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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of February 8, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

A Navy jet interceptor crashes and explodes near the center of Alameda, (CA) and destroys two large apartment buildings. Death toll is not known.

The first American prisoners of war released under the Vietnam cease-fire agreement leave Hanoi on three U.S. Air Force hospital planes. They’re headed to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines.  

Battling trade deficit - The Nixon Administration devalues the dollar again – this time by 10% - the second devaluation in 14 months. Said President Nixon, “Devaluation of the dollar is at best only a temporary solution” to the world’s unstable money conditions. 

The first American war prisoners experiment with some pleasures of life outside their Communist prison camps. 142 of them ate eggs, steak and called their families at Clark Air Force Base.

Some of the freed American fliers back from North Vietnam are full of bitterness toward their Communist captors. Many were mistreated and some were tortured said one highly placed official, but for the most part, none are really talking right now.

The Senate votes to create a special committee of four Democrats and three Republicans to investigate political espionage and alleged sabotage against democrats in the 1972 presidential campaign and to report its findings by February 28, 1974.

An explosion and fire turns an empty 18-story natural gas storage tank on Staten Island into a firestorm, collapsing its concrete roof and burying 43 repair workers. All are feared dead.


Fashion news – February 8, 1973

In-flight fashion - United Airlines will feature its stewardesses in pantsuits. According to a survey – some 75% of the girls wanted pants as an option. And, they’ll have the option to choose from three colors – bright green, red or blue. Designer is Jean Louis. 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – February 8, 1973

The marriage of David Frost and singer-actress Diahann Carroll is called off.


Music news – February 8, 1973

Passing – Max Yasgur (53) whose upstate New York dairy farm became the scene of Woodstock in 1969. Cause of death of is not known. He was brought into Fisherman’s Hospital in Marathon, FL by ambulance.


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – February 8, 1973

CBS – Gunsmoke, Here’s Lucy, Doris Day, Bill Cosby, late movie

NBC – Laugh-In, Movie, Tonight

ABC – The Rookies, Movie, Late night special – “Someone at the top of the stairs.”

PBS – Cambridge Debate on Women’s Lib, NET Opera Theater


Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-I – Guests – Arthur Godfrey, Ernest Borgnine, Don Rickles, John Wayne and Slappy White.

Bill Cosby (variety) – Robert Culp and William Conrad guest.

On the Tonight Show – Truman Capote guests.


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