What is a Cuban Link Chain, and Should You Get One?

With all of the plentiful jewelry options available in the marketplace today, the cuban chain has continued to gain popularity in the music, entertainment, and fashion industries. In Hip Hop circles, the Cuban link chain has been a coveted status symbol for decades. In fact, when Raekwon the Chef, a prominent rapper in the legendary Wu-Tang Clan crew, put out his debut solo album back in 1995, it was actually titled, Only Built for Cuban Linx.

Among the prestigious reasons for Cuban links remaining a winner among jewelry buyers include their flexibility as an accessory for both casual attire and elegant garments, along with being a go-to choice of customers in many different age brackets.

As a well-admired ornament, the Cuban chain has evolved and been created in a multitude of variants made from materials such as gold, silver, and platinum and studded in diamonds. It can also be purchased and worn in a variety of different sizes.

Read further to understand not only what a Cuban link chain is and why you should be wearing one with your wardrobe.

What is a Cuban Link?

A Cuban link is a classic chain worn as a circular necklace constructed in interlocked metal pieces made into an attractive pattern. Cuban links have elevated beyond being just another ornament to a classy expression of your personal style and personality with top-notch durability.

The Cuban link fashion signature has expanded its design concept into various materials, sizes, colors, and global acceptance. With all the variety that is available for Cuban chains, from gold, silver, and platinum, to a wide range of thicknesses and lengths, there are more than enough styles to suit your personal dressing needs.

What Cuban Chain Should I Choose?

Being that there is an ever-evolving surplus of styles and specifications of Cuban chain jewelry available to you, you may be already feeling overwhelmed to know where to begin. But with the following suggestions and categories, you can filter out the elements that look less flattering on you and focus on picking the perfect chain.

Material Specifications

Cuban chains commonly come in gold, silver, platinum, and diamond styles, all of which have a different impact on our appearance to enhance our look. When you are trying to determine if Cuban chains are right for you, it is important to establish which precious metal material specification compliments you the most.

For those that buy jewelry to make a more understated and conservative fashion statement, it makes perfect sense to purchase silver and platinum Cuban link chains. These shiny gray metals make for a clean-cut fashion accessory that isn’t begging to be the center of attention and still makes you state out.

Now, if you are ready to go full-steam ahead into the more flashy territory and really make heads turn when you walk into a room, you can’t go wrong with the brilliantly bold shine of gold and diamond Cuban chains.

Collar Size

As human beings, we all come in different shapes and sizes, and so do Cuban chains. When you are in the process of picking the one that will look the best on you, be sure to take your height into consideration, along with the size of your chest that your chain will be draped over.

Size is a factor that you shouldn’t overlook because Cuban link chains are known for their thickness, which can range from broad to small. When people are looking for a more masculine look, they may want to go for a bulkier chain with a wider thickness.

Collar length is an element of the size factor that can differ between long-collar variants or shorter collars. Broad and long collar sizes are great for people with thicker necks.

For a more feminine appearance with a Cuban chain, you can go with a sophisticated, thinner chain that can also look better when attending church or for more business-related functions.

Age Range

Before you assume that you have to be in your 20s to be the appropriate age for wearing Cuban link chains, get that ageism idea out of your head as soon as possible. Cuban links show that you have great taste, and there is no age limit on that.

There is a look for all ages that Cuban links can enhance. If you are on the younger side of the spectrum, you might gravitate towards making a bold statement with your chain, going bigger and thicker in its construction to guarantee that it gets seen.

If you fall in the middle-aged category and above, you may prefer slimmer chains with more subdued colors like silver and platinum.

Wrap Up

Cuban link chains, when it is all said and done, offer enough variation and options in material specification and size of the collar to fit your lifestyle, age, and desired look. Have fun pairing Cuban chains with your array of attire, whether it is for your career, your social activities, religious gatherings, or special occasions.