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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 1, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Astronauts David R. Scott and James B Irwin spend 6 1/2 hours on the lunar surface - riding in the rover and collecting moon rocks. They only had one complaint - the powdery lunar dust. Said Scott: “Boy is it dirty up here.”

Apollo 15 splashes down in the Pacific - about six miles off target. Things got a little nervous though. The three parachutes opened properly, but one collapsed on decent - at about 2000 feet. The loss meant that astronauts Scott, Irwin and Worden hit the Pacific a little harder - 26 miles per hour, instead of 22. Otherwise, the 12-day mission went almost perfect.   

In Geneva, The United States and Russia submit the texts of a draft treaty to banish germ warfare weapons to the U.N. Disarmament Committee - a first.

The trial of Manson family member Charles (Tex) Watson gets underway. He’s expected to be named the strongman - the actual murderer in the seven Tate-La Bianca murders.

Charles Manson is evicted from court after making several outbursts. Already sentenced to death in Tate-La Bianca murders, he’s on trial for charges of slaying cowboy actor Donald (Shorty) Shea and musician Gary Hinman.

In Kenya, Africa - “Boy the lion,” who starred in the movie “Born Free,” is shot to death after mauling and killing an African servant. Several years ago, the same lion had mauled a nine-year-old boy, but he lived.

President Nixon and first lady Pat have dinner at the newly married home of their daughter Tricia and husband Edward Cox in New York. Afterwards, they saw the Broadway play “No No Nanette” starring Ruby Keeler.   

In Switzerland, Dr Timothy Leary is released on $18,500 bail after four weeks. He had been arrested on an international warrant issued by the United States. Leary says he wants to remain in Switzerland to begin a new life “and finding peace.”

The Dow Jones average plunges 14.89 points to close at 850.03 amid speculation of possible increase in the prime lending rate and inflationary pressures of the recent steel settlement.

In a Gallup poll - Senator Ed Muskie of Maine and Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts are tied at 22% as favorites for voters’ choice for Democrat President. Kennedy has said he will not seek the nomination next year. Senator Humphrey of Minnesota was third at 18%.

Sandra Rothenberg an attorney from Denver and Cynthia Edgar, a graduate from George Washington University law school sues FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover for a claimed right to become special agents of the FBI, saying the men-only policy is unconstitutional.


Best-selling books – August 1, 1971

Bestsellers include - “The Other” - Tom Tyson, “The Exoricist” - William Blatty, “Tarantula” - Bob Dylan, “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” - Dee Brown. 


Radio news – August 1, 1971

 KHJ - Los Angeles early evening Disk Jockey - “Humble’ Harve Miller pleads guilty to second degree murder of his wife Mary. Originally, he had pleaded innocent. In a short statement, he said he accidentally shot his wife and still loved her. Miller was the subject of a 13-day nationwide search after the murder in May. 


Sports news – August 1, 1971

Joe Namath of the New York Jets is out for the season after suffering severe ligament damage in his left knee in an exhibition game against the Detroit Lions. Namath attempted to tackle Lion’s linebacker Mike Lucci. Namath missed the tackle, but was hit by Lion’s linebacker Paul Naumoff. Says Namath “It shows I’m not a defensive back.” 


Technology news/Cable TV Update – August 1, 1971

The FCC sends Congress a 57-page explanation on the expansion of CATV in urban areas. CATV (Community Antenna or Cable Television) has been a province mainly in rural areas, but it can potentially give viewers far more programs then they can receive on regular “over-the-air” TV. Under the rules, any cable system must carry all the local stations being broadcast. The heart of the cable-controversy is the number of additional television signals a cable system can broadcast from out of town - usually received by microwave. The FCC specifically prohibits a cable station from circumventing local sports “blackouts” by broadcasting a local pro game on an out of town station. Clearly the industry needs out of town programs to be able to attracted new subscribers... Systems will be required to offer the public one “access” channel. Anyone who agrees not to broadcast obscenities, not to advertise, or not to promote a lottery, will have five minutes access to the channel on a first come, first serve basis ... CATV systems would have to provide one channel free for education and one channel free for local government use for five years ... New CATV systems will be required to have two-way capacity, allowing cable systems ultimately to be used for burglar alarms. Signals would be sent from the subscriber’s home to a monitoring station.     


Saturday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – August 1, 1971

CBS - Mission Impossible, My Three Sons, Arnie, Mary Tyler Moore, Mannix ... NBC - Adventure Theater, NBC Saturday Night At The Movies ... ABC - The Lawrence Welk Show, Val Doonican.


Mission Impossible - story features a dog that collects rare stamps on orders from the IMF.

Mary Tyler Moore - Shelly Berman guests as a dentist who falls in love with Mary and her big white teeth.


Music news – August 1, 1971

George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Bob Dylan perform at two sold-out benefit concerts at Madison Square Garden. The concert is to benefit refugees displaced by strife in East Pakistan. Other performers include Billy Preston, Leon Russell, Eric Clapton, Peter Hamm (from Badfinger), Jim Peltner Ravi Shankar and Klaus Voorman. Sponsors hoped to raise $250 thousand.

Beatle Paul McCartney forms a new group which will feature his wife Linda on piano, Denny Selwell on drums and singer/guitarist Denny Laine. The group has no name as of this time.  There will be no public appearances until McCartney’s legal problems with the other Beatles are ironed out.

Elvis Presley opens at the Las Vegas Hilton. At the same time, a four-record set titled “Elvis, the Other Sides - Worldwide Gold Award Hits, Vol. 2” is released. Col Tom Parker says the record set will come with a 2-by-3 inch swatch of Elvis’ wardrobe as a memento - but will only be available on the first 150 thousand albums. The Col says the singer’s wardrobe was shipped to New York in 25 special trunks with heavy insurance. The swatches were cut by a New York fabric-cutting firm under guard.

In Las Vegas, Perry Como cancels his show at the Las Vegas Hilton due to a  kidney ailment. He is not expected to return to complete his engagement before August 8. Comedian Bill Cosby takes over for the ailing singer. 


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) USA – August 1, 1971

 “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart’ - The Bee Gees, “Indian Reservation” - The Raiders, “Mr. Big Stuff’ - Jean Knight, “You’ve Got A Friend’ - James Taylor, “Mercy Mercy Me’ - Marvin Gaye, “It’s Too Late” - Carol King, “Draggin’ The Line’ - Tommy James, “Take Me Home Country Roads’ - John Denver, “What The World Needs Now Is Love/Abraham, Martin & John” - Tom Clay, “Beginnings” - Chicago, “Signs” - Five Man Electrical Band, “K-Gee” - The Nite-Liters, “Sooner Or Later” - The Grassroots, “Hot Pants-Part 1” - James Brown, “Bring The Boys Home” - Freda Payne.   


Top Music Albums – August 1, 1971

 “Tapestry” - Carole King, “Sticky Fingers” - The Rolling Stones, “Ram” - Paul and Linda McCartney, “Jesus Christ Superstar” - soundtrack, “Every Picture Tells A Story” - Rod Stewart, “What’s Going On” - Rod Stewart, “Aqualung” - Jethro Tull, “Stephen Stills 2” - Stephen Stills, “Carpenters” - The Carpenters


Some top movies – August 1, 1971

The Last Run - George C. Scott, Tony Musante, Trish Van Devere

McCabe And Mrs Miller - Warren Beatty, Julie Christie

Shaft - Richard Roundtree

Klute - Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland

Big Jake - John Wayne, Richard Boone

 Summer Of ‘42 - Jennifer O’Neil, Gary Grimes

Two-Lane Blacktop - James Taylor, Warren Oates

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson

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