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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of November 1,1984 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Boston - Sensing a huge victory, President Reagan asks Democrats to desert their roots and join his “second American Revolution.

Hindus set first and battle Sikhs across northern India, seeking vengeance for the assassination of Indira Gandhi by two of her Sikh guards. At least 150 are dead. 

Rajiv Gandhi is named prime minister of India, just hours after his mother was assassinated by Sikh members of her security guard.

Three days of rioting since Gandhi’ death as hundreds of Hindu rioters attack New Delhi -bound trains.

President Reagan declares that he will appoint judges “who restore respect for the laws” and takes credit for a decrease in reported crime stats over the past two years.

Unemployment holds steady at 7.4%

The body of Indira Gandhi is cremated on the banks of the Jamuna River atop a seven-foot funeral pyre.

Vice President George Bush praises Walter F. Mondale for “hanging in there and fighting for what he believes.”

Nancy Reagan loses her balance twice in a day and once nearly fell to her knees going down the steps of a helicopter, the result, White House aides say, of a head injury she suffered two days ago, leaving her “woozy.”

President Reagan wins reelection by a landslide – 49 states. Mondale carried Minnesota and the District of Columbia.

Declaring the people “approved what we’ve been doing and we’re going to keep doing it.” President Regan pledges to parlay his landslide victory into an extension of his conservative agenda “into the next decade and next century.

Geraldine Ferraro, rejecting suggestions that she contributed to the defeat of Walter F. Mondale, says that her run for the vice presidency would serve as “a first step in opening doors for women in national politics.”

Soviet leaders congratulate President Reagan on his reelection and say they hope “the coming years will be marked by a turn for the better in relations between our countries.” The telegram was signed by the president of the Supreme Soviet, which is chaired by Soviet President Konstantin U. Cherneko.

Josef Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana, who defected to the West in 1967, returns to Moscow with her American daughter and her Soviet citizenship has been restored.

Citibank and Chase Manhattan cut their prime lending rates by a quarter-point to 11.75%.


Sports news – November 1, 1984

The Supreme Court effectively strips the National Football League of the power to block future franchise moves by rejecting an NFL challenge to the raiders jump from Oakland to Los Angeles. The court, without comment, left intact a ruling that the league’s control over franchise moves violates federal antitrust laws.

Dan Marino brings unbeaten Miami from behind to beat the New York Jets 31-17, giving the Dolphins their 10th straight victory.

John McKay, apologizing for not getting the job done, announces his resignation as coach of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaners, effective the end of this season. He’s been the team’s only head coach since the Bucs joined the league in 1976 as an expansion team.


Entertainment news – November 1, 1984

Television anchors Connie Chung, who lives in New York and Maury Povich, a Washington resident, plan to marry next month. Ms. Chung (38) anchors both “NBC News at Sunrise” and the “NBC Nightly News’ on Saturday nights. Povich (45) conducts Metromedia’s “Panorama” talk program is the anchor of the WTTG (channel 5) Washington news. Both worked and met while working for KNXT (channel 2) in Los Angeles and have been courting for over 6 years. 


Radio news – November 1,1984

KIIS-FM Los Angeles is on fire with a 10.0 share! The station says it will carry that success to the AM band and is jettisoning MOR KPRZ (1150) to simulcast the FM station.


Television news – November 1, 1984

CNN’s (Cable News Network) real audience according to Nielsen is around 210,000 homes, but is available in about 30 million homes.  

On Saturday Night Live – Michael McKean (Squiggy) on “Laverne & Shirley” hosts.


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – November 1,1984

CBS – Scarecrow and Mrs King (An American Portrait), Kate and Allie, Newhart, Cagney & Lacey

NBC – Movie, Political Program

ABC – Political Program, Monday Night Football

PBS – Heritage; Civilization and the Jews

MTV – Video Music (Goodman)


Top movies – November 1, 1984

The Terminator

Terror in the Aisles


Thief of Hearts

Little Drummer Girl

American Dreamer

The Razor’s Edge 


A Soldier’s Story


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