What is the Trackstars TikTok Trend?

TikTok is among the most popular and most used apps in the world. It evaded the social media world, making hundreds and thousands of videos all day. The videos you see on TikTok are very interesting and engaging, so you’ll definitely lose track of time when you’re scrolling through this app. 

Know More About TikTok

China was the first country to launch this app in 2016. TikTok was developed and launched by ByteDance, a Chinese technology company. This app currently holds over 100 million users in the United States alone and over 1 billion monthly users worldwide. Because of this, TikTok became part of 2021’s Pop Culture

People like this app because it knows what videos to show you and when’s the perfect time to let you view those videos. It has a great algorithm, which is why it’s one of the best platforms to start trends and make them go viral. But aside from the smart algorithm of TikTok, there are also other things that made this app popular with people.

Among these are the editing tools in TikTok. In this app, you can create videos, edit them however you like, add filters that help improve the quality of your videos, put in some video effects, or add in the music you prefer. These tools help create wonderful and entertaining short clips that could reach millions worldwide. 

After gaining popularity, TikTok has improved in several aspects. It also added several features, making this app more desirable. For instance, TikTok added a TikTok shop feature that works like your usual online shopping platforms, such as Shopee, Shein, and Lazada. In TikTok, you can now check out some TikTok shops or buy your desired items through live-selling.  

Viral Trends on TikTok

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But going back to TikTok videos and some viral trends, many people, especially Black TikTok creators, have been uncredited for starting a viral trend. However, despite all of these, this app continues to be an outlet for people, especially content creators, to create their own unique content, and share it with the world in hopes of getting a great outcome. 

TikTok is home to many viral trends that almost everyone knows. From time to time, people hop on the new viral trends, new sounds, and dances and try to add their unique take on the content they produce. 

You can see countless viral trends, like challenges, dance choreographies, pranks, short skits, and storytime videos on TikTok and other social media platforms. Sometimes, it cannot be easy to keep up with the trend because they keep coming.

One of the viral trends in Tiktok is the Trackstars TikTok Trend. Learn more about this viral trend and start sharing your content. You may never know. You can be one of the famous content creators after doing your own take on the Trackstars trend. 

What is the Trackstars Tiktok Trend?


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The Trackstars trend first started in January when a TikToker with the username @cityboyj created his dance challenge using the sound Track Star by Mooski. After several months, the song became part of pop culture, and people put their own spin on Mooski’s viral song. 

The viral Trackstars trend, which initially was a dance challenge, became a runaway challenge. This version of the Trackstar trend is like a hide-and-seek game. This viral TikTok challenge is a great way to show your athletic side since it involves a lot of running, hiding, and logical thinking. 

In this runaway challenge, users set up their phone’s camera and put a timer for 10 seconds. In these 10 seconds, everybody will run and hide, ensuring they are all out of the frame before the timer ends. Those who are still seen on the frame fail the challenge. 

Another version of this Trackstars challenge is wherein the user sets a timer for three seconds, then all of the people in the frame must run as far as they can. After three seconds, the camera snaps to see who ran the farthest, and that person wins the challenge. 

The other version of this challenge is a Trackstar with a twist of runway challenge. In this version, TikTok users put on a timer for three seconds as they try to run back and forth until the camera snaps a picture. The outcome of the picture will be a candid photo of you running back. This challenge shows how photogenic you can get even though you’re running. 

If you want to scroll through the videos of this Trackstars TikTok Trend, you can search the #trackstar on Tiktok, and you’re good to go. 

Other Viral Trends on TikTok

Other Viral Trends on TikTok

Aside from the Trackstars TikTok Trend on this app, there are other viral trends that you’ll definitely enjoy watching. Here are examples of other viral TikTok trends you might want to see:

I’m Just A Kid

This is one wholesome trend you can join. This viral trend features the song “I’m Just A Kid” by Simple Plan. In this trend, users recreate their childhood photos now that they are already grownups. You will see thousands of videos that can be both sweet and cringe but remain very sentimental. 

I’ll Never Forget You

The original sound of this trend is from Noisettes’ song, Never Forget You. It’s a flashback trend wherein users share their flashback stories of memorable moments in their lives that will leave the audience’s mouths open. Users start the video with a caption “to the person who…,” followed by a video clip revealing the face of a famous person, a person they will never forget. 

Vogue Challenge

This is one interesting challenge in this app. Users edit their own take on the Vogue Magazine Cover in this viral trend. Users show off their favorite pictures that could pass as a Vogue cover. Some creators also like using this trend to show off their products or some campaign photos. 

VHS Filter

This viral TikTok trend features the VHS effect on the app and Harry Style’s famous song, Watermelon Sugar. This challenge is also like a flashback trend. However, the twist is that users don’t actually show videos of their past selves. Instead, their kids are the ones who are recreating their image. And it’s nice to see these parents dress up and look exactly like their children.

Album Cover

This challenge is similar to the Vogue Challenge, but users capture things that could be used as album covers here. Users take a picture of their surroundings or even themselves while trying to achieve an aesthetically pleasing photo that could pass as an album cover. Some users also use this trend to promote their products on TikTok and reach a much larger audience.