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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of April 1, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Argentina seizes the Falkland Islands from Britain with a sea borne invasion. Britain breaks diplomatic relations with Argentina, having ruled the islands since 1833. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher holds an emergency Cabinet meeting in London to plan a response. In Washington, the State Department called on Argentina “to immediately cease hostilities and to withdraw its military forces from the Falklands.”   

The government is seeking to train more air traffic controllers to replace the 11,500 fired after an illegal strike last August. The Office of Personnel Management says it will reopen its testing for trainee candidates May 3 to May 28 and hopes in getting 30,000 qualified applicants.

President Reagan launches a weekly series of radio addresses. Airing on weekends, the programs will not be partisan in tone, but will focus on domestic and foreign policy. The first broadcast will deal with the federal budget and the President’s determination not to compromise on the tax cut. 

Six die in a massive avalanche at Alpine Meadows (Lake Tahoe). The snow came down on the main lodge and parking lot, where most the bodies were found.

President Reagan announces that he will address the United Nations on nuclear arms control in June and invites Soviet President Leonid Breshnev to do the same. There’s only one problem ... several days later, it’s announced that Breshnev (75) has suffered a stroke, and according to Newsweek Magazine, he will resign in May. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is named assistant Manhattan-district attorney, a position that pays $20 thousand a year.


Sports news – April 1, 1982

North Carolina defeats Georgetown in the NCAA Basketball title - 63-62. Michael Jordan sank a 16-foot shot from the left side to give North Carolina the win. Freshman Pat Ewing of Georgetown was called for goaltending five times. 


Entertainment/Hollywood/Celebrity news – April 1, 1982

Passing - actor Warren Oates (52). Veteran of such films as “The Wild Bunch,” In the Heat of the Night” and “Two Lane Highway.” Of a heart attack.

Passing - Author Carolyn Keene (89) - author of the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys mysteries.

Cher’s Broadway debut “Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean” closes this week after 52 performances. The show also starred Karen Black and Sandy Dennis and was directed by Robert Altman. With only 52 performances, the show is considered a flop.

Actress Theresa Saldana (27) is wheeled into a Beverly Hills courtroom by her husband and confronts Richard Jackson - the man who is accused of knifing her outside her West Hollywood apartment two weeks ago. The actress starred in the hit movie “Raging Bull” last year.

Former Yippie leader Abbie Hoffman (45) is greeted with a standing ovation at a lecture at the University of Vermont in Burlington. He urged students to “shatter your complacency and work for social changes.” Hoffman, who just started a two-year parole - went underground for seven years to escape a drug conviction

Academy Awards – Johnny Carson was the Master of Ceremonies. Dan Ackroyd - while giving out statuettes, paid tribute to the late John Belushi: (he) “would have loved this - he was somewhat of a special effect himself.”

Best Picture - “Chariots of Fire”

Actor - Henry Fonda - “On Golden Pond” It was his first Oscar ever.

Actress - Katharine Hepburn - “On Golden Pond”

Supporting actor - John Gielgud - “Arthur”

Supporting Actress - Maureen Stapleton - “Reds”

Director - Warren Beatty - “Reds”


Best-selling books – April 1,1982

 “North and South” - John Jakes, “Fever” - Robin Cook, “The Parsifal Mosaic” - Robert Ludlum, “An Indecent Obsession” - Colleen McCullough, “The Dean’s December” - Saul Bellow, “Jane Fonda’s Workout Book” - Jane Fonda, “No Bad Dogs the Woodhouse Way” - Barbara Woodhouse, Holy Blood, Holy Grail” - Michael Baigent, “A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney” - Andrew Rooney..


Television news – April 1,1982

Beginning this week, there’s a new look to NBC Nightly News. It will now be co-anchored with Tom Brokaw in New York and Roger Mudd in Washington. Brokaw recently hosted “The Today Show.” John Chancellor will be doing commentary.

“They each bring you something unique. Together, they bring you the world - Frank Reynolds, David Brinkley, Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters, Max Robinson... Uniquely qualified to bring you the world - ABC News.” Watch World News Tonight. Weeknights on ABC television.

“Little House on the Prairie” will return this fall for its ninth season, but without Michael Landon and Karen Grassie (mother and father). Landon will remain as the show’s executive producer. “I just felt it was time to step aside and let some of the younger characters on the show take over.” Melissa Gilbert, who plays one of the daughter’s returns, but Melissa Sue Anderson, who plays the other daughter, has left the show on her own. 

Starting this week -  “USA Cable Network Announces The Brightest New Line-Up On Daytime TV”

Alive & Well - first health series that focuses on the physical fitness and mental well being of today’s family.

Sonya - provocative guests with Dr. Sonya Friedman

Are You Anybody? - - Marilyn Funt interviews wives of famous men.

The USA Movie

 Coronation Street - The World’s longest-running, highest-rated daily television drama from England comes to the USA Network.

You! - The first and only video fashion/beauty magazine, hosted by Edie Locke, former Editor-in-Chief of Mademoiselle Magazine

Woman’s Day USA - from editorial features appearing in Woman’s Day Magazine.


NBC and Phil Donahue break off negotiations for a new contract. His last interview segments for the “Today” show will be May 7. 


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – April 1,1982

 Academy Awards (33.6), 60 Minutes (29.1), Three’s Company 25.1), Too Close for Comfort (24.6), Joanie Loves Chachi (23.5), Hart to Hart (22.7), Falcon Crest (22.2), Dukes of Hazzard (22.2), Magnum, PI (22.1), Happy Days (21.7), NCAA Basketball Championship (21.5), Alice (20.6), One Day At A Time (20.50, Archie Bunker’s Place (20.4), Love Boat (19.9), Facts of Life (19.90, Movie-Meatballs (19.4), Wild Horse Hank (19.0), Real People (18.7), Gimmie A Break (18.6), Diff’rent Strokes (18.5), Hill Street Blues (18.1), 9 to 5 (18.1), 20/20 (17.7), ChiPs (17.7).


Thursday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – April 1,1982

 CBS - Magnum PI, Cagney & Lacey, Knot’s Landing ... NBC - Fame, Diff’rent Strokes, Gimmie A Break, Hill Street Blues ... ABC - That’s Incredible, 9 to 5, Taxi,  20/20 ..PBS - This Old House, Joe Albany: A Jazz Life, To The Manor Born, Butterflies II

On Taxi - Zena’s rejected friend uses Louie’s shoulder to cry on - giving him bragging rights.

On 20/20 - Barbara Walters visits Presidential Press Secretary James Brady.


Music news- April 1, 1982

In Philadelphia, singer Teddy Pendergrass is issued several citations: for driving with a suspended license and for reckless driving in the March 18 accident that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. His license was suspended last May for failure to pay parking ticket fines. In the March accident, Pendergrass smashed his 1981 Rolls Royce into a tree.

Country star George Jones is charged with possession of cocaine and being drunk. Released, the next day, he is injured in a traffic accident and further charges of drunk driving are filed.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – April 1,1982 

I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Open Arms - Journey

We Got The Beat - The Go-Go’s

That Girl - Stevie Wonder

Freeze-Frame - J. Geils Band

Make A Move On Me” - Olivia Newton-John

Sweet Dreams - Air Supply

Do You Believe In Love - Huey Lewis and the News

Chariots of Fire-Titles - Vangelis

Key Largo - Bertie Higgins

Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks

Mirror Mirror - Diana Ross

Pac-Man Fever - Buckner & Garcia

Oh Pretty Woman - Van Halen

One Hundred Ways - Quincy Jones/James Ingram

Through The Years - Kenny Rogers

Take Off - Bob and Doug McKenzie

Spirits in the Material World - The Police

Bobbie Sue - The Oak Ridge Boys

Centerfold - J. Geils Band


Top music albums – April 1,1982

 Beauty and the Beat - The Go-Go’s

I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll - Joan Jett and the Blackhawks

Escape - Journey

Freeze-Frame - J. Geils Band

Physical - Olivia Newton-John

Concert in Central Park - Simon and Garfunkel

Chariots of Fire - Vangelis

“4”- Foreigner

Get Lucky - Loverboy

Ghost In The Machine - The Police

Great White North - Bob & Doug McKenzie


Top albums – April 1, 1982

Victor, Victoria - Julie Andrews, James Garner, Robert Preston, Lesley Ann Warren

Walt Disney’s “Robin Hood” - voices of Peter Ustinov, Phil Harris, Brian Bedford, Terry-Thomas, Roger Miller, Pat Buttram, George Lindsay, Andy Devine

I Ought To Be In Pictures - Walter Matthau, Ann-Margret, Dinah Manoff.

Quest For Fire - Everett McGill, Rae Dawn Chong, Ron Perlman

 Some Kind of Hero - Richard Pryor, Margot Kidder, Ray Sharkey

Silent Rage - Chuck Norris, Ron Silver

Clash of the Titans - Harry Hamlin, Judi Bowker, Burgess Meredith, Ursula Andress Claire Bloom

On Golden Pond - Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, Doug McKeon, Dabney Coleman

Cat People - Nastassia Kinski, Malcolm McDowell, John Heard, Annette O’Toole

I Ought To Be In Pictures

Death Trap - Michael Caine

Chariots Of Fire

A Little Sex - Tim Matheson, Kate Capshaw, Edward Herrmann

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