What is the Main Character Trend on TikTok?

Although it may not be beneficial to view oneself as the primary character continually, this does not prevent TikTok from generating a new hot meme. Besides TikTok as an alternative marketing platform, it is also very effective in creating a trend worldwide.

Have you heard of the “Main Character Trend” on TikTok? This involves users posting material that satirizes the notion of being the “primary character” in one’s own life and letting others know it. Its virality is undeniable that some psychologists have already created the “Main Character Syndrome.”

Main Character Syndrome does not exist as a diagnosable mental disorder, at least not in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.

As it turns out, “Main Character Syndrome” only exists in the hyperactive and self-deluded imaginations of the internet’s numerous self-proclaimed protagonists.

However, Main Character Syndrome is also an important coping mechanism and its how we’ve chosen to process the past year’s events. Indeed, the social media revolution is becoming a reality.

Michael Karson noted in Psychology Today that while most of us believe we are the protagonist of our own life, a subset of individuals disagree. In addition, he warned that considering oneself to be the “primary character” in our lives could be rather toxic.

He wrote, “As much as we like being the main characters of our stories, we react with anger when we are subordinated to a minor role. Of course, we are capable of cheerfully fulfilling a minor role in any particular scene, but we balk at the message that our overall life is a minor one.” Regardless, TikTok users have run with the concept of becoming a “primary character.”

Let’s take a look at how it started

The first main character, TikTok video, is unknown. On May 11, 2020, Twitter user and TikTok user @lexapro lesbian posted the first-known main character on TikTok, igniting the trend’s growth. @lexapro lesbian shared her original TikTok video in which she sings about how it’s time to roam around her neighborhood like the main character.

The video received over 6,300 views and 490 likes in three weeks.

The Miley Cyrus Main Character Challenge

TikTok fans are dancing to Miley Cyrus’ cover of the Arctic Monkeys ‘Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?’ in one variation of the Main Character Challenge that has gone viral.

TikTok users dance passionately to the song as if they are the main character performing it in a film, and the videos frequently include an amazing transition.

Twitter users’ reactions to the main character’s challenge on TikTok


Since the Main Character Challenge got viral on TikTok, individuals have been raving about it on Twitter.

A Twitter user said: “The main character challenge is by far one of the best trends on TikTok.”

“The Miley Cyrus main character challenge is the best TikTok challenge,” said another.

So are you up to do the #maincharacterchallenge? You can follow these tips to create the video in less than 10 minutes.

How to create the Main Character TikTok trend video in less than 10 minutes?

We’ve designed a ready-to-use main character template for your convenience; simply add your graphics or video to create your version.

Before you may create the main character trend, you must have the following:

A little opening video clip to explain your major character effect and its purpose (your intro will last 2.70 seconds, so it can just be a headshot of you pointing towards the text.)

3 photos you’d like to use. If you’re developing a main character video to advertise iPhone cases, you’ll need images of an iPhone and the iPhone cases you’d like to feature.

Tip: Use photographs oriented vertically or in portrait orientation to accommodate TikTok’s 9:16 aspect ratio.

Simply follow these instructions to produce your Main Character TikTok trend video once you have the necessary elements.

Step 1: Once you’ve created your InVideo account and logged in, you may use the below template to make your main character video.

To begin altering, just click the “Use This Template” button.

Step 2: Access the InVideo editor. Click “Upload Media” to export your photographs and/or movies to InVideo. Once your video or images have been uploaded, you must add them to your workspace.

But first, you must select the scene to which you wish to add your video or images.

There are four scenes included in this template. The first is for the introductory video (2.70 seconds), and the 3 others are for your main character montage (2.50 seconds each).

Step 3: Simply drag and drop your video into the workspace in the middle of the screen.

Click the Replace button now. Once you’ve contributed your introductory video to the first scene, you can similarly add the three meme-related photographs to the next three scenes.

Step 4: You will now notice a pop-up requesting that you cut your video. Click the “Trim Video To Fit Scene” button. Click the “Done” button next.

Step 5: If you wish to modify the text in the template, click on the text box to select it, then delete the existing text and replace it with your own.

Step 6: When you’re through making changes, click “Download & Share” in the upper right corner of your document. Your video will begin rendering.

Simply click the “Download” button when you’re finished to save the main character trend video to your smartphone.

How to Upload a Video to TikTok

Step 1: Transfer the video to your mobile device.

Step 2: Add the main character’s trending music to your video so that it will be featured with other trending videos.

Step 3: Select your video from the ” Upload ” tab on the right. Add your title and description, and don’t forget to hashtag #maincharacter!

Step 4: Select “Post” to publish the video.

Brands and enterprises use the main character trend in really clever ways.

Not as the main characters, but as the adored supporting cast, promoting best-selling products with their images.

For instance, a pizza business may build a main character meme by highlighting a great side item, such as garlic bread, as the supporting cast to the main character, pizza.

The ending may also include a special message, such as “Now on sale!” or a discount code.

This trend is an amazing option to tell clients about new products, releases, and more.

For instance, a firm that sells iPhone cases may introduce a new line “not as the primary character” but as the iPhone’s “best buddy.”

The conclusion may include a call to action, such as “Get yours now” or, as we have done here, a simple update, “Now in stock.”

And that is how simple it is to participate in the major character trend on TikTok and all your social channels.