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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of February 8, 1984 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Britain withdraws its peacekeeping force form the Beirut, a day after plans for a U.S. pullback were announced. Defense secretary Caspar W. Weinberger  makes it clear – it’s a pullback, not a pullout. “We are not leaving Lebanon.”

The Soviet Union announces that President Yuri V. Andropov has died at the age of 69 after a long illness. President Reagan says he will not be attending Andropov’s funeral and designates Vice President George Bush to represent the United States. No successor has been named.

Milestone - For the first time, American astronauts leave the safety of their space vehicle (Challenger) and fly freely through space with no tether – just gas backpacks.

Las Vegas - Feeling good – In an address at a Republican fundraiser, President Reagan tells the crowd – “The roar of economic recovery is drowning the naysayers and hand wringers who opposed my policies.” But he cautioned that the GOP “can’t take it for granted that recovery will be translated into votes” in November. 

First Shuttle Landing in Florida – After eight days in space - the Challenger and its five astronauts make a perfect landing at the Kennedy Space Center.


Fascinating Business News – February 8, 1984

Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca tells Congress that plans by auto giants General Motors and Toyota to jointly build a new line of subcompact cars in California is “bad for America.” Iacocca said that, if the venture is consummated, “by the time the rest of us get through following their lead just to stay alive, U.s. auto plants are going to fall like dominoes.’


Medical/Health news update – February 8, 1984

Bubble Boy - David, the longest surviving victim of congenital severe immune deficiency, is taken from his sterile isolation ‘bubble” for treatment of a mysterious illness and his mom got to kiss him for the first time in his life.


Sports news – February 8, 1984

The XIV Winter Olympic games open in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.

Tracy Austin (21) who had to drop off the tennis tour in June because of chronic back and shoulder injuries wins over South African Yvonne Vermaak in the first round of a $150,000 women’s tournament at Chicago.


Music news – February 8, 1984

“Streets of Fire” will not feature Bruce Springsteen in appearance. Not even the song will be used. The title was inspired by Springsteen’s 1978 song and there was hope that he’d appear in the movie. The film’s production had repeatedly delayed shooting the final scene of the movie in the hope of persuading Springsteen to allow them to use his hit song for the finale. Instead, producers got Jim Steinman to pen, “Tonight is What It Means to Be Young” to close it. Springsteen, it’s told, was supportive, but didn’t feel comfortable with anyone else singing his material.  

Don Cornelius, who presides over “Soul Train”, says there’s going to be changes to the show. He’s going to broaden the guest list to include white pop, rock and new-wave performers. The dancing audience, traditionally all black, will be more mixed. “Soul Train” has been on the air since 1970.


 Fascinating Facts – “Made In America” Logo Approved – February 8, 1984

Joan Neilsen (22), an art student in Seattle, wins the $2,000 first prize for her “Made in America” logo design. It’s a great idea conceived by Diener Industries and Anes Auto Security systems – both of S. California, who believe the symbol could be affixed to any product made in the United States.

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