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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of February 15, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Wholesale prices fell .3% in January – the second month of price declines. 

Boston’s Dr. Kenneth Edelin is convicted of manslaughter in the death of a fetus during a legal abortion. “I did nothing which was illegal, immoral or bad medical practice.” The fetus was about 24 weeks old.

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat voices new flexibility on the terms for a Middle-east settlement suggesting that Henry Kissinger act as the Guarantor during talks.

The Senate votes to delay for 90 days, President Ford’s special $3-a-barrel fee on oil imports, but his veto my hold-up the fees.

H.R. Hallderman, John D. Ehrlichman and John N. Mitchell  - three close aides of former President Richard M. Nixon, are sentenced to terms of 30 months to eight years in prison for their roles in the Watergate cover-up conspiracy. All are free on appeal.

The Supreme Court rules that former President Richard Nixon exceeded his authority when he withheld $9 billion for sewage treatment plants. It’s the first impoundment case to reach the Supreme Court.

Singer Rod Stewart meets 17-year-old Susan Ford (daughter of the President) at his Washington concert and is invited by her to the White House to dine. Stewart said he missed the invite because he was unable to rent a plane from New York and had to decline. Initially, Stewart invited Susan where they both chatted after the concert. 

The Baltimore County Liquor Board strikes a blow for women’s liberation and orders a male- go-go dancer to cover his chest. The Board ordered the male “to wear a bra or something” and telling the owners of the nightclub that it must prevent female patrons from stuffing tops in the dancer’s briefs.

Louis Davenport - a New Jersey man who learned that his bride of two weeks had once been a male, is granted an annulment by a judge who ruled the wife had committed fraud. Davenport said he had been told about the sex-change by store employees when he went to look for his wife at the North Bergen supermarket where she had worked before the marriage.

Passing – Authro P.G. Wodehouse, who gave us the butler “Jeeves.” He was (93).


 Television news – February 15, 1975

Lawrence Spivak (74) says he is leaving has producer, panelist and moderator of NBC’s “Meet The Press” – television’s longest running show. He’s been doing it since it was a radio broadcast – 1945.

Divorced – Singer Andy Williams and Claudine Longet on grounds of irreconcilable differences. They were married in 1961, but had been separated for four years. They have three children – Noelle (11), Christian (9) and Robert (5). 


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – February 15, 1975

CBS – Khan! Special-The FBI Story

NBC – Sanford and Son, Chico and the Man, The Rockford Files, Police Woman, Johnny Carson

ABC – Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, Hot L Baltimore, The Odd Couple, Special-Lily, Wide World Special

PBS – Washington Week, Wall Street Week, Masterpiece Theater


Special-Jacques Cousteau – Captain Cousteau investigates divers who gather coral from the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Chico and the Man – Ed’s not taking advice from Chico about remedies for his aching shoulder.

Odd Couple – Felix is re-united with his high-school sweetheart, who is now a grandmother.

Special-Lily – Features the Lily Tomlin Repertory Company and actor Richard Dreyfuss, DJ Dr. Demento, newscaster Frank Blair and the dog Benji.

Tonight Show – Johnny welcomes Cloris Leachman, David Brenner and Los Indios Tabajaras.

Wide World Special – Musical version “It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Superman” starring David Wilson, Lesley Warren and David Wayne.


Music news – February 15, 1975

Humble Pie will disband after a month-long farewell tour around March. Leader singer Steve Marriott will become solo and has signed with A&M Records (interesting, because A&M will also sign member Peter Frampton and he will become a superstar).

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