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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of June 1, 1989 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

First speaker in history forced out of office –Jim Wright (D-Tex.) announces that he will resign from the House. His resignation ends year-long Ethics Committee inquiries that produced 69 charges of rules violations against the Speaker, clearing the way for election of Majority Leader Tom Foley. 

Thousands of soldiers begin using tear gas at student protesters at Tian An Men Square. A crowd protected students camped in the square, who numbered about 5,000 and also, trying to prevent destruction of a 30-foot-high “Goddess of democracy,” modeled after he statue of Liberty.

Chinese troops of the People’s Liberation Army open fire in Beijing’s Tian An Men Square on crowds of civilians- killing at least 100. . The government felt it had to overwhelm the students and other demonstrators who had challenged the power and legitimacy of the Deng Xiaoping regime.

Convoys with tanks are sent into Beijing, firing into the air to reinforce the army’s hold on Tian An Men Square.

Former White House secretary Fawn Hall tells the Drug Enforcement Administration that she used cocaine many times during a three-year period when she held sensitive jobs on the National Security Council staff and at the Pentagon.

Passing – Fiery Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini (86).

At a speaking engagement, Nancy Reagan said “there were things I longed to say for those eight years” in the White House. “I don’t mind telling you it was very frustrating.”

China teeters on the edge of civil war with troops, presumed loyal to hard-line President yang Shang-kun in control of central Beijing, but positioned defensively at strategic points in apparent anticipation of attack by rival forces.

Families of U.S. diplomats flock to Beijing airport in response to State Department orders for them to leave Beijing and other cities in China after troops fired into a residential compound for foreigners in the capital at one point, sealed the complex while searching for a suspected sniper.

University students stage a bold pro-democracy rally in central Shanghai, drawing tens of thousands of people and sending a message of defiance to authorities.

 Premier Li Peng, whose martial-law order for troops to clear Tian An Men Square of student protesters, resulted in hundreds of deaths, appears in public for the first time since the weekend massacre and briskly praised the soldiers for a job well done.

State-run television in China says that more than 400 have been arrested. They’re accused of burning military vehicles, destroying other government property, beating soldiers, stealing weapons, attacking government agencies or spreading rumors.

The Rev Jerry Falwell says he will dissolve his “Moral Majority” and says that the organization has already achieved its goal.

Passing - Dik Browne, the creator of two award-winning comic strips - “Hagar the Horrible” and “Hi and Lois” ... of cancer at (71).


Technology news – June 1, 1989

Computer news - Compatibility? - PC - Personal Computer update - It’s Apple Vs IBM. Apple’s new operating system - 7.0 - is due out next year. Apple bases its machines on Motorola microprocessors and has created an operating system which runs on all Macs.

Compatibility on IBM machines is a different story - IBM uses Intel microprocessors and has changed from the DOS operating system to OS/2 to get full performance out of its more powerful computers. Programs written for OS/2 won’t run on lower-performance DOS machines and DOS programs don’t tap the power of OS/2 computers. As of 1987, IBM has adopted a new design called “micro channel architecture” which makes the new hardware incompatible with the earlier machines. Many IBM compatible computer manufacturers have designed a different internal structure for their high-performance computers that makes them compatible with the old IBM models but not the new ones. 


Radio news – June 1, 1989

 Radio news - “Pirate Radio” the new Los Angeles station programmed by Scott Shannon, rockets to #3 in the Los Angeles radio ratings, according to Birch - one of two radio ratings services. The new format has been on the air for less than three months, amid a major advertising blitz and few commercials. Shannon says the format is “free form” Top 40. “We play oldies, we play newies ... It’s an off-the-wall concept that tries to fit together several different types of music on one radio station and still maintain a level of familiarity so the station will be a success in the marketplace.”  The arrival of Shannon - one of the most popular deejays in New York, has intensified the Los Angeles radio wars. He also does morning drive on the station. His main competition is Rick Dees at KIIS-FM, and Jay Thomas at Power 106 (KPWR). Pirate radio is known to play new wave fare such as XTC, Fine Young Cannibals - hard rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses or Motley Crew. Classic rockers Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel or Bruce Springsteen and some dance music as well. The format is currently the biggest buzz in the radio industry and all eyes in the industry are on it. Pirate Radio (KQLZ) is owned by WestWood One.

More radio news - Dick Orkin - radio commercial producer based out of Hollywood and his “Dick Orkin Radio Ranch” receives six Clio Awards - all for different clients. The awards are among the most coveted prizes in advertising. Most of Orkin’s work involves humor. For the second year in a row. 

Tom Bodett’s “Motel 6” radio ads walk off with a major honor, this time best national campaign. The hotel chain says the ads have done so well regionally (they began in California) - you can now hear the Tom Bodett radio ads all over the country. “We’ll leave the light on for you.”


Entertainment/Celebrity news  - June 1, 1989

New baby boy for Michael J. Fox and Tracy Polan – Sam Michael. 


Music news – June 1, 1989

Trend - For the first time - two hits from the top-10 – De la Soul’s “Me Myself and I” and Whistle’s “Right Next To Me” are not available on the 7” 45rpm format. You can get them only as cassette singles or as a 12” single.

Maurice Starr, the guy behind pop sensations “New Kids on the Block” says about them – “These are white kids who are black. They have white skins but they’re black. They have soul. They sing black. That’s how I taught them to sing.” Starr also discovered “New Edition.”

Passing – John Cipollina – founder of the San Francisco rock band Quicksilver Messenger Service. He was 45 and suffered from emphysema.

Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – June 1, 1989

Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler

I’ll Be Loving You Forever - New Kids on the Block

Rock On - Michael Damian

Satisfied - Richard Marx

Forever Your Girl - Paul Abdul

Real Love - Jody Whatley

Soldier of Love - Donny Osmond

Every Little Step - Bobby Brown

Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry

Patience - Guns N’ Roses

This Time I Know It’s For Real - Donna Summer

Close My Eyes Forever - Lita Ford With Ozzy Osbourne

Cry - Waterfront


Top Country hit single #1 – June 1, 1989

Where Did I Go Wrong - Steve Warnier


Top music albums – June 1, 1989

Beaches - soundtrack

The Raw and the Crooked - Fine Young Cannibals

Don’t Be Cruel - Bobby Brown

Forever Your Girl - Paula Abdul

Like A Prayer - Madonna


Television news – June 1, 1989

Passing – CBS newsman Terry Drinkwater – of cancer. He was 53.

Biography presents Eisenhower. Monday on A&E. Hosted by Peter Graves.

NBC News anchorman Tom Brokaw is on his way to Beijing to report on the unrest in China and ABC’s Ted Koppel will fly there this week as well.


Top TV shows/ratings – week of June 1, 1989

Roseanne - 20.8

Cheers - 18.4

The Cosby Show - 17.4

A Different World - 17.0

Dear John - 16.6

The Wonder Years - 16.1   

 Murder, She Wrote - 15.4

Have Faith - 15.3

Who’s The Boss? - 14.8

60 Minutes - 14.5

Movie - Shannon’s Deal - 14.5

Empty Nest - 14.2

Hunter - 14.1

The Golden Girls (Mon) - 14.1

The Golden Girls - 13.8

Unsolved Mysteries - 13.6

Matlock - 13.5

20/20 - 13.1

L.A. Law - 12.9

Hogan Family - 12.9

Night Court - 12.9

ALF - 12.8

Movie - Little Girl Lost - 12.8

Midnight Caller - 12.7

Mr. Belvedere - 12.4

Just the Ten of Us - 12.4

My Two Dads’ - 12.0

Super Bloopers & Practical Jokes - 11.9


Monday Night Television listings/TV guide – week of June 1, 1989

CBS - Kate & Allie, Heartland, Murphy Brown, Designing Women, Newhart, Doctor, Doctor

NBC - Alf, Hogan Family, Movie

ABC - MacGyver, Movie

PBS - Adventure, National Geographic, Spare the Rod

Lifetime - Spenser for Hire, Cagney & Lacey, Movie


On Murphy Brown - Murphy must eulogize her all time nemesis.

On  Designing Women - Striking laborers besiege Sugarbaker’s.

Late night talk -

CBS - The Pat Sajak Show - George Burns, Mike Tyson, Don King, John Goodman, author Joseph Wambaugh. 

NBC - The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson - Jay Leno is guest host with Judy Collins, Hugh Downs, Bob and Chris Elliot.


Top video movie rentals – June 1, 1989

Top video rentals -


The Accused


Coming to America

Gorillas in the Mist


Top movies – June 1, 1989

 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Harrison Ford, Denholm Elliott, Alison Doody, John Rhys-Davies, Julian Glover, Sean Connery

No Holds Barred - Hulk Hogan, Kurt Filler, Joan Severance, Tiny Lister

See No Evil - Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder

Field of Dreams - Kevin Costner

Renegades - Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Rob Knepper, Bill Smitrovich, Jami Gertz

Dead Poets Society - Robin Williams

Scenes From The Class Struggle In Beverly Hills - Jacqueline Bisset, Ray Sharkey, Mary Woronov, Robert Beltran, Ed Begley Jr., Wallace Shawn, Arnetia Walker, Paul Bartel

Star Trek V - The Final Frontier, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei

Beaches - Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey

Pink Cadillac - Clint Eastwood, Bernadette Peters

Road House - Patrick Swayze

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