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Dateline: Week Of July 15, 2000 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

Landmark class action case – the tobacco industry loses big in Florida – as a jury awards $145 billion in punitive damages to Florida smokers who became sick or died as a result of addiction to cigarette smoking.   

Tom Welch and Dave Johnson – two top officials of Salt Lake City’s bid for the 2002 Winter Olympic games are indicted on a range of criminal charges. Prosecutors say the bid included over $1 million in illegal gifts.  

The Senate passes a bill that ends the ex code’s “marriage penalty.” – a republican-backed measure. 

At least 12 people have been killed by a week of temperatures above 100 degrees in Texas. 

The jokes have arrived as a 2,131-square-foot triple-wide temporary home arrives for the governor of Arkansas. The donated home is to be shipped from Indiana to the backyard of the Arkansas governor’s mansion by the first week of August because of repairs to the 50-year-old permanent mansion, which could take years. 

 al gore concerned about ralph nader votes july 15 2000 timeline politics mrpopcultureAl Gore dismisses questions about whether the presidential bid of consumer advocate Ralph Nader is siphoning away support from his candidacy saying that when the time comes – voters will choose between two “very stark alternatives” Gore or republican George Bush.


Business News – July 15, 2000

Ford Motor Co. reports record second-quarter operating earnings of $2.7 billion


Sports News – July 15, 2000

Mike Piazza twice homers as the New York Mets beat the Boston Red Sox 6-4. 


Technology News – July 15, 2000

apple introduces color iMacs july 15 2000 trivia timeline mrpopcultureApple Computer introduces new colored iMacs. 

Microsoft Corp says its fiscal fourth-quarter profit rose 10% despite sluggish sales. 


Music News – July 15, 2000

Dr. Dre files a lawsuit against the city of Detroit and various members of the Detroit Police Department, citing violations of 1st Amendment rights after his July 6 performance in the city. He seeks $25 million after police blocked him from showing a video which reportedly depicts seminude women, sexual situations and violent crime scenarios.     

“Totally Request Live” on MTV – hosted by Carson Daley is considered one of the best shows by artists because it helps music sales. Spin magazine recently dubbed today’s youth “Generation TRL.”


Top Pop Hits – July 15, 2000

Bent – Matchbox Twenty

I turn to You – Christina Aguilera

mariah carey music billboard charts july 15, 2000 trivia timeline mrpopcultureCan’t Take That Away- Mariah Carey

Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon

Swear It Again – Westlife

Purest of Pain – Son by Four

Solo Me Importes Tu – Enrique Iglesias

No More – Ruff Endz

Simple Kind of Life –No Doubt.

Can’t Take That Away – Mariah Carey


 Television News – July 15, 2000

dr laura schlessinger new tv show news update timeline july 15, 2000 mrpopculture New TV show - Foes of Dr. Laura Schlesinger are out to fill her audience. Look out. The show debuts on Sept 11. 

Although the finale was filmed back in April – the winner of “Survivor” is still a secret and any leak could result in a $5 million fine.  

ABC is dismissing criticism that it is devoting almost a fifth of its prime time to “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” 

 Passing – Meredith MacRae – who audiences remember for appearing on “My Three Sons” and co-starring in “Petticoat Junction.” She died at the age of 56 of brain cancer. 

Saturday night television listings/TV Guide – week of July 15, 2000

CBS – Big Brother, Walker Texas Ranger, Howard Stern Radio Show

NBC – Track and Field, Movie, Saturday Night Live

ABC – Movie, NYPD Blue

Fox – Cops, America’s Most Wanted, Mad TV

MTV – Say What? – Karaoke.

HBO – Boxing – Lennox Lewis vs. Francois Botha.

VH1 – Behind the Music


Top Movies – July 15, 2000


Scary Movie

The Perfect Storm

Disney’s the Kid

Chicken Run

Me, Myself & Irene

Bib Momma’s House

Gone in 60 Seconds

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