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Dateline: Week Of October 23, 2007 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Kidnapers seize Mauritis Caransa – a Dutch millionaire and the West German Red Army Faction claims responsibility. A telephone caller demanded release of a jailed German anarchist and abdication of Queen Juliana, apparently as ransom, for the magnate’s freedom.

President Carter decides on a course of action against South Africa in reprisal for its sweeping crackdown against black leaders and their white supporters. Limited curbs on arms and trade is seen. 

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to clarify the meaning of “contemporary community standards,” its yardstick for determining whether material is obscene. It will hear a claim that children should not be included in the definition of a community in such cases.

The House votes to keep the Social Security system from going broke by drastically increasing the taxes paid by more than 100 million Americans and their employers. Under the bill – the maximum Social Security tax would more than triple in the next decade – from $965 per year to $3025.

A House senate conference committee working on energy legislation – turn down a Senate proposal on a ban of so-called car gas-guzzlers.

James Kruger, South Africa’s minister of justice, blames President Carter for part of the trouble as he defended his country’s crackdown on blacks and other dissidents. Kruger was quoted in the New York Times as saying that Carter was partly to blame for the situation because of his “holier-than-thou” support for South African blacks encouraged them to believe “the Americans are backing us to the hilt” whether we do it peacefully or by violence.

The government says its index clues about the economy’s future rose in September for the third straight month – up .3%

Florida airports have been asked to be on the lookout for a single-engine plane that swooped down and killed a woman walking on a rural road near Miami. 


Sports News – October 23, 2007

 Sparky Lyle, a southpaw whose rescue operations saved the American League East title for the New York Yankees, becomes the first relief pitcher in league history to win the Cy Young Award.

O.J. Simpson wants out of the Buffalo Bills. He said it’s because there’s an inability to determine what direction management is headed and the team’s offensive concept, which favors the pass over the runner.


Entertainment news – October 23, 2007

A judge says that Roman Polanski can continue working on a movie until December 19 – then it’s off to imprisonment. He plead guilty of having sexual intercourse last March with a 13-year-old girl in the home of Jack Nicholson.


Music news – October 23, 2007

 No, Meco is not a group, band or orchestra. He is Meco Monardo – a disco record producer who saw “Star Wars” 11 times and decided to convert John Williams’ classical score into something danceable. “I wanted to re-create the movie on the dance floor. I knew the movie was going to be a gig hit and I figured the disco crowd would love something from the movie to dance to. The whole project sounded like a sure thing.” Meco’s been producing disco sounds for three years, starting with Gloria Gaynor’s “Never Can Say Goodbye.”


Television news – October 23, 2007

Hughes Rudd gives up his con-anchor job on the CBS Morning News, but he’ll still make appearances on the morning program.

Sunday night television listings/TV Guide – week of October 23, 2007

CBS – 60 Minutes, Rhoda. On Our Own, All In The Family, Alice, Kojak

NBC – World of Disney, NBC 50th Anniversary

ABC – Donny and Marie, Special-Happy Birthday Las Vegas, Special-Gabriel Kaplan Presents the Small Event


Donny and Marie – It’s Marie’s 18th birthday with Anson Williams, Lola Falana, Donny Most and Abe Vigoda.

Special-NBC, The First Fifty Years – A Closer Look (see ad)

Special-Happy Birthday, Las Vegas – Don Meredith and Cindy Williams host featuring Vegas headliners such as Sammy Davis Jr. Andy Williams, Don Rickles, Redd Foxx, Totie Fields and John Davidson.

Special-Gabriel Kaplan Presents the Small Event – His first variety special. Joining Gabe – Cindy Williams, Fred Willard and Sid Caesar. Also features cameos from the sweathogs from the “Kotter” series.


Top Movies – October 22, 2007

Star Wars

In Realm of Senses

Godfather 1

You Light Up My Life


The Van

Smokey and the Bandit


Oh God!

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