What Has Been the Impact of Hip-Hop on Pop Culture?

DJ with turntable

Hip-hop is arguably one of the most popular genres of music today, and it has already spawned numerous sub-genres like rap, metal hip-hop, and more. The popularity of hip-hop has also been quite outstanding in terms of longevity, as the genre remained popular in various decades, and although there are particular years … Read more

Drake’s Influence on Pop Culture

Drake's Influence on Pop Culture

If you’re a fan of rap and hip-hop, you probably know who Drake is. Whether he’s the most influential rapper alive or not is up for debate, but there’s no denying that he has left an indelible mark on pop culture. Named the most influential rapper of all time by Billboard magazine … Read more

Jimi Hendrix and his influence on pop culture

Jimi Hendrix and his influence on pop culture

Any mention of Jimi Hendrix conjures up images of burning guitars, Woodstock, and extraordinary guitar skills. His influence in the music industry speaks for itself, but his influence on pop culture is also huge. The wider entertainment industry uses the appeal of rock gods such as Jimi Hendrix in the video game … Read more

How 90s Boy Bands Shaped Pop Culture

Group photo of one of the biggest boy bands of the 90s, NSYNC

The 90s has been one great decade and can be said as an era of revolution. From technology to the media industry, everything changed in a unique perspective which is why the 2000s and onwards have been one great journey for us. One main influence on the pop culture of the 90s … Read more

Beyoncé: An Unrelenting Force in Pop Culture

Beyoncé performing on stage

There are few musical forces in the world as influential, as widespread, and as unrelenting as Beyoncé. Her career is full of simultaneous Billboard hits, Grammy nominations and MTV Video Music Awards. She is often lauded as one of the most significant cultural figures of her generation because of her music, image, … Read more

How The Rolling Stones Changed the Culture

An illustration of the Rolling Stones

During their 50 years as a band, The Rolling Stones changed rock ‘n’ roll and changed our culture forever. But just like any other band, they also started out small, playing at small venues and paying musical tribute to their influences. The only difference between them and most bands is that they … Read more

David Bowie’s Influence on Music, Pop Culture and Society

David Bowie

David Bowie is a complex artist, and a complex human being. It’s not easy to pigeonhole him as an entertainer, and he has been an iconic musician ever since. His decades-spanning career and musical reinventions have shaped today’s pop music landscape deeply. His legacy can be traced even in artists whose music … Read more

Elvis Presley: The King and His Influence to Pop Culture

A dancing Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley had a remarkable music career that made him one of the most popular singers in the music history. His iconic voice, handsome looks, smooth moves, and charismatic personality has set the tone for a brand new era of entertainment. With his music, he can mesmerize people with a gospel song, … Read more

How Does Rap Music Influence Pop Culture?

How Does Rap Music Influence Pop Culture

Rap culture or a rap song has more words than music. Rap and quotes from rappers has a huge impact on pop culture. Rap is an interaction with people of all age group, gender and race. Some rap songs highlight the problems of today’s world. Where once rap was only restricted to … Read more

The Amazing Impact of Madonna on Pop Culture

Madonna performing on a concert

Madonna is more than 60 years old, but she still continues to leave a mark on every facet of culture – from music to film, to fashion and beauty. While her controversial nature made her more vulnerable to attacks than appreciation, it’s undeniable that she has been quite influential. Her trendsetting is … Read more