How Does Rap Music Influence Pop Culture?

Rap culture or a rap song has more words than music. Rap and quotes from rappers has a huge impact on pop culture. Rap is an interaction with people of all age group, gender and race.

Some rap songs highlight the problems of today’s world. Where once rap was only restricted to a specific area or a neighborhood, today rap music

Rap Music influences fashion pop culture

Rappers have a specific style statement. Their outlook defines who they are and what they do. Rap music has merged with pop culture influencing our fashion industry and ideals. Rap music has become a trendsetter in recent years.

In the 1980’s Run-D.M.C album’s hit set up a trend to wear Adidas shoes. You might be wondering where Tommy Hilfiger brand sportswear became common, all thanks to Snoop Dogg. Wiz Khalifa introduced wearing golden chains and rings. Other rap music style icons are Kangol Hat, L.L. Cool J’s and Salt-N-Pepa introducing colourful Dapper Dan jackets.

One of our latest rap music and pop culture merger is Nicki Minaj. The vibrant, flawless and bold rapper creates magical songs with relatable verses and setting a trend of bold neon colours. “I came to win, to conquer, to thrive.” -Nicki Minaj. Her rap music gives strength to all our younger generation.

Famous music industry icons have also set up their fashion lines such as Jaden Smith, Justin Beiber, Young Thug and Kanye West. Torn shirts, ripped jeans, skirts for men, big boots and lots of jewellery all are introduced by music rappers. Most of our youth tries to follow them by breaking races and stereotypes.

Rap Music influences dance pop culture

When we see rap music and pop culture being emerged affecting dance, Micheal Jackson is the greatest example in history. The dance culture evolved from Micheal Jackson’s moon-walk to breakdancing. Other trends include “Shmoney Dance” by Bobby Shmurda and swinging arms around in a circle by Gucci Crew.

It is not wrong to say that nothing has more powerfully influenced American society as much rap culture. No media, no newspaper, no pop culture has ever had such a strong impact on people’s mind. Hip hop or rap music is the voice of an entire generation. Rap music has elevated the position of the black community.

A direct response to all the socio-economic issues faced in the early eighties and nineties. An overwhelming evolution for marginalised groups.

Rap music is also known to spread strong messages through its ideals. There are all kinds of good and bad impact of rap music on our society. Rappers such as Logic and Lil Xan handle sensitive topics like mental illness by saying no to Xanax and describing the thoughts of a depressed person.

Drake, in his rap music, reminds people of their early childhood. His music gives peace to your heart and soul. Taking you to a level where your mind is at ease.

The only bad impact of a rapper’s personality on our generation can be drugs. Some rapper’s image is being a drug addict. When the youth follows rap music, they are also fascinated by the outlook of the music rapper that will provoke them to try drugs and become a drug addict.

Rap Music influences the whole community

Many music ideals are known to work for the betterment of people. They do a lot of charity and good work. G-Eazy and Nicki Minaj are known to donate money to all the worthy causes. Some famous personalities like Micheal Jackson have donated all their wealth to orphanages and needy people after their death.

Nicki Minaj helps her fans with tuition fees. Akon has provided solar-power to 600,000,000 Africans. T.I helps homeless veterans in his “Give like a king campaign.” Snoop Dog feeds children in rural areas of Jamaica. Kanye West supports children who can’t afford school, creating a foundation named after his mother. Ludacris has also started a Ludacris foundation to help the needy.

Final Words

Rap music has immensely influenced pop culture. A new era has emerged to make this world a better place to live for all. We hope this article allows you to promote rap music in a positive way.