How Atlantic City Became the Coast Las Vegas

Atlantic City, New Jersey is known for being a gaming paradise in the US, and essentially the east coast version of Las Vegas. However, while Las Vegas receives all of the representation in film and other pop culture mediums, Atlantic City is largely ignored in this respect. While the intriguing and somewhat seedy origins of Las Vegas are well known, many people in the US and abroad are not even familiar with how Atlantic City came to be.

What started with just a few passionate patrons and a couple of casinos has become a huge industry and tourist draw over the years. Now, the next generation of gaming in New Jersey is underway. With the rise of online entertainment platforms, there are more options than ever for enthusiasts.

Unfortunately for the local New Jersey and Atlantic City casinos, a wave of positive legalization in the US means that there is more rivalry here than ever before. To stay ahead of their competitors, online sportsbooks and gaming platforms came up with New Jersey casino offers that are especially accommodating to residents here. With such a promising future ahead, let’s take a look at how the city got started on this path.

The Origins of Gambling in Atlantic City

Throughout the late 1800s and 1900s, Atlantic City had a reputation for being the place where you could enjoy certain activities away from the eyes of the law. During a time when prohibition was at its height, people still wanted to enjoy gaming and other activities. Atlantic City provided an outlet for these patrons. Figures like Enoch L. “Nucky” Thomson ran the action here, and eventually, even major politicians realized that there was no going back and dubbed the city “The World’s Playground.”

Atlantic City Becomes a Legitimate Gaming Mecca

Before Atlantic City could become a beloved vacation destination for celebrities like Bruce Willis, it had to clean up its image. In the mid-1970s, Las Vegas was the only place in the US with legalized gaming. On the opposite coast, Atlantic City was facing an economic downturn with no end in sight. It was then that a major campaign was run to pass a bill to allow gaming here in an effort to build a new, legal industry in the city. In 1976, the measure passed with 1.5 million votes. The Resorts Atlantic City became the first casino in the city in 1978 and still stands today. Now, there are nine different casinos in the area and many different forms of gaming.

Famous Figures From the Atlantic City Gaming Scene

Throughout the years, there have been many famous individuals that have enjoyed spending some time and money in Atlantic City. Entertainers like Cher, Britney Spears, Camila Cabello, Frank Sinatra Jr, and many more have been spotted here. Donald Trump is one of the most enigmatic figures of the city, as he opened many casinos and resorts over the years and his battles with other property developers during this time are well known.