How To Look Like Your Favorite K-Pop Star

K-Pop is the biggest sensation in music right now, and all the stars are known for their signature styles. With such fun and enticing looks, there’s no denying that true K-Pop fans want to steal the look. With the right pieces and attitude, you can get that K-Pop look too. Here’s everything you need to know!

All About Those Accessories

Clothing plays a big part in K-Pop style, but nowhere near as big of a role as their accessories. These stars are always rocking bold and colorful accessories. Everything from playful hates to statement necklaces is a must-have for the K-Pop look. However, the most important accessory of them all is the lightstick.

K-Pop stars take their lightsticks very seriously, so you’ll have to get one that serves with your K-Pop look. It’s no secret that your idols love the TXT lightstick. The best part is, they can be connected to your smartphone so you can become a star on demand. Move over, Blackpink, and there’s a new pop princess in town!

Have Fun With Your Clothes

That TXT lightstick may be the main event of your look, but it still needs a stylish K-pop look to complete it. Unlike many US pop superstars, K-Pop princesses don’t need tight or revealing clothing to get noticed. They mix and match their clothing, mainly pairing tight pieces with layered pieces to keep things modest.

They may be more modest with their bodies, but they aren’t boring. K-Pop stars are known for bringing a lot of personality to their outfits. After all, that lightstick is going to draw attention your way.  K-Pop style takes a lot of inspiration from school uniforms and cosplay outfits. 

These stars also love bold and colorful prints. They aren’t afraid to let their inner child come out and play and even take inspiration from some of their favorite cartoon characters. The K-Pop look is more about being fun than seductive. 

Bring In All The Eras

It doesn’t matter what year you were born in. If you want to rock a K-Pop look, then you need to pull in inspiration from styles of all the generations. Don’t be afraid to throw some 50’s, 80’s, and modern pieces all in one look. When you’re doing a K-Pop look, nothing is off-limits. 

Those TXT lightsticks can complement any K-Pop look you come up with.