Everything to Know About Setting Up an Outdoor Kitchen

The durable outdoor kitchen designs have made people eager to indulge in barbequing opportunities in their private garden areas. Do you also like this outdoor kitchen idea? The good thing is you can design this as per the theme of your house and budget. These stylish spaces also let you entertain your guests throughout the year in different ways. So what you want to do in the backyard – install a permanent pizza oven on one side, build a small garden bar, or have a full-fledged kitchen experience with a sink, fridge, and barbecue. No matter what you desire, here are some essentials to help you decide and implement your thoughts.

 Outdoor kitchen cost

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home. It doesn’t imply your outdoor kitchen has to be any less beautiful. There has to be a seamless transition between them. At the same time, you have to take extra care to ensure this kitchen is more tolerant of changing weather conditions and temperatures all through the year. But what you can achieve depends on the type of budget you have. The cost of building an outdoor kitchen can vary based on the size, specifications, materials, and devices. Plus, proper planning can be another angle. Suppose you want a permanent barbecue with a worktop or an outdoor dining area with a whole kitchen setup. Then you can enhance the dining by using spandex chair covers that match the color or design of your table.  In that case, the project cost will vary significantly because of the complexity.

An outdoor kitchen with storage, a worktop, and a few appliances can cost nearly USD$5,500, while the premium choices can demand USD$20,000 to USD$34,000. Bespoke kitchens can ask for as much as USD$68,000. Anyway, you need to consult a professional designer before spending anything. They can guide you by suggesting more meaningful ways of spending money on an outdoor kitchen installation.

The kitchen size

Of course, the proportion of the kitchen and garden area would matter. It will create a visual impact. But it doesn’t mean you cannot have a spacious kitchen in a small garden. If done correctly, even a large outdoor kitchen with a smaller garden area can extend as a part of the indoor living area. Some experts say that size is more about functional space. If you like to cook in the outdoor space regardless of the weather, you will want to work hard on your garden. Although it is not easy to determine the size, you can focus on your expectations from this setup. These will surely lead you to an answer.

Some people believe that the proximity of the kitchen to your home is a critical consideration. During garden parties, you would have to shift many things here and there. So having your outdoor kitchen close to the house can be advantageous. Since this type of setup doesn’t look like a standalone structure, you can expect it to add value to your property. Again, there is no rule that it has to be like this. The outdoor kitchen can afford to be at a distance from your house. If you are ready to invest in pergolas and patio covers Las Vegas, you can think of this option too. It gives you the flexibility to avoid direct sun or enjoy a dedicated fun space.

Kitchen items

A kitchen would need a few features to justify its theme. In a basic kitchen area, a grill and a worktop can be sufficient. A complete kitchen would, however, require many appliances, accessories, and modules. So, when you think of an outdoor kitchen, you cannot imagine it without an oven, grill, or barbecue. You get options in gas, electric, charcoal, and wood pellets. Incorporating a fireplace for warm winters can also be an excellent idea. Some homeowners get pizza ovens. Although you can cook various dishes, you cannot rely on them as much as a domed barbecue.

Before cooking, you would need to wash the raw materials. For this, the sink is a must-have. Selecting a drop-in style for a kitchen countertop or something else can be a personal choice. However, it would help if you plan your outdoor kitchen close to the house in this case. Plumbing work will become easy. The next thing is a refrigerator. Choose only a certified outdoor model to benefit. Else, it will not function properly in the fluctuating temperature as efficiently. An under-counter refrigerator for outdoors can cost USD$1,350. It would be best if you kept this in mind while budgeting.

Well, if you thought this is it, you need to consider storage too. Whether you store things in the cupboards around the year or not, you would need a shelf or storage space when working in the kitchen. You can keep some of the cooking pots and BBQ tongs there.

The kitchen materials

The innovative weatherproof materials help you enjoy your time in the outdoor kitchen all year round. Concrete, vitreous enamel, and stainless steel can be the go-to option. These can resist heat, scratches, and weather elements. For floors, you have to pick tiles built for external areas. These should be able to deal with frost and rain. Marble can go on the countertop to add a bit of luxury. However, with this surface, you will have to take care of the sealing and regular maintenance. If this dampens your spirit, porcelain can be another choice. It doesn’t need much care.

Exploring outdoor garden or patio ideas tends to be rewarding mentally and emotionally. You can also look at them as the practical feature of your house. After all, building a kitchen in that space means optimum utilization of every single inch. Also, as a host, it can be boring to invite your guests to the same ambiance. With this extra area, you can work around different party themes and entertain your people. Make sure you hire the right contractor for this job, though. Experience, knowledge, and skills can be the key differentiators. Since outdoor spaces require better planning and management, you cannot take any risk, especially if you want a full-scale kitchen. So, explore your options, budget, and get started.