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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of July 22, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Senate approves tax withholding of interest and dividends and a sharp curtailment in the deductibility of in-town business meals and an enforcement provision aimed at collecting $2 billion more in taxes on tips received by hotel and restaurant employees over the next three years.

Israeli jets and gunboats bomb a residential section of Beirut, killing at least 480. 

The United States demands a halt to the bombardment of West Beirut (by Israel). “The bloodshed must stop,” said the State Department. 

Washington - Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi meets with President Reagan to discuss better relations. One compromise so far, has been reached – the supply of U.S. fuel for an Indian nuclear reactor. 

The Reagan Administration, in a new forecast that some of its own senior officials are calling overly optimistic, predicted a significant economic recovery this year and a record budget deficit of $115 billion in fiscal 1983. 

Now 11% - The Federal Reserve Board cuts its interest rate on loans to member banks for the second time in two weeks. 

Seven years after former Teamsters President James R. Hoffa vanished; his family is now eligible to have him declared legally dead. When Hoffa disappeared on July 30, 1975 from outside a suburban Detroit restaurant, he was trying to regain the presidency of the nation’s largest labor union. The FBI believes he was executed by organized crime.

Mercenary leader Michael (Mad Mike) Hoare is sentenced to 10 years in prison for hijacking a jetliner after a failed coup attempt in Seychelles.

Mayor Dianne Feinstein turns in her handgun to police, two days after it became illegal for most San Franciscans town such a weapon.

Scott Meese, 19-year-old son of White House counselor Edwin Meese III is killed when his car ran off the road and struck a tree in McLean, Virginia. Meese was a sophomore at Princeton University and was spending the summer at his parent’s home while working on Capitol Hill.

Aristides Royo resigns as president of Panama.


Fascinating Facts – July 22, 1982

A man calling himself the “Dallas Phantom” crawled over the edge of the observation deck of a 560-foot-tall tower and bombarded the crowd below with paper airplanes containing pleas for charity to crippled children and the poor. The man wore a black cape and motorcycle helmet.  

Canada’s Karen Dinae Baldwin is crowned Miss Universe


Technology news – July 22, 1982

From leasing to ownership - The FCC authorizes the first sales of satellite channels, approving plans by RCA American Communications, Hughes Communications and Western Union – to sell satellite channels or transponders. Currently there are just over 250 channels, but that’s expected to jump to almost 500 by 1984, as more powerful satellites are launched. Leasing a channel now costs $1.5 million a year. Purchasing prices run from $10 million to $15 million.  Hughes owns the Galaxy satellites. RCA American owns Satcom IV and Western Union has Westar IV, V and VI. 


Sports news – July 22, 1982

USC halfback Marcus Allen signs with the Los Angeles Raiders for a four-year $1.1 million contract.

The Chicago Bulls trade veteran center Artis Gilmore to the San Antonio Spurs for backup center Dave Corzine and starting forward mark Olberding.  

Connecticut car dealer William Volz, his wife Barbara their two children and another youngster were abducted at knifepoint from a Yankee Stadium lost by two men. They were forced into Volz’s rented van and taken on a frightening, 35-minute ride before being roughed up and robbed of $12 in cash and some jewelry. The five were then dumped on a Harlem street. Both men were arrested. 


Entertainment/Celebrity/Hollywood/Movie news – July 22, 1982

Actor Vic Morrow and two child actors are killed when they were struck by a crashing helicopter during the filming of a battle scene in a new “Twilight Zone” movie. The pilot of the craft suffered minor injuries.  Morrow was carrying Renee Shinn Chinn (6) and Myca Dinh Le (7) along a stream bed when explosions in the water, coordinated by the film crew, threw the low-flying helicopter out of control.


Radio news – July 22, 1982

10-year-old Melanie Larson arrives home in Utah with her parents after she was abducted by former KISN radio DJ Larry Nielsen.

KROQ PD Rick Carroll has formed a consultancy to take his new wave KROQ music to other stations.


Music news – July 22, 1982

Dies - The body of Daniel Beard (34), a former singer with the Fifth Dimension is found in his burned-out apartment in Manhattan. Beard performed for five years with the group after replacing original member Billy Davis. 

Passing – Edward (Sonny) Stitt – jazz saxophonist.


Television news – July 22, 1982

ABC pulls a rerun of “Fantasy Island” this week because the episode stars Vic Morrow, who was killed in a helicopter accident.

Cindy Williams – in real life, is pregnant. In “Laverne and Shirley” next season, look for her character to be pregnant – and married.

Tom Reilly and Tina Gayle join “ChiPs” as regulars. Reilly replaces Larry Wilcox.

Clint Eastwood is interviewed  on NBC-TV’s “Today” show.


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – July 22, 1982

CBS – Special - Blind Ambition (3 hours).

NBC – Father Murphy, Bret Maverick, McClain’s Law, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – Happy days, Laverne and Shirley, Three’s Company, Too Close for Comfort, Hart to Hart, Nightline

PBS – Danger: UXB, Mystery!


On Blind Ambition – The Watergate crisis as viewed by John Dean. First of three parts.

On David Letterman – Charlie Daniels, Louis L’Amour.


Top movies – July 22, 1982

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, The World According To Garp


Author, Author


Young Doctors In Love

Rocky III



Blade Runner

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