Drake’s Influence on Pop Culture

If you’re a fan of rap and hip-hop, you probably know who Drake is. Whether he’s the most influential rapper alive or not is up for debate, but there’s no denying that he has left an indelible mark on pop culture.

Named the most influential rapper of all time by Billboard magazine in 2015, Drake has won more than 50 awards and recorded over 100 songs. Most of which have made it into Billboard’s Hot 100 chart since 2009 – more than any other rapper in history. His albums have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists ever globally, from Canada.

Where it all began

The Canadian singer, rapper, record producer, and songwriter, was born in Toronto in 1986 and started his music career as a teenager. Drake released his first mixtape at age 15 and went on to release multiple albums throughout the 2000s that made him one of the most popular rappers in Canada.

Record-breaking music career

It’s no secret that Drake has a history of breaking records. The Canadian rapper is the most-streamed artist in history, and his songs regularly break pop radio records, even breaking Youtube records.

Drake is the only artist to have ever broken both the most viewed music video and most viewed music video on YouTube within 24 hours of its release. He’s beaten out all other artists with his videos for “God’s Plan” and “In My Feelings” which both have over 1 billion views – overtaking some of the records held by pop culture force Taylor Swift.

Making R&B and rap mainstream

Many say that Drake is the main reason why R&B and rap music were able to gain as much mainstream influence as they did in the late 2010s.

His influence on pop culture is significant; many say that Drake is the main reason why R&B and rap music were able to gain as much mainstream influence as they did in the late 2010s. His songs “Hotline Bling” (2015) and “One Dance” (2016) both topped charts across North America during this period, with other tracks such as “Started From The Bottom” (2013) also achieving great success on charts.

Around the world and in Europe where there had previously been little interest in R&B and rap music – only from fans of the music genre. Outside of hip-hop artists such as Eminem who had also been releasing hits like “Stan” since 1999 had not yet found success overseas despite being very popular within North America. It’s only recently that his tracks have become worldwide hits, thanks to their popularity with younger audiences, helping R&B and rap find their place in mainstream media. Largely thanks to artists like Drake.

Not only a rapper…

On top of his incredible music and rapping career, he’s released a clothing line, starred in commercials, and is one of the most popular celebrities on social media with over 110 million Instagram and 39.5 million Twitter followers.

You may have noticed that Drake is a bit of a brand himself. He has a clothing line with Adidas and he’s been featured in commercials for Apple Music, Sprite, and H&M. In 2016, he was even named the new face of Nike’s Jordan Brand.

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Drake’s influential career

Drake has had an impressive career up until now. His unique and compelling singing style, excellent rapping skills, and interesting personality have led him to become one of the biggest names in music. He has helped R&B enter the world of mainstream music. His music style is unique, with rap and R&B influences mixed in an interesting way that hasn’t been done before.