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Dateline: Week Of September 8, 2007 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

In talks with Shiite militia - The media reports that U.S. diplomats and military officers have been in talks with members of the armed movement loyal to Muqtada Sadr – a sharp reversal of policy.


Frances Townsend – President Bush’s domestic security advisor – dismisses Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden as “virtually impotent.”

President Bush says that improved security in Iraq would allow him to begin bringing troops home – adopting a proposal by Gen Petracus to withdraw some forces.

Hurricane Humberto strengthens from a tropical depression to a category 1 hurricane and lands in Texas – near Beaumont. 

Alex the parrot – who knew more than 100 words and could count to six and do other amazing feats has died. He was 31.

President Bush grants historian and fellow Texan Robert Draper cooperation for a biography.

Appearing in a video message for the first time in nearly three years, Osama bin Laden tells the American people to reject their capitalist way of life and embrace Islam to end the Iraq war or his Followers will “escalate the killing and fighting against you.”

First Lady Laura Bush undergoes surgery to relieve pain from pinched nerves in her neck and she’s OK.

Unemployment is on the rise – the first outright decline since 2003.


Sports News – September 8, 2007

 Under scrutiny – Details are emerging about the champion New England patriots’ breaking league rules by secretly videotaping the defensive signals of the rival New York Jets last Sunday. 


Technology News – September 8, 2007

Google says it will sponsor the Google Lunar X Prize which would award as much as $30 million in prizes for landing unmanned rovers on the moon and having them perform certain tasks.  The founders always said they were not running a conventional company!

TV producers Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick say they will produce 36 eight-minute episodes of “quarterfile” that will debut in November on MySpace. The series revolves around six creative people in their 20’s, with a plot that includes an “overly truthful” video blog.

AOL is dropping a year-old “social news” component in which visitors submitted news stores and blog entries and voted on them to determine how they’re ranked on the site.


Entertainment/Celebrity News – September 8, 2007

Passing – Actor Percy Rodriques (89).

Passing – Actress Jane Wyman (90).


Music news – September 8, 2007

He’s hot - Justin Timberlake cleans up at the MTV Video Music Awards and to boot, he also received his first Emmy.  This as his former mate Britney Spears seems to be spiraling out of control Timberlake’s record producer is Timberland.

The Grateful Dead, the Doors, Led Zeppelin and Carlos Santana ask a judge to force a music archive to turn over thousands of documents and recordings they say are key to their fight over memorabilia and music rights The Bill Graham Archive, sued by the musicians last year for alleged copyright and trademark infringement, failed to turn over about half the documents it was ordered to produce.

Rachelle Spector (27) – wife of Phil Spector is scolded by the judge overseeing the murder trial of her husband – for publicly talking about the case. Meanwhile this week – the trial had ended and goes to jury.

 Another “Duets” album – this time – Reba McEntire and friends such as Kelly Clarkson, Vince Gill, Don Henely, Carole King, Kenny Chesney and Justin Timberlake.

MTV News

The big news – Britney Spears’ appearance at the MTV Music Awards. Is she losing it? She wore a sparkly black bikini and performed “Gimme More.” It was supposed to be a comeback for the pop queen.

MTV’s Video Music Awards attracted 7.1 million viewers up 23% from last year


Television news – September 8, 2007

Oprah Winfrey has the father and sister of slain Ronald Goldman (OJ) on her show this week. At issue – OJ Simpson’s “If I Did It” book. 

 Sherri Shepherd joins “The View” filling the void left by Star Jones Reynolds.

On the move – TV producers Greer Shephard and Michael Robin who produce the quirky “The Closer” and “Nip/Tuck.”


Top Movies – September 8, 2007

3:10 to Yuma



Shoot ‘Em Up

The Bourne Ultimatum

Balls of Fury

Rush Hour 3

Mr. Bean’s Holiday

The Nanny Diaries


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