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Dateline: Week Of March 8, 2007 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

French President Jacques Chirac announces that he would not run for a third term after 12 years in office and 40 years in politics.

Retail sales were up .1% in February.

In South America - President Bush chats with President Tabare Vazquez in Uruguayan.

Democratic leaders outline plans to compel President Bush to withdraw U.S. combat forces in Iraq as soon as this summer. 

President Bush asks Congress for $3.2 billion to pay for 8,200 more U.S. troops for Afghanistan and Iraq on top of the 21,500-troop buildup he announced in January.

Fire sweeps a crowded Bronx home, killing 8 youths and an adult. There were at least 22 people living in the small house. All were members of an extended family of immigrants from the nation of Mall.

Rudy Giuliani is presumed to be the Republican Party’s frontrunner for the 2008 presidential nomination.

Defense secretary Robert Gates defends a Pentagon decision to hold secret hearings for 14 suspected terrorists transferred to Guantanomo Bay, despite the fact that similar proceedings have been held in open session. 

Iraq – A suicide bomber rams a car with explosives into a flatbed truck carrying dozens of pilgrims home after a weekend Shiite celebration and 31 die.

In Buenos Aires – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez – mixing his characteristic style of humor, bombast and sarcasm calls President Bush a political cadaver, denouncing his swing through Latin America as an “imperial” excursion.

Atty. Gen. Albert Gonzales acknowledges, “mistakes were made” in the dismissal of eight U.s. attorneys last year, but rejects calls for his resignation from Democrats who have become incensed that the Bush administration testified inaccurately about its role in the controversy.


Business News – March 8, 2007

Ford confirms that it was selling a controlling stake in Aston Marton.

Costco Wholesale Corp says that its fiscal second-quarter profit dropped 16% hurt in part by costs associated with revamping its consumer electronics return policy, but revenue increased by 7.5%. 


Sports News – March 8, 2007

 Major League Baseball shifts its Extra Innings pay package from cable/Dish TV exclusively to DirectTV and some fans are not happy. But, a provision allows the package to remain on cable and Dish Network if certain criteria are met.

Chris Simon of the New York islanders is suspended for 25 games after hitting Ryan Hollweg with his stick.


 Technology News – March 8, 2007

Magnolia Pictures – a film studio owned by technology and media entrepreneur Mark Cuban asked a U.S. federal curt to force Google to identify people who put its copyrighted videos on Google Video and YouTube. Cuban has been a critic of YouTube and once called any potential buyer of YouTube a “moron” over possible legal liabilities of allowing the uploading of copyrighted videos without permission. YouTube has always contended that it will remove copyrighted video uploaded without permission if it is notified, per U.S. law.

Online only - Disney says it’s going to shoot 80 episodes of a new series called “Prom Queen,” each lasting just 90 seconds. It’ll begin showing online at YouTube, Veoh.com and Vuguru.com.  

Passing – Actress Betty Hutton – WWII pinup girl. She was 86.


Music News – March 8, 2007

Starbucks and Concord Music announce the formation of a join record label called “Hear Music.” Of course, they’ll be sold in Starbucks .

Passing – Brad Delp (55) – lead singer for super 1970’s group “Boston.”

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame is acknowledging hip-hop by inducting pioneering Bronx rap group grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. 


Television News – March 8, 2007

Full circle - Star Jones has a new gig at Court TV. She’ll get new own one-hour show. Starr was a commentator for the channel back in 1991.

 Another Reality Show – this one with Tori Spelling. It’s “Tori and Dean in Love” with Dean McDermott, her second husband. Look for it in March on Oxygen.

On “Saturday Night Live” – Drew Barrymore with musical guest Lily Allen.

Debuting On Fox this week – “The Riches” – centered around a married couple and their three children in a comfortable community. 

Friday night television listings/TV Guide – week of March 8, 2007

CBS – Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home, Numbers, Late Show, Craig Ferguson

NBC – 1 vs. 100, Las Vegas, Law & Order, Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien, Carson Daly

ABC – Grey’s Anatomy, Wife Swap, 20/20, Nightline, Jimmy Kimmel

PBS – Washington Week, Suze Orman: Woman & Money

MyNet – Movie

CW – WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

Fox – House, Wedding Bells

ABC Family – Dukes of Hazzard: The Begiing, Whose Line Is It?

CNBC – The Big Idea with Deutsch, Mad Money w/Jim Cramer

WE – John Edward Cross Country, Designer to the stars


SmackDown! – Batista vs Kane; Finlay vs. the Undertaker.

On  Jay Leno – Hugh Grant and singer Norah Jones.

On David Letterman – Ricky Gervals, Forest Whitaker and The Shins.

On  Dr. Phil – Bullying and bossy spouses.


Top Movies – March 8, 2007


Wild Hogs


The Astronaut Farmer

The Number 23

Reno 911: Miami


Bridge to Terabithia

Ghost Rider

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