Should I Buy A Headphone Amp?

Buying a headphone amp is something that can be an extremely rewarding experience. When we plug in our headphones directly to the source like a phone or iPod we are not reaching the full potential of the headphones which can only be achieved by using a headphone amplifier. It is not a question of should I buy a dedicated amp it’s why you haven’t already.

All devices with a headphone jack already have a headphone amplifier but they do not have the required power to enable you to enjoy the headphone’s unrealized quality. Headphones essentially are in essence just small speakers, similarly to stand-alone speakers, an amplifier is required for the best sound quality that we paid for when purchasing the headphones.

Headphone Amps Are Not Just To Increase Volume

With a good quality headphone amp, the most important thing is not just to put the volume levels through the roof, sure they will increase the volume due to the extra power provided by the amp. But, the most important benefit is the increased sound quality that is provided.  Bass will be enhanced and the higher notes smoother. Enabling you to get the best from your audio device.

Portable Amplifiers

Most people commute to work on a near-daily basis and it’s just not practical or feasible for many to use their car. Traffic jams, parking costs, and the cost of fuel makes it much more sense to take a bus, train, cycle, the subway or even walking to our place of work.  Luckily there are many options for headphone amplifiers that are lightweight and highly portable to make the commute to work and home after a hard day’s work a bit more enjoyable.

Are Headphone Amplifiers Worth It?

The simple answer is a resounding yes. Headphone amplifiers will greatly increase the audio quality and help you to maximize the true potential of your audio devices. One of the main reasons to invest in a headphone amplifier is to increase the audio pleasure for the wearer and increase the pleasure for other people around you. Many of us have a partner or house share, the constant music being played in the morning or night time can be very distracting to the fellow inhabitants of your home. Not to mention the neighbors who may not enjoy or appreciate your taste in music. As for value, they range from $20 to many hundreds of dollars and can even go higher into the thousands of dollars. The lower end of the spectrum is usually adequate for most users if it’s for a simple home or personal use in transit.

Built-In Headphone Amplifiers

All headphones have a built-in amplifier which is the jack, a common connection that we are all familiar with. Devices including, tablets, iPods, iPads, mp3 players, smartphones, and CD players. But this is not enough output for many users of the various products. A headphone amplifier will greatly increase your headphones and the player you are using. As with headphones, the device you are using has much more potential but is constrained by the power it can supply to your headphones, making a headphone amplifier a great investment one that you will not regret.

A Note To Consider When Buying Headphone Amplifiers

It sure is great to listen to your favorite music. And being able to whether it’s via your mobile device or stereo system does come with a note of caution.

Our ears are extremely sensitive able to literally hear a pin drop and should not be exposed to high levels of noise on a regular basis, long term effects can be quite serious resulting in temporary audio impairments and ultimately hearing loss. Whilst headphone amplifiers are worth investing in they should be used responsibly within the manufacture’s guidelines to ensure your health and to obtain the full potential from your headphones and amplifier.

Amature And Professional Musicians

Whether you are a serious musician or a hobby musician the sound quality is essential. To get the most of our headphones the amplifier is key. A good example of this is for DJ’swith all the noise of busy clubs you need to be focused and have no outside noise pollution enabling you to make the perfect mix also giving the customers a great experience for the evening. It is also essential for studio musicians to have zero noise interference allowing them to practice or record in a clean and crisp environment whilst focusing solely on the music and achieve perfect notes.

There are many options to consider these are just some of the considerations you should take into account when purchasing your first headphone amplifier, it is an investment you will not regret.