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Dateline: Events/Week of January 8, 1989 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Passing – Emperor Hirohito, who held divine status until Japan’s defeat in World War II and endured to reign for 62 years. He was 87.

In a personal farewell to the nation, President Reagan hailed his eight years and his loyal followers by saying to a nationwide TV audience – “We changed the world.” He claimed “tow great triumphs, two things that I’m proudest of” – the economic recovery with its 19 million new jobs and “the recovery of our morale.” He declared that “America is respected again in the world and looked to for leadership.”

Military bids farewell to Reagan - President Reagan receives lavish gratitude and a proud farewell from U.S military men and women whom he, in turn, praised for their “martial virtues.”

President-elect Bush completes the selection of his cabinet-level team by choosing William Bennett for a new position directing the nation’s anti-drug campaign and retired Adm. James D. Watkins – the former chief of naval operations to be energy secretary.

President-elect Bush says there is a “National Imperative” to expand so-called “choice” programs that allow parents to select the public schools their children will attend. 

His final budget – President Reagan will submit a final $1.2 trillion spending blueprint aimed at sustaining a military buildup among other things.

Bernard Goetz begins serving a one-year jail sentence for carrying an illegal handgun, ending a bitter and controversial case that touched a raw national nerve over urban crime.

In Paris – Representatives of 149 nations end a conference on chemical weapons with a pledge not to use toxic arms and called on the Geneva disarmament conference to institute a treaty that bans their stockpiling production and use.


Sports news – January 8, 1989

It’ll be the Bengals and 49ers in the Superbowl as the 49ers defeat the Chicago Bears 28-3 and the Bengals defeat the Buffalo Bills 21-10.


Radio news – January 8, 1989

President Reagan’s son Michael signs to co-host a morning talk show over KSDO in San Diego. He’ll co-host with Jack Merker on radio 1130.


Television news – January 8, 1989

Matt Williams, who created “Roseanne” – walks off the show because of tensions with the show’s star – Roseanne Barr.


Sunday night television listings/TV guide – week of January 8, 1989  

CBS – 60 Minutes, Murder, She Wrote, Movie

NBC – Family Ties, Day by Day, Twist of Fate

ABC – Mission: Impossible, Movie

Fox – 21 Jump Street,  America’s Most Wanted, Married With Children, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, Tracey Ullman, Duet

PBS – Nature, Masterpiece Theatre

MTV – Week In Rock, ½ Hour Comedy Hour, Monty Python, 120 Minutes


Mission: Impossible – The IMF helps a Soviet scientist defect.

Married With Children – Al decides to build a bathroom of his own.


Top movies – January 8, 1989

Rain Man


Accidental Tourist

Working Girl

Naked Gun

Hellbound: Hellraiser

Tequila Sunrise


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