Choose a Power Generator Cover for Longer Life and Better Performance

A generator cover is usually a heavy cloth, canvas, or tarp cover, which will protect your pricey generator set from any environmental elements and other harmful things. You can find generator covers at the home equipment stores as well as online stores. These can also be custom ordered based on the measurements of your generator set. Even though a normal poly cover can protect your generator, it is advisable to get a specific generator cover that will fit well into your unit.

If you are not planning to move your generator ever, then it is a challenge to keep it a clean area. You need to dust the unit at least once per week and keep the surrounding surface clean from dampness and generator emissions. Most people tend to leave their generators in the garage or basement of the home or office, in which case the challenge is bigger in terms of keeping it clean. Sometimes, with portable generator sets, you may have to take over to your friend’s house or a party venue, and then also it is important to keep it covered during transport.

Choose a good generator cover

If you hate having any scratches or dents on your equipment surface, you need to consider having a cover. Pain on the generator surface may chip off easily if exposed to heat, rain, birds, scratching by dogs and stray animals, etc. As the generator is not like your car, most of them do not care about having a scratch or dent on their generator sets. However, in the long run, it will affect your unit’s life and its performance, which may then demand more costly repairs. It is better to keep your generator units safe from any harm and minimize their maintenance expenses. A good cover will help you keep your generator in pristine condition.

A cover is a lot more than its aesthetics

Your generator will really look cool with a cover on, but a good generator cover is not just for aesthetics, but it can serve many better purposes too.

  • A good generator cover will safeguard your unit while storing it in the basement.
  • The cover will ensure protection while transporting the unit somewhere else.
  • Covering your generator will safeguard it from heavy rains, dampness, snow, etc.
  • Sun’s UV rays and intense heat falling on the generator can be reduced by keeping it covered.
  • A well-fitting cover will protect from water seepage, bird poop, pet animals, kids, etc.

Keeping a generator clean and functional is the owner’s responsibility and for this, keeping it covered while not in use is a basic requirement. So, consider getting a good covering for your generator set. With online stores putting forth many offers, you will find it much easier now to get one; however, make sure that you buy only from genuine and authentic dealers online to get the best quality product and value for the money you spend.