The Best Men’s K-Pop-Inspired Glasses of 2023

Thinking about getting a new pair of glasses this year? Your favorite K-Pop boy band idols could provide the eyewear inspiration you need! Here are the male K-Pop stars rocking the most on-trend glasses looks right now.

San from Ateez – Oversized Metal Rim Spec Style

Fan favorite San (full name Choi San) is a member of the popular K-Pop boy band Ateez who made his debut with the band in 2018. As well as a talented singer, he’s also an accomplished songwriter, dancer, and actor. Bit of fan trivia? San loves plushies and has a huge collection of cuddly cuties: Shriber, his best plushie buddy, regularly travels with him.

San is also known for his always on-trend style and frequently changing hair color. He’s recently been snapped rocking a killer pair of oversized round glasses with thin gold metal frames. This eyewear works well with the star’s signature cutting-edge urban aesthetic, injecting a hint of geek-chic and perfectly framing his chiseled features.

Get San’s Eyewear Style

The simple styling of San’s glasses makes them a great compliment to his flamboyant outfits and other accessories – they add to his signature look without overwhelming it. Due to the thinness of the full rim frames, this style should suit most face shapes, although those with angular faces, like San, will find the most flattering. Choose gold frames if you have a warm skin tone and silver if you have cool skin to achieve the best effect.

RM from BTS – Classic Clubmasters

Rapper and leader of BTS, RM, looks amazing in his trademark pair of glasses. Not that the star needs any help to look super intelligent: RM has an extremely high IQ, and upon completing his high school exams, his results were ranked in the top 1% in the whole of South Korea. The rapper has been writing songs since his school days and has, to date, composed or produced over one-hundred tracks.

As with most K-Pop stars, RM is a style chameleon, spotted wearing futuristic silver puffer jackets with a bright pink tee one day, and in a tux and tie, and with bright purple hair the next. He’s regularly photographed, however, wearing a classic pair of Clubmaster glasses; this eyewear style boasts an angular shape and prominent browline and oozes timeless class and vintage appeal that’s a great foil for RM’s super edgy style.

Will Clubmaster Glasses Suit Me?

The glitterati has long loved Clubmaster-style glasses – and us mere mortals – since they hit the market in the 1950s, created by legendary eyewear brand Ray-Ban. Clubmaster glasses tend to look best on those with round or oval-shaped faces, adding balance to the features. Those with especially prominent eyebrows or a strong browline may find this style overwhelming – however, selecting Clubmaster spectacles with transparent frames could be the solution: this option offers a more subtle look, making them easier to wear in general.

DO from EXO – Thick Framed ‘Nerd’ Glasses Chic

DO (full name Doh Kyung Soo) is a talented singer and actor and a member of the K-Pop boyband EXO. It’s been a busy few years for DO; as well as signing with his band, he made his theater debut in 2020 in the musical Return: The Promise of the Day, in which he played the part of Seungho. In 2021, the star released his first solo EP, Empathy.

Like his EXO bandmates, DO is well known for his sense of sartorial style as well as his singing and acting chops. A key element of the star’s look is his distinctive eyewear: a pair of thick-rimmed black glasses that look epic with his casual – yet put-together – look.

How to Pull Off DO’s Look

Thick-rimmed, slightly oversized glasses with black frames are a perennial fashion hit, and most people will be able to find a version of this style that suits them. Those with round or oval faces should opt for angular frames that have a square or rectangular face, while those with angular faces will find that thick-rimmed black specs, a la EXO’s DO, that have round or oval frames will look best.

Il-hoon from BTOB – On-Trend Transparent Frame

Jung Il-hoon was formerly a member of the K-Pop boy band BTOB – the multi-talented star is also a songwriter, record producer, actor, host, and entertainer. His first solo album, Big Wave, was released in 2018, and in 2019 Il-hoon dropped a digital single titled Spoiler, which featured the artist Babylon.

Il-hoon, like the rest of his K-Pop counterparts, has excellent fashion credentials and has recently been seen wearing one of this season’s hottest accessories: a pair of clear-framed eyeglasses. The beauty of these specs is that they suit any skin tone, and there’s no risk of them clashing with an outfit or making an ensemble appear too busy.

Can I Wear Transparent-Framed Glasses

Yes! Clear glasses are inherently versatile and can be worn by anyone who’s keen to try out this eyewear style. The main thing to be aware of with transparent-framed glasses is that it’s even more important to keep them clean and smear-free, as smudges and dirt will show up on these frames more so than on ‘traditional’ options.

K-Pop Boyband Members: Eyewear Inspiration

If you’re ready to switch up your eyewear and are looking for inspiration, the world of K-Pop is a great place to look! Use the information above to find the perfect pair of new glasses, whether you’re considering a pair of on-trend geek-chic specs or a classic set of Ray-Ban Clubmasters.