What Makes Neymar Jr the Ultimate Modern-Day Pop Culture Icon?

For those who are not aware, Neymar Jr is a Brazilian soccer star extraordinaire, having been the subject of some of the biggest transfer deals in the history of the sport and backing up his lofty price tag with silverware wherever he has chosen to ply his trade.

As with most top sportsmen and women, his continued success has led him to become so much more than simply a professional athlete, as his attitude and unique approach to life are indelibly inked into the conscience of sports fans around the globe.

In this article we take a look at all the aspects that make Neymar Jr the modern-day pop culture icon he is today.

Always Ready to Diversify into Esports and Online Competition

One thing that has always kept Neymar Jr one step ahead of the competition, both on and off the soccer field, is his ability to maintain his youthful exuberance, never letting a new trend pass him by.

This is evident in the way he is so adept at using social media, besting supposedly bigger soccer stars like Ronaldo and Messi by having the largest social media following in the sport, a whopping 145 million.

Another interest of Neymar Jr’s that keeps him relevant in the online sphere is that of online gaming. The Brazilian hotshot has been known to wow live streaming audiences with his skills in battle royale games and has even been known to dabble in classic online card games such as poker too.

All added together, this means that Neymar Jr has built a connection with young fans of sport, social media, and Esports alike, bringing his undeniable flair and energy as a brand ambassador to the promotional campaigns run by the online gaming companies and products that he endorses.

By being the face of online gaming companies and other related firms, he further boosts his online reach and exposure, which should mean he remains the most dominant soccer star on the internet for a while to come.


Works with Cutting Edge Companies and Brands

Although we have already touched on the fact that Neymar Jr partnering with top brands has boosted his appeal as a pop culture icon, there are other brands out there away from gaming that also love the Brazilian’s ability to turn heads with his outspoken opinions, well thought out style, and fashion sense.

Among his bulging endorsement and sponsorship portfolio are names such as Nike, Puma, Beats by Dre, and Volkswagen, although there is not space to list all of them here.

Keeping the Brazilian Party Boy Mentality Alive and Kicking

Part of what ensures Neymar Jr is always being talked about in the press and online is that he is not shy about letting his hair down, following in the footsteps of other party boy Brazilian players like the original Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho.

After all, nothing quite whips the paparazzi into a frenzy like piling out of a club in the early hours of the morning with super models and actors hanging off you.

Maintaining a World-Beating Level of Play

Of course, it can sometimes be easy to forget that what keeps Neymar Jr in the spotlight above all else is his innate ability to wow soccer fans, be it for his club PSG or for the Brazilian national team.

Consistently making appearances on pitches both sides of the Atlantic also acts to boost his global appeal, giving him an edge over players who tend to only showcase their talents on a sole continent.

It is hard to believe that Neymar Jr is still only 29, seeming to have dominated soccer ever since launching himself onto the world stage with Barcelona. With him now being in the prime of his career, expect his star only to rise higher this season and next.