What is the Silhouette Tiktok Challenge?

This past year, TikTok challenges emerged and captured our attention, like the Buss It Challenge, the Don’t Rush Challenge and the Savage Challenge. The popularity of the Buss It Challenge peaked, and the Silhouette Challenge became a crazy fad.

What Is The Silhouette Tiktok Challenge

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The Silhouette Challenge began as a body-positive movement that encouraged women to appreciate their bodies and sensual sides. People of all sizes began displaying their bodies on social media and gained support, adoration, and praise from others.

As fast as it went viral, it lost its attractiveness when people began sharing videos on removing the red filter and exposing people’s naked bodies without their consent. However, there are still safe ways to participate in the challenge, so it is not too late to join.

Many people are intrigued by the viral challenge in which women and some men display their physique with the aid of a red light filter and a doorway.

The video begins with a soothing Paul Anka tune and then transitions into “Streets” by Doja Cat. With the aid of the red filter, they then undress and strike various stances to emphasize their curves.

While the Buss It Challenge depicted ladies altering and donning their best attire with full glam, this trend focuses entirely on the person’s contours and silhouettes. The challenge requires dancers to create two distinct movies of themselves and then mix them using TikTok audio.

As Anka sings, “Put your hand on my shoulder,” the videos begin with the subject standing in front of the camera in standard lighting while wearing casual attire, with some opting to wear robes and pajamas.

The camera filter then turns red as the song shifts to the “Streets” beat. The dancers strike a variety of stances while standing in a doorway, which is illuminated by an external light source to create a shadow effect. Others opted to wear panties or bikinis, leaving nothing to the imagination.

How did the challenge start?

On January 14, the TikTok user @yoelise published a video displaying an unprocessed shot of herself posing in an open doorway, followed by an edited version of the photograph in which her figure was transformed into a silhouette on a red background.

In less than a month, the video received more than 1.8 million views, and she has subsequently published tips on performing the edit.

The Role Of The Songs In The Challenge


The challenge utilizes a remix of two songs that TikTok user @giuliadinicolantonio posted on January 17.

The challenge begins with the 1959 song “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” by Paul Anka, which establishes a casual and comfortable atmosphere.

As the person removes their clothing, Doja Cat’s “Streets” begins to play, and they strike poses that best highlight their outlines.

Due to the TikTok challenge, the rapper’s single from her album Hot Pink is ascending the Billboard rankings. It entered the Hot 100 for the first time since its November 2019 debut. TikTok is also making an impact in pop culture. See the infographic on the different categories of pop culture here.

How do you add the red filter on the Silhouette Challenge?

In social media, appearance-altering filters, often known as beauty filters, are photo editing applications that use artificial intelligence and computer vision to alter face traits.

For instance, the “skinny filter” on TikTok makes a face appear slimmer, while the “perfect face filter” on Instagram changes facial features according to a purportedly optimum ratio.

Meanwhile, for the red light effect in the second half of the clips, many users rely on Snapchat’s “Vin Rouge” filter.

Launch the application on your device, then tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner. Inputting “Vin Rouge” into the search bar should yield results. 

Snapchat features a hands-free recording feature that allows users to capture videos without help.

To record, hold down the record button at the bottom of the display and push the lock button on the left. Then, save the video, strike a posture, cut it, submit it to TikTok, and mix it with the initial segment. Utilize the various TikTok effects to create a seamless transition.

Experts warn women of a potential risk associated with the challenge


Here’s a warning shared by photographer Kai Lee: “Be cognizant of what you’re wearing before you actually do all the editing for the final product because anyone can take those images and easily revert them back to the original,” Lee says.

Internet services including Google and Reddit are actively preventing the upload of modified #silhouettechallenge videos.

“TikTok videos that contain nudity cannot be re-uploaded to YouTube, as they violate our adult content policies,” a Google spokesperson tells Rolling Stone. “Additionally, we will remove content uploaded to YouTube that has been altered to reveal participant’s bodies in a way that was not intended by the original uploader.”

If you ever consider utilizing creative editing techniques to disguise important information in a photo or video you share online, you should reconsider and assume that your privacy is not as secure as you believe.

What began as a trend for women to celebrate and flaunt their curves rapidly went sour when Twitter users began discussing methods to remove the red filter from the videos, thereby revealing the women’s naked or partially nude bodies.

On YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, tutorials began to appear with instructions on how to circumvent the filter and reveal more than the video author intended to broadcast.

Changing the lighting and filter restores the original image, revealing the woman’s naked body concealed by the filter before.

While this is a blatant violation of privacy and permission, a fast search on Twitter will yield numerous messages from people, predominantly men, asking for assistance in removing the effect.

One person, in particular, was called out for illegally manipulating the recordings of many ladies.

“Fyi, report and block @Brezzlova,” tweeted one user. “This is one of the people editing and posting women’s silhouette challenge videos without the filter. Just scrolling down his media tab, he’s done this to over 10 women so far.”

Professional photographers and videographers are using TikTok and social media to warn women about removing the filter by describing how simple it is.

If they opt to participate, they are advised to wear a bikini or other attire that covers their most intimate regions. Although these public service announcements are welcomed, it is regrettable that they even need to be distributed.

There is abundant access to X-rated stuff on the Internet from those who share it willingly and voluntarily. Therefore, there is no valid justification for violating someone who did not intend for others to view them without clothing.

Celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon quickly

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Similar to other TikTok challenges, the Silhouette Challenge attracted the attention of wealthy and renowned individuals.

While the challenge began with ordinary people displaying their bodies, Lala Anthony, Tiffany Haddish, Cardi B, Lizzo, Doja Cat, and Teyana Taylor presented their versions.

Some put their take on it, such as Haddish, whose boyfriend Common made a cameo appearance, and things got a bit hot.

Cardi shared hers and added her spin by demonstrating her extraordinary pole dancing abilities.