How to Perfectly Apply and Removal of Car Decals?

Car decals now work wonders both in terms of car décor and also for business and brand promotion. These can be custom made in all sizes and shapes, and with advanced digital printing and custom cutting machines, you can bring out any imaginable design on vinyl decals. Not just for cars, but these custom decals can be put on trucks, semi’s, business delivery vans, and son. Now, we see decals everywhere as these are highly effective, long-lasting, and eye-catchy. Visit to discover more about Car decals.

When planning for car decals, you need to know how to apply and remove these safely. Proper application is important to ensure that the decals stay perfect o your vehicle and do not peel off during bad weather. It is also essential to ensure that there are no bubbles trapped inside, and it has a proper professional finish without any wrinkles.

Applying car decal

Clean surface well

At the point of fixing, clean the car surface well. Without the surface is thoroughly cleaned, the decal sticker will not stick in place. It will cling on to the adhesive with dirt and dust on the surface without reaching the car surface and may peel off sooner. You can use rubbing alcohol or light soap water to clean the surface.

Plan the position

Identify the exact positioning of the car decals. The best choice is a well-viewed area, and it requires a little measurement. Measure the decal first and then take the dimensions of the placement area. Mark the center. You can use painter’s tape to be more precise for measurements and angles.

Pro tip: Mark the measurements/angles with painter’s tape.

Peel and apply

If the decal is small, you can easily peel off the decal’s backing to paste it over. If the decal is bigger, then first peel a few inches and then work on it to help you maneuver the material easily. Based on the markings you made, place one edge of the custom-made car decalfirst and smooth it out with a squeeze or other straight edge things like a credit card or so. Get all the bubbles out while smoothening.

Remove decals safely

Apply heat

To remove decals safely, you can use a heat gun or hair dryer to loosen the decal, making it easier to take it off. Move the heat slowly over the edge of the decals until you get a lift of bubble out there.

Peel off

Just grab the lifted or bubbled edge and then start to peel gently. You can also use an adhesive remover solution to make sure that your vehicle surface is clear of all vinyl remnants.

Apply water

One best method to remove the decals intact is to use a damp, warm rag to rub gently on the decal. Do not melt the decal in the process, but move the rag around to see if you get a lift out there. Once you get a lift along the edges, then use a scraper to guide it off.

In normal cases, you will be getting the assistance of professional vinyl decal vendors for application and removal support. If you are not confident about your handy skills, it is best to approach a service provider for vinyl decal application and removal, etc.