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Dateline: Week Of March 1, 2000 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech  & Fascinating Facts


In The News -

Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC decides to lift its half-century ban on interracial dating, stunning students and the fundamentalist Christian school’s supporters. 

A gunman torched his apartment and went on a shooting rampage, killing tow men and wounding three others in Wilkinsburg, PA. 

john mccain on bush attack ads march 1 2000 timeline mrpopcultureJohn McCain accuses Republican rival George W. Bush of filling the airwaves with $millions of dollars worth of misleading attack ads, including one financed by a pair of wealthy brothers from Texas. 

Hundreds of lad-off black Coca-Cola employees rallied – calling the company’s massive job cuts ‘ethnic cleansing” and accusing the soft drink giant of severely mistreating workers.  

A 6-year-old boy points a gun at a classmate in Mount Morris Township (Michigan) and kills her. Dead is 6-year-old Kyla Rolland. 

A federal judge gives the Arizona Democratic party the green light to hold the nation’s first binding election that will accept ballots from the Internet. 

A jury convicts Maria Hsia – an ex Al Gore backer for illegal donations to the Democratic Party’s 1996 candidates. 

Andrei Babitsky, the correspondent for U.S-funded Radio Liberty – is freed from custody after acting President Vladimir V. Putin intervened. He had mysteriously disappeared in January. 

Keiko, the killer whale star of the “free Willy” movies swam out of his pen into the enclosed waters of a remote Icelandic bay to the delight of a nature group preparing him for a return to the wild. 

Oil prices hit a nine-year high as it hits $31 a barrel.


Technology News – March 1, 2000

Playstation 2 goes on sale in Japan – and is being billed as a powerful new kind of video game player. 

DoubleClick – the Internet’s largest advertising company – says it has reversed a decision to link people’s names and addresses to their surfing habits. 

Shares of Palm maker of the Palm Pilot – go on sale this week.


Sports News – March 1, 2000

Dan Marino is offered Minnesota’s starting quarterback job by coach Dennis Green.


Radio News – March 1, 2000

Clear Channel agrees to buy SFX Entertainment Inc. for $3 billion in stock. It’s a deal that takes Clear Channel into the content business. 


Entertainment News – March 1, 2000

New book – “The Operator” by Tom King and the subject is mogul David Geffin.


Music News – March 1, 2000

Elvis guitarist scotty Moore honored march 1 2000 trivia timeline music mrpopcultureScotty Moore who played guitar with Elvis Presley and other notable side-musicians such as James Jamerson, Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer and Curtis Ousley will be getting into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame under a new category called “Sidemen.” 

Tina Turner’s Twenty Four Seven World Tour 2000. 

Sean Puffy Combs pleads not guilty in new York to charges he attempted to bribe his driver into taking the rap for his illegal gun possession incident. 

Engaged – Vince Gill to Amy Grant.


Television News – March 1, 2000

charles barkley nba in-studio commentator march 2000 trivia mrpopcultureCharles Barkley will become a regular NBA studio analyst for TNT and TBS next season.  

The Disney Channel launches “2 Hour Tour,” where a top young pop act visits a different part of the county to audition three local wannabe’s. In the first episode – that pop act is Christian Aguilera. 

Bruce Willis will guest on three upcoming “Friends” episodes He’ll play the father of Ross’ 20-year-old girlfriend. Willis will donate his salary to charity and appears as a favor to Matthew Perry. 

Kathie Lee Gifford announces she will be leaving her talkshow with Regis Philbin. She just did a guest host appearance on David Letterman’s show.


Wednesday night television listings/TV Guide – March 1, 2000

CBS – City of Angels, Movie, David Letterman

NBC – The 10th kingdom, Law & Order, Tonight, Conan O’Brien

ABC – Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Drew Carey, Norm, 20/20, Nightline

PBS – The American Experience, Charlie Rose

Fox – Beverly Hills 90210, Greed: The Series

WB – Dawson’s Creek, Roswell

Upn – 7 Days, Star Trek: Voyager 

VH1 – VH1 Divas Live (Diana Ross)


Top Movies – March 1, 2000

The Whole Nine Yards

The Next Best Thing

Drowning Mona

Pitch Black

Snow Day

American Beauty

Wonder Boys

Reindeer Games

The Cider House Rules

My Dog Skip

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