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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of November 1, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The State Department announces that U.S. Marines, now guarding Beirut International Airport will begin “limited” patrols for the first time inside East Beirut. The presence of the Marines was requested by Lebanese President Amin Gemayel and approved by President Reagan. 

 White House Press Secretary James Brady returns to work for the first time since suffering a near-fatal head wound 19 months ago in the attempt on President Reagan’s life.

President Reagan says he has “reason to feel good” about the election results and called suggestions for a mid-course correction in his economic program just “rhetoric of the campaign season."

George Corley Wallace is elected to 4th term as governor of Alabama.

Assemblyman-elect Tom Hayden and his actress wife Jane Fonda became angry while waiting to be interviewed on the ABC-TV late night talk show, “The Last Word,” after moderator Greg Jackson said Hayden spent $1.5 million to get elected in California’s 44th district-They Haydens, in California, heard the introduction, walked off their set at campaign headquarters with Hayden commenting, “We’re not into your game. It’s not worth it.” Later, they returned to the show.

The nation’s jobless rate rises to 10.4% - its highest level since 1940.

The Dow-Jones close up 43,23 at 1065.31 – a record high.  

Former White House counsel John W. Dean III contends in a new book that Alexander M. Haig Jr. was “Deep Throat – the source who gave a Washington Post reporter information on the Watergate scandal that led to President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation.

Richard M. Nixon laughs off an assertion that Alexander M. Haig Hr. was “deep throat,’ the source who was instrumental in exposing the Watergate scandal that drove Nixon from the White House. “That’s slightly ridiculous. Al Haig is many things. But he knows nothing about the whole Watergate business, had nothing whatever to do with it at the time that it happened. He became my chief of staff after, frankly, we’d lost that battle,’ said Nixon.  


Sports news – November 1, 1982

After 12 years, Steve Garvey is no longer a Los Angeles Dodger.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie/Hollywood news – November 1, 1982

Actress Dominique Dunne, best-known for her portrayal as the oldest daughter in “Poltergeist,” dies six days after her former live-in boyfriend tried to strangle her.


Sports news – November 1, 1982

After 14 years as baseball commissioner, Bowie Kuhn gets the axe as team owners vote to fire him.


Music news – November 1, 1982

Get your copy of “Meet the Flintstones/Take Me Out To the Ballgame” by Bruce Springsteen soundalike Bruce Springstone.

Some FM rock stations like to play albums in their entirety and that’s bugging record companies. Home taping of such albums is costing them money. 


Television news – November 1, 1982

Columbia Pictures will syndicate a series utilizing Johnny Carson comedy sketches performed over the past 20 years on the Tonight show. There’s enough material for 130 “Carson Comedy Classics.”

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