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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 22, 2012 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Afghanistan banned all Pakistani newspapers from entering the country in an attempt to block the Taliban from influencing public opinion via the press. The order, issued by the Ministry of Interior, adds to the mounting tension between the neighboring countries. It focuses specifically on blocking entry of the papers at Torkham, a busy border crossing, and directed border police to gather up Pakistani newspapers in the three eastern provinces of Nangarhar, Kunar and Nuristan.

Passing - Edwin P. Wilson, a former CIA operative who was branded a traitor and convicted of shipping arms to Libya but whose conviction was overturned after he served 22 years in prison, has died. He was 84.

Politics/Campaign 2012 - 

mitt romney colorado visit sept 2012 timeline mrpopcultureMitt Romney's visit to Colorado on Sunday(Sept23) is part of an intensified schedule focused on the most competitive states as the Republican presidential nominee tries to counter criticism from some in his own party that his campaign is veering off course with about six weeks to go in the race. 

President Barack Obama acknowledged in unaired portions of a "60 Minutes" interview that his campaign ads sometimes go "overboard" when it comes to attacking Mitt Romney. But "that happens in politics" and voters deserve to see the "sharp contrast" between the candidates, the president said.


More news - September 22, 2012

Amid warnings from other world leaders—and planned protests outside—Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, his last speech in front of the world body as president of Iran. The outspoken Iranian leader called for a "new world order," criticizing capitalism and the United States and Europe for "trampling on the rights of others" and contributing to global poverty and humanitarian failures. "The history of mankind is marked with failures," Ahmadinejad said in a speech that was not attended by the U.S. and Israeli delegations in protests.

Trouble In Greece Again - Greek police clashed with hooded rioters hurling petrol bombs as tens of thousands took to the streets of Athens on Wednesday in Greece's biggest anti-austerity protest in more than a year. Violence erupted after nearly 70,000 people marched to parliament chanting "We won't submit to the troika (of lenders)" and "EU, IMF Out!" on the day of a general strike against a new round of cuts demanded by foreign lenders.

More than 300 people were killed in Syria on Wednesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, in one of the bloodiest days in the 18-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad. World leaders meeting at the United Nations have expressed concern at the continuing violence in Syria but are deadlocked over their response to the conflict, which the Observatory says has claimed 30,000 lives since March 2011.

An Army brigadier general has been charged with forcible sodomy, inappropriate relationships, and possessing alcohol and pornography while serving as a senior commander in Afghanistan earlier this year. Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, a deputy commanding general of the 82 nd Airborne Division, faces a possible court martial over the charges handed down Wednesday. A news release by the Fort Bragg Public Affairs Office listed the charges presented against Sinclair as including "forcible sodomy, wrongful sexual conduct, attempted violation of an order, violations of regulations by wrongfully engaging in inappropriate relationships and misusing a government travel charge card, violating general orders by possessing alcohol and pornography while deployed, maltreatment of subordinates, filing fraudulent claims, engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman and engaging in conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline, or of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces."

A man who apparently lost his job at a Minnesota sign-making business returned to the company and allegedly killed four people before fatally shooting himself. The shooting took place at Accent Signage Systems in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood in Minneapolis at about 4:35 p.m. Thursday, according to a statement released this morning by the Minneapolis Police Department. The suspected shooter has been identified as 36-year-old Andrew Engeldinger, a former employee who recently lost his job at Accent Signage Systems.

A carjacking in Arizona ended when the suspect shot himself in the head today as footage of the incident was broadcast live on Fox News Channel. A chopper covered the high-speed chase along I-10 outside Phoenix. Initial reports indicated that a victim may have remained in the stolen car.

Duped - Iran's leading news agency published a mock poll that claimed rural whites in the U.S. favored Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over president Barack Obama. The mock poll was originally published on a popular U.S. media site, The Onion.  The FARS news agencywhich touts itself as Iran's leading independent news agency while others note its ties to governmentpublished much of the made-up poll that first appeared in the U.S. parody website.

Thousands of people hit the streets in Pakistan's biggest city Sunday(Sept30) to protest an anti-Islam film made in the United States, suggesting anger over the movie is far from over. Senior police official Nasir Lodhi estimated 5,000 people participated in the Karachi rally. Security was increased, and sections of the city were shut down to help contain the crowd. Demonstrators burned U.S. flags and demanded the filmmakers be punished. Overall, the rally went peacefully.


Fascinating Business news – September 22, 2012 

General Motors Co is in market with $10 billion in revolving credit facilities that will beef up liquidity and refinance existing debt, sources told Thomson Reuters LPC.JP Morgan is leading the deal that has launched to 10 senior lenders. The 10 senior lenders are understood to be part of the company's existing bank group.GM spokesman Jim Cain declined to comment. JP Morgan declined to comment.

michael savage off the air sept 2012 trivia radio mrpopcultureRadio Business - Michael Savage's talk show left the airwaves Thursday after the conservative host won a legal battle with his longtime employer, although his attorney said discussions with new networks are already under way. Savage posted a message on his website Thursday evening under the headline "Free at Last!" that said he was free to work with any station or network from now on. He said he "will not be heard on the radio for some time."His attorney Daniel Horowitz said Savage left Talk Radio Network after obtaining a favorable ruling in arbitration Thursday afternoon. More than 8 million people listen to Savage's show each week, placing him behind only Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in ratings, according to the magazine Talkers. The immediate effect that his abrupt departure would have on companies that advertise on his show was unclear. Horowitz says Savage has been fighting the network for two years to get out a contract that was 10 years old and prevented the host from switching employers. Horowitz said the agreement lacked protections afforded to artists and entertainers under California law, and tied Savage to Talk Radio Network indefinitely.

Horowitz said Savage spent more than $900,000 fighting his case but was awarded more than $1 million in arbitration. The agreement also calls for Savage to be able to obtain all archived tapes of his show.


Technology news – September 22, 2012

A German court has dismissed Apple Inc.'s claim that Samsung Electronics andGoogle Inc.'s Motorola Mobility infringed patents used in touch-screen devices.

The Mannheim state court's ruling Friday follows similar decisions in Britain and the Netherlands. The ruling can be appealed within 30 days. Apple and its rivals are locked in a complex worldwide battle over patents and design rights covering the lucrative market for smartphones and tablet computers.

Following the likes of PayPal and Square, Groupon (GRPN) has revealed that it’s releasing its own credit card payment service called Groupon Payments. Groupon Payments will be available for the iPhone and iPod touch, and participating merchants can get free plastic dongle for swiping credit cards or pony up for a $100 smartphone case/credit card slider.

iphone china company news update sept 2012 timeline mrpopcultureThe company that makes Apple's iPhones suspended production at a factory in China on Monday after a brawl by as many as 2,000 employees at a dormitory injured 40 people.The fight, the cause of which is under investigation, erupted Sunday night at a privately managed dormitory near a Foxconn Technology Group factory in the northern city of Taiyuan, the company and Chinese police said. A police statement reported by the official Xinhua News Agency said 5,000 officers were dispatched to the scene.The Taiwanese-owned company declined to say whether the factory is involved in iPhone production. It said the facility, which employs 79,000 people, will suspend work Monday and reopen Tuesday.

TiVo Inc will receive at least $250.4 million from Verizon Communications Inc as part of a patent litigation settlement, the video recorder pioneer said on Monday, sending its shares up more than 4 percent. TiVo, whose brand is synonymous with digital video recorders, has had to turn to litigation to generate revenue from licensing fees as it struggles to fight competition from low-cost rivals. Analysts said the Verizon settlement could bode well for a TiVo victory in cases against other companies, including Time Warner Cable Inc and Motorola Mobility, which is now owned by Google Inc.

A Brazilian judge ordered the arrest of the head of Google's operations inBrazil for failure to remove YouTube videos that attacked a mayoral candidate, which runs counter to the South American nation's strict pre-vote electoral laws.Google said in a Tuesday statement that it rejected the decision by Judge Flavio Peren of Mato Grosso do Sul state, which also included an order to remove the two videos in question and a statewide, 24-hour suspension of Google and You Tube.Police said they had not received an order to arrest Fabio Jose Silva Coelho. It was not clear if any suspension of Google's services occurred in Mato Grosso do Sul state. After hours calls to the court were not returned.

No Google Maps On iPhone 5 - Google has spoken: The company is not working on a maps app for the iPhone. "We have not done anything yet,"  to a group of reporters in Tokyo, when asked about a forthcoming Google Maps alternative to the not very well-received native Apple Maps app. That should disappoint at least a chunk of the , plus some of those millions of new iPhone 5 owners, who say they miss Google's superior maps


Fascinating Facts – Mars Curiosity Rover – September 22, 2012 

mars rover milestone sept 22 2012 trivia science nasa mrpopcultureNASA's Mars rover Curiosity reached out and touched a Martian rock with its huge robotic arm for the first time, then took off on its longest Red Planet drive to date.

Curiosity spent the past several days investigating a strange pyramid-shaped stone named "Jake Matijevic," testing out some of the gear at the end of its 7-foot-long (2.1 meters) arm. These tools include the Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS), which measures elemental composition, and the Mars Hand Lens Imager close-up camera, or MAHLI.

The NASA rover Curiosity has beamed back pictures of bedrock that suggest a fast-moving stream, possibly waist-deep, once flowed on Mars — a find that the mission's chief scientist called exciting. There have been previous signs that water existed on the red planet long ago, but the images released Thursday showing pebbles rounded off, likely by water, offered the most convincing evidence so far of an ancient streambed. There was "a vigorous flow on the surface of Mars," said chief scientist John Grotzinger of theCalifornia Institute of Technology. "We're really excited about this."

Tech - The Iranian government blocked access to Google's search engine and Gmail as the country readies a closed domestic Internet system. On Sunday evening, Iran's government deputy minister said the country is making this switch as part of cyber-security measures, according to a Reuters report. However, the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA) believes the ban stems from the highly controversial anti-Islamic film that was posted on YouTube, inciting an uproar in the Middle East.


Sports news – September 22, 2012

Sports TV - Time Warner Cable customers will finally be able to watch the NFL Network after nearly a decade of waiting. Time Warner Cable Inc, the second largest U.S. cable provider with more than 12 million subscribers, said on Friday it had struck a multi-year agreement with the National Football League to carry the NFL Network and the RedZone channel. Time Warner Cable was the longest holdout of major cable providers in agreeing to carry the sports network which launched in 2003. The NFL Network, which is owned by the league, broadcasts regular season primetime games while the RedZone channel focuses on airing touchdowns and key plays live on Sundays.

Stadium developers cleared the final political hurdle to bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles on Friday when the city council unanimously approved plans to build a $1.5 billion football stadium downtown. The next step before construction can begin, potentially next spring, is to convince an NFL team -- or maybe two -- to move.

Monday Night Football – Wild Game

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate outmuscled Green Bay Packers safety M.D. Jennings to haul in a Hail Mary pass from Russell Wilson to give the Seahawks a controversial 14-12 win on Monday Night Football. After trailing 7-0 at halftime, the Packers thoroughly dominated the final 30 minutes, with kicker Mason Crosby kicking a pair of field goals before running back Cedric Benson plunged into the end zone with 8:53 remaining in the fourth quarter to give Green Bay a 12-7 lead.

It’s Official – NFL refs returning to pro-football after three weeks of blown, reversed and no calls by substitutes.  "Our officials will be back on the field starting [Thursday] night," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement, referring to the Cleveland Browns-Baltimore Ravens contest. The league was facing a backlash over replaced referees, which were blowing games left and right.


Entertainment news – September 22, 2012 

Actor Tony Dow has a new career – sculpting. For the last dozen years,  Tony Dow has been carving out a new career, as a sculptor with pieces that have shown at numerous venues, including what is arguably the world's premier art museum — the Louvre in Paris.This weekend, more than 30 of Dow's pieces in bronze, steel and wood go on display closer to home at the Debilzan Gallery in Laguna Beach, and they could fetch several thousand dollars each from collectors.

Sam Panama Trading Co. has filed a $30 million lawsuit against MTV and parent company Viacom alleging that it expected to make a ton of money selling clothing and luggage products featuring the MTV brand in Latin America – but, there’s a problem with their logo and trademark in this area. They allegedly invested "many millions of dollars" producing and marketing the merchandise, only to run into a problem. "They were seized by authorities as infringing upon the trademark, copyright and proprietary rights of third parties," says the lawsuit. MTV and Viacom are now being sued for breach of contract.

j.k. rowling new adult book sept 2012 history trivia timeline mrpopcultureJ.K. Rowling launched her long-anticipated first book for adults, "The Casual Vacancy." Published five years after the release of the last book in the boy wizard saga, "The Casual Vacancy" is already at No. 1 on Amazon's U.S. chart, and bookmaker William Hill put 2/1 odds on it outselling "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," which shifted 2.6 million copies in Britain on its first day.

Former child TV star Danny Bonaducesays a crazed fan bit him during an event at a Washington state casino. The former "Partridge Family" actor tells The News Tribune of Tacoma - that the woman asked him if she could kiss him and then sank her teeth into his cheek for about a minute until others pulled her off. Bonaduce, who works these days as a radio DJ in Seattle, said the woman was taken into custody Friday, but he doesn't plan to press charges.

Lindsay Lohan Assaulted - Lohan was hanging out in her hotel room with a group of people that included a man whom she later suspected of taking pictures of her and saving them on his phone. Our source alleges that the man "threw [Lohan] down" when she asked to see his phone, leading the actress to run out of the room. The source continues to allege that the man attempted to choke Lohan after catching her in the hotel stairwell.

(New Book) - Arnold Schwarzenegger admits that not only did he cheat on Maria Shriver with the family's housekeeper while the two were married, but he also cheated when they were dating and living together — and this time the other woman was none other than Brigitte Nielsen.


Music news – September 22, 2012 

Glee Bashes Britney Spears Britney Spears fans were shocked by a recent "Glee" episode after the show gave the superstar's pop hits a second go -- this time dredging up Britney's past tribulations, including her 2007 head-shaving incident and umbrella attack on the paparazzi. Britney's manager said the singer's team was completely unaware "Glee" was going to revisit Britney's troubled times and was "livid" over the episode.

Bruce Springsteen turns 63 concert sept 2012 music trivia dateline history mrpopcultureBruce Springsteen celebrated his 63rd birthday onstage until nearly 2 a.m. Sunday, joined at the end by his hearty mom. Adele Springsteen danced and sang background to "Twist and Shout," walking offstage with her son and his band at nearly 2. Her only concession to age was a pair of hastily made earplugs. She watched as her son cut a giant cake in the shape of a guitar, passing out pieces to some audience members. His show in the open-air MetLife Stadium was delayed three hours Saturday by authorities because of a downpour and worries about lightning. Thousands of fans clustered on indoor ramps waiting for the rain to stop.

George Strait To Stop Touring. The 60-year-old country music superstar announced that he'll embark on his final concert tour early next year. He made the announcement at a news conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum in Nashville, Tenn.

Strait will play 20 dates in 2013, then 20 more in 2014 on The Cowboy Rides Away tour. He plans to continue recording music and making occasional live appearances.

Passing -  Andy Williams, who charmed audiences with his mellow delivery of songs like "Moon River" and "Can't Get Use To Losing You" in the 1950s and 60s, has died at his home in Branson, Missouri, his family said Wednesday. He was 84. The blue-eyed Williams, who continued touring and drawing crowds to his Moon River Theater in the music hub of Branson into his 80s, died on Tuesday evening after a yearlong battle with bladder cancer, his family said in a statement. Williams had 18 gold record and three platinum hits and in his peak years was a regular on television with his own variety series. At a time during the 1960’s – he began featuring a singing family called “The Osmonds” and the rest is pop culture history.

madonna calls obama black muslim on stage trivia timeline mrpopculturePop star Madonna said on Tuesday(Sept25) she was being deliberately "ironic on stage" when she erroneously referred to President Barack Obama during her concert in the nation's capital as a "black Muslim."A video clip posted on YouTube by audience members at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington captured the 54-year-old singer delivering a rousing, profanity-laced political speech about freedom during her show on Monday. "Now, it's so amazing and incredible to think that we have an African-American in the White House ... we have a black Muslim in the White House ... it means there is hope in this country, and Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man," Madonna said.

Beach Boys Split Again - After a 50th anniversary reunion tour and album including revered frontman Brian Wilson, Mike Love has dropped a bomb on three of his surviving bandmates: He's going to continue touring without them. Under the name "The Beach Boys." Love owns the rights to the name. But Brian Wilson said he’s not happy with the decision. "I'm disappointed and can't understand why Love doesn't want to tour with Al, David and me," he said. "We are out here having so much fun. After all, we are the real Beach Boys."  He also noted that he would like his next project to be a Beach Boys album.

Bieber Throws-Up During Concert - The 18-year-old superstar, seemingly suffering from some sort of stomach ailment, threw up on stage during a concert in Glendale, Ariz., but pushed through the entire show for his fans.


Television news – September 22, 2012

Actress Bonnie Franklin, best known for her role on the hit sitcom "One Day at a Time," is battling pancreatic cancer. A family spokesperson told Entertainment Tonight that Franklin, 68, is undergoing treatment and "continuing with her normal schedule."

"Today" show producer speaks out against stories portraying anchor Matt Lauer as being difficult to work with during the show's slide in the ratings. Executive Producer Jim Bell said Wednesday that Lauer is the heart and soul of NBC's morning news show and that negative stories about him have been hard to deal with. "Today" has slipped behind ABC's "Good Morning America" in the ratings recently, particularly since Lauer's former co-host, Ann Curry, was replaced by Savannah Guthrie. That's led to a wave of bad publicity, much of it focused on Lauer.

President Obama appears on “The View” and the ladies were just beside themselves.

64th Annual Emmy Awards (Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel)

— Drama Series: “Homeland,” Showtime.

— Actress, Drama Series: Claire Danes, “Homeland,” Showtime.

— Actor, Drama Series: Damian Lewis, “Homeland,” Showtime.

aaron paul emmy 2012 TV trivia timeline breaking bad mrpopcultureSupporting Actor, Drama Series: Aaron Paul, “Breaking Bad,” AMC.

— Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Maggie Smith, “Downton Abbey,” PBS.

— Writing, Drama Series: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Gideon Raff, “Homeland,”       Showtime.

— Directing, Drama Series: Tim Van Patten, “Boardwalk Empire,” HBO.

— Comedy Series: “Modern Family,” ABC.

— Actor, Comedy Series: Jon Cryer, “Two and a Half Men,” CBS.

— Actress, Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep,” HBO.

— Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Julie Bowen, “Modern Family,” ABC.

— Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Eric Stonestreet, “Modern Family,” ABC



Top/Popular  YouTube Videos – September 22, 2012

Live While We’re Young – One Direction

Mitt Romney On Obama Voters

Banned iPhone 5 Promo

The Simpsons – Homer Votes 2012

Britney Spears gets a surprise visit from Korean pop star Psy Learing Gangnam Style


Top music albums (from Billboard 200) – September 22, 2012

Away From The World – Dave Matthews Band

Tempest – Bob Dylan

Coexist – The xx

The Carpenter – The Avett Brothers

matchbox twenty billboard top album 200 music sept 2012 rock mrpopcultureNorth – Matchbox Twenty

Night Visions – Imagine Dragons

La Futura – ZZ Top

NOW 43

Based On A T.R.U. Story – 2 Chainz

Theatre Is Evil – Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

Overexposed – Maroon 5

21 – Adele

The Lumineers – TheLumineers

Eye On It – Toby Mac

Up All Night – One Direction

Gravity – Lecrae

Undisputed – DMX

Believe – Justin Biever

Some Nights – fun.

50 Shades of Grey: The Classical Album

Chapter V – Trey Songz


Top movies – September 22, 2012

Hotel Transylvania (1st week - $42.5 million)

Looper – ($20.8 million)

End of Watch

Trouble with the Curve

House At The End Of The Street

Pitch Perfect

Finding Nemo

Resident Evil: Retribution

The Master

Won’t Back Down

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