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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 1, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

H.R. Haldeman testifies that he had had temporary custody last month of several of resident Nixon’s tape-recorded Watergate conversations in addition to the two he said he reviewed. … The White House said that President Nixon had allowed Haldeman to review tapes of conversations about Watergate because he believed his former aide could help him best in a confidential quest for “the facts."

Arab terrorists toss hand grenades and fire pistols into a crowded lounge at Athens International Airport. The attack kills 3 including 2 Americans.

The Washington Post learns the Vice President Agnew and two of his Maryland political associates are under federal investigation for possible violation of bribery, conspiracy and tax laws in connection with alleged kickbacks.

President Nixon teases newspaperwoman Helen Thomas of UPI about wearing slacks in the White House and makes it clear that he prefers dresses on women. 

Skylab astronaut Jack Lousma sets a new space walk record of 6 hours and 31 minutes.

President Nixon unveils a plan for sweeping change in federal regulation of banks, savings and loans and credit unions. Under the proposal, limits on interest paid in savings accounts would be phased out over 5 ½ years; savings and loans could offer checking accounts for the first time and a new federal tax subsidy would be offered to encourage expansion of home mortgage lending.  

Leave the car home - The city of Seattle plans to provide one year of free transit service on routes through the downtown business district.

Passing – Fulgencio Batista, whose dictatorship was toppled by Fidel Castro in 1959. He was 72.Passing – Jazz pioneer Eddie Condon (67).

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Bumper sticker seen – “Impeachment With Honor.”


Economy news – August 1, 1973

Wholesale prices take a sharp dip in July the steepest in 25 years – 1.4%. Word of caution – the decline was probably artificial, resulting mainly from the Nixon Administration’s June 13 price freeze and subsequent curtailment of exports of soybean and related products. 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – August 1, 1973

Elvis Presley signs a new two-year contract with the Las Vegas Hilton believed to be around $150,000 a week – the highest of any attraction there. 

British film censor Stephen Murphy bans “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.” He cited “casual, motiveless” killings in the western that stars James Coburn, Kris Kristoffersen and Bob Dylan.

At bookstores “Marilyn: A Biography, 3 pounds, 3 ounces, 90,000 words, 111 Pictures” by Norman Mailer.


Television news – August 1, 1973

Sonny Bono will make his dramatic debut in an episode of “Marcus Welby, MD” titled “Blood Kin.” Sonny portrays an Italian immigrant made suddenly aware that he has transmitted a blood disease to his child.

Several candidates running for Los Angeles’ 10th Council District are complaining about Star Trek reruns. Star George Takei is one of the candidates. The other candidates want equal time on station KCOP (channel 13) – the station in the area re-running the sci-fi series.

Barbara Walters, who has been a co-host on “Today” since 1963, signs a new long-term contract with the program. In announcing the new contract, Richard C. Wald, NBC News president said, “With Barbara, with Frank McGee as host, with Gene Shalit and Frank Blair, the Today program has been increasingly successful. During the first six months of 1973, it reached an all-time high in number of viewers.”


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 1, 1973

CBS – Gunsmoke, Here’s Lucy, Doris Day, Medical Center

NBC – Baseball, Tonight Show

ABC – The Rookies, Movie, Dick Cavett

PBS – Coming Asunder of Jimmy Bright


Gunsmoke – A huge man challenges an angry bear in order to save his family.

ABC Monday Night Movie – “Maroc 7” (1966) Gene Barry, Elsa Martinelli, Cyd Charisse.

On the Tonight Show – John Davidson guest hosts with Sally Struthers, Dom de Luise. 

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