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Dateline: Week Of February 8, 2000 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech News & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

President Clinton sends Congress a $1.8-trillion federal budget. 

President Clinton proposed spending $20 million to help states find ways to offer paid leave to working parents in need. Americans should not be forced to choose between their family and their job, he said. 

john mccain pulls negative bush ads feb 2000 timeline trivia mrpopcultureJohn W. McCain pulls all his negative TV advertising and urged rival George W. Bush to do the same. Bush rejected McCain’s proposal, saying he does not consider his ads negative. 

The space shuttle Endeavour roared off the launch pad at the start of a long-delayed mission that is aimed at producing the best-ever three-dimensional images of the Earth’s surface. 

A strong surge in the second quarter gives U.S. productivity growth its best year in 1999 – the best in seven years. The full-year gain was 2.9% - amazing this far into a boom. 

The FAA orders the inspection of more than 1,100 airliners after metal shavings were found in the horizontal stabilizer mechanisms of two jet airliners. 

The U.S. pregnancy rate is the lowest it has been for 20 years with the sharpest drop among teens, the government reports. 

President Clinton says that researchers and the public – not just a small group of drug and biotech companies – should have ready access to the human genetic code – a key to new drugs and medical treatments. 

Near London - The hijackers of an Afghan airliner have released 8 more hostages and 150 hostages still remain.


Technology News – February 8, 2000

Walt Disney’s go.com is losing money for Disney with a pro forma net loss during the quarter at $265 million.


Sports News – February 8, 2000

tiger woods streak ends february 8 2000 trivia timeline mrpopcultureTiger Woods’ streak ends as Phil Mickelson wins at Torrey Pines – by four strokes. Still, Woods is the all-time PGA money maker. 

The Washington Redskins sign Bruce Smith to a 5-year, $23-million deal. He was just cut by Buffalo.


Music News – February 8, 2000

 Magic Johnson is launching his own record label – Magic Johnson Music, a joint venture with MCA. 

Jimmy Buffet “Beach House on the Moon” tour. 

Passing – Early rocker “Screamin’” Jay Hawkins. He was 70. 

Passing – Puerto Rican rapper Christopher Rios (Big Pun). He was only 28. He was scheduled to perform on “Saturday Night Live” this week with Jennifer Lopez but he wasn’t feeling well. 

sean combs pleads not guilty gun posession trivia timeline feb 8 2000 mrpopcultureRapper Sean “Puffy” Combs pleads not guilty to charges of illegal gun possession following a Manhattan nightclub shooting in December.


Top Music Albums – February 8, 2000  

Dr. Dre 2001 – Dr. Dre

Snoop Dogg Presents the Eastsidaz

Voodoo – D’Angelo

All the Way-A Decade of Song – Celine Dion

Next Friday – Soundtrack

christina aguilera music billboard charts feb 8 2000 trivia timeline mrpopcultureMillennium – Backstreet Boys

On How Life is – Macy Gray

Europop – Effel

Next Friday – soundtrack

Christina Aguilera – Christina Aguilera


Entertainment News – February 8, 2000

gaggle of comedians aspen robin williams timeline feb 8 2000 mrpopcultureA gaggle of comedians/comics old and newer gather at Aspen at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. Some attending – Steve Martin, Jerry Lewis, Martin Short and Robin Williams. 

Passing – Beloved funnyman Jim Varney, best known for the character Ernest P. Wornell in commercials and for the phrase; “Hey Vern.” He was only 50 and died of cancer. 

Passing – Beloved cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, creator of “Peanuts.” He was 77 and died just as his last strip appeared in the comics.


Television News – February 8, 2000

david letterman returns to late show feb 8 2000 timeline trivia mrpopcultureDavid Letterman will return to “The Late Show” for three nights a week at first. He’s been gone since January since he had his quintuple-bypass heart surgery.  Hopefully, this will happen next month. Meanwhile, CBS will air version of “Late Show Backstage,” where stars are interviewed reminiscing about their appearances on Letterman’s show. 

On “Saturday Night Live” – Julianna Margulies with musical guest DMX. 

 “Inside Edition” host Deborah Norville will live inside a prison for five days – behind bars in North Carolina. It’s assignment “live as an inmate.” 

KRON-TV (channel 4) in San Francisco, says it is dropping NBC after its contract is up on Dec. 31, 2001. Why/ NBC use to pay KRON $7 million a year for carriage. Now – it wants KRON to pay them $10 million a year. 

Tuesday night television listings/TV Guide – February 8, 2000

CBS – JAG, 60 Minutes II, Judging Amy, David Letterman, Craig Kilborn

NBC – Just Shoot Me, 3rd Rock From The Sun, Will & Grace, Dateline NBC, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Later

ABC  - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Dharma & Greg, Sports Night

PBS – Nova, Secrets of Lost Empires

Fox – Banned in America, World’s Sexiest Commercias 2, Party of Five

UPN – I dare You The Ultimate Challenge, Shasta, Dilbert

WB – Bufffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel

MTV – Real World/Road Rules Challenge, The Tom Green Show, Loveline, Undressed, Lyricist Lounge, James Countdown

VH1 – Before they were Rock Stars, Where Are They Now?, The List,  Behind the Music, Rock Show


On Jay Leno – Martin Short


Top Movies – February 8, 2000

Stuart Little

Scream 3

The Hurricane

Next Friday

The Green Mile

Galaxy Quest

Down to You

Girl, Interrupted

The Talented Mr. Ripley

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