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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of July 8, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Alexander P. Butterfield vehemently denies allegations that he had been a Central intelligence Agency “contact officer” at the Nixon White house.

Portugal’s military rulers formally oust the Socialists from the government and put the army on a limited alert.

President Ford says he would send Congress a plan for removing price controls on domestic crude oil and promised it would not cause a precipitous rise in oil and gasoline prices.

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger flew to Europe lamenting that Israel and Egypt were “not anywhere near” the point of concluding a Middle East peace agreement.

 President Maria Estela Peron accepts the resignations of four of her eight ministers including the powerful Jose Lopez Rega.  In doing so, she complied with the demands of organized labor which paralyzed Argentina with a general strike in protest against some of the ministers and her action in blocking a 100% wage hike worked out by labor and industry.

President Ford makes formal his candidacy for his own four-year term in the White House. 

Three American astronauts rocket into space toward a rendezvous with Russian cosmonauts in a two-day catch-up flight leading to history’s first meeting in space of men from the two nations.

Crystal Lake National Park in Oregon’s scenic Cascade Mountains was closed indefinitely after an estimated 500 to 1,000 tourists and National park Service employees became ill, apparently due to sewage contaminated spring water.

A morning’s pleasure turned into tragedy at Spain’s most famous bullfighting fiesta when eight fighting bulls charged into the crowd of runners, killing one of them and injuring at least 20 others.

President Ford celebrates his first birthday in the White House. He is 62.

The House votes to limit for the first time, the number of White House staffers and how much they can be paid: No more that 575 with no salaries higher than $42,500 a year.


Fascinating Business news – July 8, 1975

Jay Gourley, the reporter for the National Enquirer who snatched Henry Kissinger’s trash, returned the five green plastic gags to Kissinger’s house amid a crowd of newsmen with several Secret service agents looking on. Gourley said he found some ‘interesting things” in Kissinger’s garbage and would reveal them in a story in the weekly newspaper soon.” Kissinger, who is out of town, was reportedly disgusted by it.

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Radio news – July 8, 1975

The bright spot for FM radio is Beautiful Music Stations.   Bonneville Broadcasting’s WRFM New York and KBIG Los Angeles Now Have Some Decent Ratings For FM Stations.


Sports news – July 8, 1975

The number of clubs in the National Football League would drop from 26 to 12 within a short time if the Rozelle Rule were eliminated, NFL commissioner Pete Rozell says. Rozell, who prefers to call the rule the option-compensation clause, predicted a bidding war that would be disastrous for weaker clubs and ultimately harmful to players.

Frank Robinson smarting from his ejection form a game in Oakland, accuses some umpires of bearing down on the Cleveland Indians because he is a major league baseball’s first black manager.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – July 8, 1975

 Cher says she is definitely divorcing Gregg Allman, the rock musician she married only 10 days ago.


Television news – July 8, 1975

Top executives of the three major television networks tell the Senate antitrust subcommittee that allowing cable television to operate without restraint could destroy free television, as it is now known. They argued against any federal ban on the type of contracts they sign, with motion picture distributors giving the networks exclusive rights to a movie between 3 and 10 years after it is produced.  The executives said that banning exclusivity while not regulating “siphoning” of network programming by cable television would result in depriving 200 million people of “the most popular portion’” of network programming, new movies, in favor of a privileged few Americans.


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – July 8, 1975

CBS – Conversations w/Eric Sevareid, Joey (Heatherton) and Dad (Ray), Kojak, 60 Minutes

NBC – Disney, McMillan and Wife

ABC – Secrets of the Deep, Movie, Union in Space

PBS – Masterpiece Theater


Union In Space – Jules Bergman examines the meaning of the U.S.-U.S.S.R. space mission.


Some top movies -  July 8, 1975

French Connection


Towering Inferno

Wind and the Lion


Funny Lady



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