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Dateline: Events/Week of August 22, 2012 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Scientists were preparing to send Curiosity on its first test drive over the billion-year-old rocks of Mars and said a busted wind sensor wouldn't jeopardize its mission of determining whether life could exist there. Engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena turned four of the rover's six wheels in place this week in a successful "wheel wiggle" to test the steering for Wednesday's trek, mission manager Mike Watkins said. The rover will move forward about 10 feet (3 meters), turn right, then back up and park slightly to the left of its old spot, Watkins said.

Federal agents in Washington state have arrested an armed man accused of making threats against President Obama. U.S. Secret Service agents and local law enforcement officers knocked on the door of Anton Caluori, 31, in Federal Way, Wash., on Tuesday afternoon, Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said. Caluori came to door with a shotgun, but was taken into custody without injury, Leary added, though Caluori made references to explosives, prompting a call to the bomb squad.

Hardly Mentioned In Presidential Campaigning - Once President Obama's "war of necessity." Now, it's America's forgotten war. The Afghan conflict generates barely a whisper on the U.S. presidential campaign trail. It's not a hot topic at the office water cooler or in the halls of Congress — even though more than 80,000 American troops are still fighting here and dying at a rate of one a day.

president obama ahead in polls aug 2012 timeline mrpopculturePresident Barack Obama is holding on to his lead in Ohio, but he now faces tighter races in Florida and Wisconsin, a Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times poll out Thursday shows. Voters in all three battleground states give favorable ratings to Paul Ryan, but Ryan's Medicare plan is opposed by majorities of voters.  Obama is viewed as better at handling Medicare than Mitt Romney in all three states, the poll shows.

 California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in three Northern California counties on Wednesday after a wildfire that has already destroyed 64 homes advanced with 75-foot flames on a tiny community at the doorstep of a national park. Firefighters scrambled to head off the so-called Ponderosa Fire, which had scorched 24,000 acres, before it reached the outskirts of Mineral, a community of less than 200 people just south of Lassen National Volcanic Park.

Navy SEAL Book – First Of Its Kind - The U.S. government was surprised by the news that a Navy SEAL who participated in the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan has written a book about the operation in which the al Qaeda leader was killed, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.  "No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden" was written by a Navy SEAL under the pseudonym Mark Owen with co-author Kevin Maurer and is to be released next month on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks. It was not vetted by government agencies to ensure that no secrets were revealed. 

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivikwas jailed for a maximum term on Friday when judges declared him sane enough to answer for the murder of 77 people last year, drawing a smirk of triumph from the self-styled warrior against Islam.

Passing -  Neil Armstrong (82) – Who made "one giant leap for mankind" with a small step onto the moon. He commanded the historic landing of the Apollo 11 spacecraft on the moon July 20, 1969, capping the most daring of the 20th century's scientific expeditions and becoming the first man to walk on the moon. His first words after the feat are etched in history books and the memories of the spellbound millions who heard them in a live broadcast.

Republican Convention Gearing Up In Tampa –

mitt romney update august 22 2012 timeline mrpopculture newsMitt Romney said it is "sad" that President Barack Obama's campaign is trying to link him to Rep. Todd Akin's statements about abortion, as top Republicans preparing for the party's nominating convention urged the GOP presidential challenger to reach out to women and Hispanics. The remarks came Sunday as Republicans descending on Florida prepared to cram four days of events into three because of the threat caused by the approach of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Insurgents beheaded 17 civilians in a Taliban-controlled area of southern Afghanistan, apparently because they attended a dance party that flouted the extreme brand of Islam embraced by the militants, officials said Monday(Aug 27).The killings, in a district where U.S. Marines have battled the Taliban for years, were a reminder of how much power the insurgent group still wields in the south — particularly as international forcesdraw down and hand areas over to Afghan forces.

Dozens of small to moderate earthquakes struck southeastern California on Sunday(Aug26), knocking trailer homes off their foundations, shattering windows and rattling nerves in a small farming town east of San Diego. The largest quake, at 1:57 p.m., registered at a magnitude 5.5 and was centered about three miles northwest of the town of Brawley, said Robert Graves, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey. Another quake about an hour and a half earlier registered at magnitude 5.3. No injuries were reported.

As Tropical Storm Isaac grazed the Florida Keys with less force than was feared, hurricane warnings have been issued for the Gulf Coast from Central Louisiana to the Florida panhandle with Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana declaring state of emergencies ahead of the storm's landfall. Isaac is expected to strengthen to a weak Category 2 or Category 1 hurricane before making landfall along the Gulf Coast by Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane warnings were issued from east of Morgan City, La. -- which includes New Orleans -- to Destin, Fla.

Hurricane Isaac lashed southern Louisiana with high winds and heavy rains on Wednesday and was set for a late-morning arrival in New Orleans, seven years to the day after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city.

Isaac Leaves Lots Of Flooding Behind - As slow-moving Tropical Storm Isaac moves away from New Orleans, surrounding areas of Louisiana have almost 2 feet of rain and dangerous floods, while seven tornadoes have spun off from Isaac in Mississippi and Alabama so far. A tornado that touched down in Gulfport, Miss., has caused the most damage, where significant destruction to homes has been reported. Carlos Redmond, a spokesman for Harrison County Emergency Management, said it's assessing the damage.

Tampa  Republican Convention – Paul Ryan

paul ryan republican convention aug 2012 timeline news mrpopculturePaul Ryan tore into Obama's federal health care law that passed in 2010, the president's most prized legislative accomplishment. Ryan revived an attack from the campaign trail, accusing the president of passing the law "at the expense of the elderly" by trimming the growth in Medicare spending to pay for it. Turning to young voters,  he said,  "College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms," Ryan said, "staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life." 

Condoleezza Rice never addressed President Obama by name, but the former secretary of state delivered a sharp rejection of his foreign policy tonight, charging that the White House had forsaken past and potential allies, leaving the world to wonder, "Where does America stand?" "When our friends and our foes, alike, do not know the answer to that question," she told the Republican National Convention, "the world is a chaotic and dangerous place."

An African-American camerawoman who was attending the Republican National Convention for CNN was assaulted yesterday by a man who threw peanuts at her and yelled loudly, “This is how we feed animals”. He was promptly escorted out.

Tampa Republican Convention Update – Mitt Romney

mitt romney acceptance speech aug 2012 timeline trivia mrpopcultureMitt Romney accepts the Republican presidential nomination, making an appeal to Americans disappointed in President Barack Obama's tenure in the White House, arguing he can usher in the change Obama promised in 2008 but has failed to deliver."Tonight I'd ask a simple question: If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn't you feel that way now that he's President Obama?" Romney said. "You know there's something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had, was the day you voted for him."

(Aug31) Police in New Jersey have reportedly shot and killed a man suspected of being involved in a deadly shootout inside a shopping plaza. Law enforcement officials say the three dead include the alleged gunman. Police responded to shots fired inside the Pathmark supermarket on Route 9 in Old Bridge, N.J., just before 4 a.m. There was a confrontation with the gunman, WABC reported. There's no word on his motive.

Sports News - August 22, 2012

Lance Armstrong will not defend doping charges and will be stripped of his Tour de France titles.


Technology News – August 22, 2012

Nexus 7 launches aug 2012 tech trivia timeline event mrpopculture Strong demand for Google’s debut tablet were reaffirmed shortly after the Nexus 7 launched, as Google quickly sold out of its entry-level model. Now, new estimates from Tech-thoughts.net based on touch panel shipments suggest Google could sell as many as 8 million tablets by the end of the year, making the Nexus 7 one of the most popular Android tablets to date.


Samsung Electronics Co's flagship Galaxy smartphone looks very similar to Apple's iPhone, but the South Korean firm has not violated the iPhone design, a Seoul court ruled on Friday.The South Korean ruling comes as the two technology titans are locked in a high-stakes global patent battle that mirrors a fierce rivalry for industry supremacy between two companies that control more than half the world's smartphone sales.The Seoul court ruling on Friday comes ahead of more crucial U.S. verdicts. Nine jurors began deliberation on Wednesday in California in one of many disputes between the two firms around the world that analysts see as partly aimed at curbing the spread of Google Inc's Android, the world's most used mobile software.

But Wait - Defeat in a bitter patent wrangle with Apple Inc, its smartphone rival and biggest customer, will dent Samsung Electronics Co's $21 billion cash-pile, but could actually help cement its leadership in the global smartphone market.A U.S. court has ordered Samsung - which sold around 50 million phones in April-June, almost twice the number of iPhones - to pay $1.05 billion damages, after ruling that the South Korean firm infringed on some Apple patents.While the verdict was a big win for Apple, the damages are less than half the $2.5 billion compensation it sought - although that could yet be increased by the judge - and are just 1.5 percent of annual revenues from Samsung's telecoms business. That phone and tablet business is the powerhouse behind Samsung's growth, earning around 70 percent of total profit. The group had net profit of $4.5 billion in April-June.

More Samsong News –

smartphone windows 8 samsung news trivia timeline august 2012 mrpopcultureSamsung Electronics  becomes the first handset maker to announce a Windows 8 smartphone, jumping ahead of the highly anticipated launch by Nokia. The Samsung ATIV S was unveiled at the IFA conference underway in Berlin. The surprise announcement is a visible sign of Samsung refocusing its attention on Windows. Additionally, Samsung is strengthening its relationships with U.S. mobile carriers and developing new technologies to further erase any similarities to Apple. A spokesperson for the Korean giant said, “Samsung has been in talks with major U.S. carriers to jointly develop modified design technology. This will be effective, though we can’t unveil more details for the time being.”

Youtube history/trivia - August 22, 2012

YouTube is getting in touch with its emotions. The video service rolled out Moodwall on Friday(Aug31), a new way to discover and watch videos based on how they make viewers feel. The experimental page divides videos into categories (called Vibes) such as amazing, catchy, scary, gross or intense. If you're feeling melancholy, you can turn up The Smiths and browse through the sad selections. If you want happier tears, click Powerful; for a good giggle try Funny. "Videos aren't just about objects and things, they're about the emotions they invoke," said software engineer Sanketh Shetty who worked on the project.


Entertainment/Celebrity News – August 22, 2012

snookie has a baby august 2012 event timeline trivia jersey shore mrpopculture Snookie Has A Baby - Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and her love of two years, Jionni LaValle, welcomed their first child together Sunday in Livingston, NJ, a son named Lorenzo.

More than two-thirds of adults in Britain thought Prince Harry cavorting naked with women at a Las Vegas party was acceptable behaviour, according to a poll out Sunday.

The YouGov survey in The Sunday Times found 68 percent thought the third in line to the throne's antics were acceptable for a young, single man having fun on a private holiday, with 22 percent saying it was not.

Foxworthy Sponsors NASCAR Race - Jeff Foxworthy's Grit Chips 200, a 130-lap truck series race, was held Friday(Aug31) night at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The comedian and television star calls himself a longtime NASCAR fan and says he's "not sure why it took so long to do a deal. I think we probably have the same audience."


Music News – August 22, 2012

foo fighters disbanding august 2012 trivia music timeline event mrpopcultureFoo Fighters Taking Off For A Year -Music industry online magazine NME says the Foo Fighters have played their "last show for a long time," but an official familiar with the group says it has more concerts scheduled.As the group wrapped up a gig in Reading, England, on Sunday, Frontman Dave Grohl told the crowd the tour, in support of its latest album "Wasting Light," would be its last.  But the official says Grohl's comments were misinterpreted. The official said on condition of anonymity that the band has four U.S. shows in September and that after that it will take some time off "after touring the world for a year."

Madonna - As she kicked off the U.S. leg of her "MDNA Tour" in Philadelphia, Madonna said she was happy to party in the USA after touring Europe for three months.The pop icon told the crowd Tuesday night they should "never forget how lucky you are to live where you live and to have the freedom that you have." She made the comments after talking about the arrest of three members of the punk-rock female band Pussy Riot. The women were sentenced to two years in prison after performing a "punk prayer" at Moscow's Christ the Savior cathedral in which they called on the Virgin Mary to deliver Russia from its leader, Vladimir Putin.

Dies From Suicide - Chris Lighty, a hip-hop mogul who helped the likes of Sean "Diddy" Combs, 50 Cent and Mariah Carey attain not only hit records, but also lucrative careers outside music, was found dead in his New York City apartment Thursday in an apparent suicide. He was 44.He was found at his home in the Bronx with a gunshot to the head and was pronounced dead there, police said. No note was recovered, but a 9 mm handgun was found and there was no sign of forced entry.

leann rimes sues two women aug 2012 timeline music trivia mrpopcultureLeAnn Rimes sued two women she claims illegally recorded a phone conversation with her and posted snippets online, one day after she sought professional help for anxiety and stress. Rimes sued Kimberly Smiley and her adult daughter Lexi on Thursday(Aug30), seeking more than $25,000 in damages for recording a March phone conversation that ended up online on websites bashing the country singer.Kimberly Smiley denied she posted the recording, saying she shared it with online acquaintances, one of whom played it for the ex-wife of Rimes' husband, Eddie Cibrian. "The whole thing is just ridiculous," she said. "It's just a celebrity who's too full of herself."


Television  News – April 22, 2012

michael j fox back sitcom august 2012 trivia timeline TV mrpopcultureMichael J. Fox Back - NBC announced on Monday night that it had won the bidding war for a sitcom that will star Mr. Fox in a role “loosely drawn,” it said, from his real life. Reflecting the intense interest in the still untitled show, NBC committed to ordering a season’s worth of episodes, 22 in total, without even making a pilot episode. The network plans to show the premiere in fall 2013.

Diagnosed with MDS, GMA co-host Robin Roberts takes an extended leave beginning this week. Roberts, 51, was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, also called MDS, on the same day in April that her show beat out NBC's "Today Show" in the ratings for the first time in nearly 16 years, she said. "Talk about your highs and lows!"

As if that wasn’t enough  Robin Roberts'  mother, Lucimarian Roberts, died Thursday(Aug30). She was 88.

Ratings for the final night of the Republican convention, which featured Mitt Romney and Clint Eastwood:  The Nielsen Co. says an estimated 30.3 million viewers watched Thursday night's coverage over 11 networks. The event included presidential candidate Romney's acceptance speech and Eastwood's faux interview with an absent President Barack Obama.Four years ago, John McCain's acceptance speech at the GOP meeting was viewed by more than 40 million over seven networks. Fox News Channel was by far the most-watched network as it went head-to-head against others in the 10-11 p.m. Eastern hour and throughout the convention in Tampa, Fla.


Top Music Albums – August 22, 2012

NOW 43

Based On A T.R.U. Story – 2 Chainz

insane clown posse billboard album chart aug 2012 trivia timeline mrpopcultureMighty Death Pop – Insane Clown Posse

God Forgives, I Don’t – Rick Ross

Believe – Justin Bieber

Overexposed – Maroon 5

Up All Night – One Direction

Southern Air – Yellowcard

Uncaged – Zac Brown Band

21 – Adele

Some Nights – fun.

Kidz Bop 22

Top of the World – Slightly Stoopid

Blood – At This Moment

Best Days – Tamela Mann

Blown Away – Carrie Underwood

The Lumineers

Legend: Best of Bob Marley

Declaration of Independence – Colt Ford

Tailgates & Tanlines – Luke Bryan

Perfectly Imperfect – Elle Varner

Tuskegee – Lionel Richie

Sparkle – soundtrack

Life Is Good – Nas


Top Country Hit Music Singles – August 22, 2012

Angel Eyes – Love and Theft

Over – Blake Shelton

Pontoon – Little Big Town

josh turner billboard country single chart aug 2012 trivia music mrpopcultureTime is Love – Josh Turner

Wanted – Hunter Hayes

Postcard From Paris – The Band Perry

Come Over – Kenney Chesney

For You – Keith Urban

Why Ya Wanna – Jana Kramer


Top Video Games – August 22, 2012

Darksiders II (X360 PS3)

Sleeping Dogs (X360 3DS)

The last Story (PS3)

wii sports top video game trivia timeline aug 22 2012 mrpopcultureWii Sports

NCAA Football 13 (X360)

Kingdome Hearts 3D: Dram Drop Distance

MLB 12: The Show (PS3)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (X360)


Top movies - August 22, 2012

The Expendables 2

The Bourne Legacy


The Campaign

The Dark Knight Rises

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

2016 Obama’s America

Premium Rush

Hope Springs

Hit and Run


Top TV Shows/TV guide – August 22, 2012


1."America's Got Talent" (Tuesday)NBC2.NFL Exhibition Football: Carolina vs. N.Y. JetsNBC3."America's Got Talent" (Wednesday)NBC4."60 Minutes"CBS5."NCIS"CBS6."The Big Bang Theory"CBS7."Big Brother 14" (Sunday)CBS8."NCIS: Los Angeles"CBS9."The Mentalist" (Tuesday)CBS10."Big Brother 14" (Thursday)CBS11."Hell's Kitchen" (Monday)Fox12."Master Chef" (Tuesday)Fox13."Two and a Half Men" (Thursday)CBS14."20/20"ABC15.Auto Racing: NASCAR at BristolABC16."Big Brother 14" (Wednesday)CBS17."Criminal Minds"CBS18."CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"CBS19."The Mentalist" (Sunday)CBS20."2 Broke Girls"CBS


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