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 Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of February 8, 1982 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Winding up his two-day tour of the Midwest, President Reagan, defending his controversial economic policies, tells critics to “put up or shut up.” His $757,6-billion budget proposes social program cuts, but a big increase in defense spending.

President Reagan sets the stage for resuming the manufacture of chemical weapons after a nearly 13-year halt.

Mandatory furloughs - Thousands of federal workers are being told that they will soon be required to stay home one day every two weeks without pay, so the government can save money. The effort to reduce federal labor costs plans to begin next month and into April.

Red-ink budget - Republican congressional leaders ask President Reagan for room to take apart his budget to try to devise more solvent spending. 

Tennessee prison - Seven white inmates at Brushy Mountain Penitentiary take four guards hostage just long enough to seal their keys and shoot four black inmates in their cells, killing tow of the prisoners and injuring the other two.

Ford Motor Co. and the United Auto Workers union reach agreement on a historic labor agreement that will save Ford about $1.1 billion over the next 31 months. UAW in return, wins wide-ranging job protection.

Federal reserve Board Chairman Paul A. Volcker says President Reagan’s projected $91.5 – billion deficit for fiscal 1982 and future deficits are a hazard to the financial markets.

Former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger was “alert and resting comfortably” after undergoing a 4 ½ hour triple bypass operation to relieve clogged heart arteries.

Vice President George Bush was only “kidding” reporters when he denied branding Ronald Reagan’s economic proposals “voodoo economics” during the 1980 campaign, so says a Bush spokesperson.


Fascinating Facts – February 8, 1982

Jim Ochse, a student at a Pennsylvania college, wins the 5th annual empire state Building run-up, climbing 1,575 steps from the lobby to the 86th floor of the skyscraper in just under 12 minutes.


Fascinating Business news – February 8, 1982

Westinghouse Electric Corp. Chairman Robert E. Kirby solves the mystery of the Rubik’s Cube in 75 seconds. “Which is not very good speed. The best time at the U.S. time trials was 26.1 seconds,” said the executive.

Fast Food – A new one – “El Pollo Loco” is making its way into the States from Mexico. The founders of El Polo Loco decided to come to the United States after five successful years in the fast food business. Established in 1975 in Guasave, a small town on the Pacific Coast side of Mexico by Juan Pancho Ochoa, it now has 82 outlets in Mexico.


Sports news – February 8, 1982

George Foster agrees to a five-year, $10-million contract with the New York Mets making him the second highest paid player in Baseball.

It’s estimated that Super Bowl XVI drew 110,230,000 viewers – the largest in history (so far).

Peter Gilbert, owner of the Colorado Rockies asks permission to move the financially troubled National Hockey League franchise to the New Jersey Meadowlands Arena for the 1982-1983 season.  


Music news – February 8, 1982

 J. Geils is hot and are enjoying their biggest rise on the pop charts. Album “Freeze Frame” is on top, but leader Peter Wolf says TV show appearances will be limited, very limited. Forget “Saturday Night Live” or ABC-TV’s “Fridays.” Geils would rather appear on the local “Joe Franklin Show” in New York. In fact, the band will help Franklin celebrate 29 years on the air this week.

On ABC-TV – Olivia Newton John Special, “Let’s Get Physical.” “A visual fantasy that’s totally hot.”


Television news – February 8, 1982

Ray Timothy, president of NBC, says the cable threat to broadcast television has been “overstated.” NBC is the only major network not yet involved with cable-TV. 


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – February 8,  1982

CBS – Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, Falcon Crest, Late night movie

NBC – NBC Magazine, McClain’s Law, Cassie & Co, Tonight, SCTV Comedy Network

ABC – Benson, Open All Night, Best of the West, Making a Living, Strike Force, Fridays

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week



On the Dukes of Hazzard – The boys find lost diary and a lot of dirt on Boss Hogg.

On Dallas – J.R. plots against Ray Krebbs and Cliff Barnes.

On the Tonight Show – Johnny welcomes Gore Vidal and Michael Landon.

On  Fridays – Valerie Bertinelli hosts this week.


Top movies – February 8, 1982

Whose Life is it Anyway?

Atlantic City

Night Crossing



House of wax

Absence of Malice

Cannery Row

French Lt’s Woman

Personal Best

One From the Heart

Raiders of the Lost Ark

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