferno


Young Frankenstein

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