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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 1, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts





In The News

Millions of South Vietnamese vote to re-elect President Nguyen Van Thieu, the only candidate

The House votes to create a vast network of day care centers and social services for children of all economic levels. Free services would be available to children of families with incomes of no more than the so-called “working poor,” would be required to pay according to their means.

Invokes Taft-Hartley - President Nixon obtains temporary Federal court restraining orders ordering striking longshoremen to return to work on the Pacific Coast and in the Port of Chicago.

Speaking at a dinner in El Paso, Vice President Agnew admitted that he was a divisive influence in American politics – but a positive divisive influence. This is in light of critics (liberals) who say he’s dividing the country. 

Presidential adviser Henry A Kissinger will return to Peking this month with a team to make arrangements for President Nixon’s historic trip to Communist China.

The government will decide early next year whether to permit construction of a controversial oil pipeline across Alaska. If the decision is in favor of building it, it’s said the 800-mile hot oil pipeline would be built according to safeguard controls specified by the government.

Hurricane Ginger ravages 70-miles of North Carolina shoreline. Heavy flooding was reported.

A man posing as a doctor leases a private plane and saying his wife was a patient who needed treatment, he dragged her screaming aboard the plane in Nashville, He forced the pilot to fly to Jacksonville, and then the man, George Giffe Jr., killed his wife, the pilot and himself when cornered by the FBI. Police in Nashville said the couple broke up a week ago. 

A jet airliner with 88 passengers narrowly misses colliding with a gas-powered model airplane while approaching Kennedy Airport. The pilot said he spotted the red and white model at 1,500 feet and at first believed it was a full-size light aircraft. “The perspective in the air plays strange tricks, but then I saw it was a model plane. It came about 150 feet from us, doing acrobatics – all sorts of loops. 

Congress is told that grueling work conditions account for widespread use of pep pills a month interstate truck drivers. Estimates of use ranged from 25% from a panel of doctors who testified before the senate subcommittee on drugs and alcohol to 90% from the drivers themselves. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader also testified and said: “A sense of necessity, certainly not a desire for kicks, lead most drivers to a reliance on drugs. To drivers who must either stay awake or lose their jobs the pills are not only an economic necessity, but a safety precaution as well.”


Sports news – October 1, 1971

The Giants clinch the National League Western division, beating the Padres. Meanwhile, the Orioles clinch the American League pennant, beating the Oakland A’s. 

Gone – Alex Karras is leaving the Detroit Lions after 13 seasons. He was just released from the team. Karras says he’s getting ready to make a pilot for a TV comedy series. “And for the first time in my life, I don’t wake up Monday morning full of aches and pains.”

Bobby Fischer of the United States resigns on the 32nd move of his tournament chess game against Tigran Petrosian of the Soviet Union, equaling their score at one game each in the 12-game series. It was the first defeat for Fischer (28) in 21 straight games.

It’s announces that Muhammad Ali and Buster Mathis they will meet in a 12-round bought in the Houston Astrodome Nov. 17.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – October 1, 1971

Man wins suit against NBC – A United States district Court jury finds NBC guilty of invading the privacy of Baxter Berry, a South Dakota rancher and awarded him $25,000. He had sued the network for $1 million alleging that “Between Two Rivers,” a segment of NBC’s monthly “First Tuesday” series had invaded his privacy and held him up to public ridicule and contempt. Mr. Berry had been acquitted by an all-white jury on Sept. 25, 1969 of charges that he murdered Norman Little Brace on his ranch on March 21, 1969. In his suit against NBC, Mr. Berry alleged that the First Tuesday broadcast of December 2, 1969 had insinuated that Mr. Berry was guilty of murder, but had been acquitted because he was a wealthy influential white man who had shot an Indian.

Oct 1 – Walt Disney World Opens with minimum fanfare. The Florida Highway Patrol added 20 troopers to handle an expected monumental traffic jam on Interstate 4, the only artery leading to the $400 million attraction, located west of Orlando. Disney World will have its 200-man security force patrolling the 27,000 acres of rides, shows, hotels, golf courses and campgrounds.  All but two of the 35 major attractions in the six amusement areas will be open and public accommodations at Disney World’s two resort hotels won’t be ready until November. Rates will range from $22 to $40 a night. General admission is $3.50 for adults, $2.50 for children and $1 for children 3-11. Prices for the various rides and attractions range from 10 cents to 90 cents. But, you can buy a seven-ticket book - $4.75 adults, $4.25 juniors and $3.75 for children. 

Walter Cronkite asks Congress for an end to government control over licensing of broadcasting. “Broadcast news today is not free. Because it is operated by an industry that is beholden to the government for its right to exist its freedom has been curtailed by fiat, by assumption and by intimidation and harassment.”


Playing in Las Vegas –

Andy Williams – Caesars Palace

Sandler & Young – Flamingo

Jimmie Rodgers – Fremont

Supremes – Frontier

Ann-Margret Show – International

Johnny Mathis – Sahara

Jack Jones – Sands


Music News – October 1, 1971

Melody Maker says Crosby, Stills Nash & Young (CSNY) is voted top group in the publication’s International section. Other winners – Joni Mitchell, Keith Emerson, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Carl Palmer and Bob Johnston (producer).


Television news – October 1, 1971

Johnny Carson celebrates his 10th anniversary tonight at 11:30p (Fri).

“This Is The Place To Be. ABC.”


Top TV shows – October 1, 1971

All in the Family – 28.3

Flip Wilson – 27.9

 Marcus Welby – 26.7

Here’s Lucy 25.8

Gunsmoke – 25.2

Funny face – 24.8

ABC Movie of the Week – 24.6

Mannix – 24.0

Medical Center – 23.8

Doris Day – 23.4

NBC Monday Movie – 23.0

Dick Van Dyke – 22.5

NBC Mystery Movie – 22.4

Mary Tyler Moore – 22.3

Carol Burnett – 22.0

My Three Sons – 21.6

Adam-12 – 21.0

Bonanza – 21.0

ABC Sunday Night Movie – 20.9

Laugh-In – 20.8

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