Are you a wireless earphone user?

Are you looking for the best wireless earbuds on the market? Well, Huawei recentlylaunched the high-end TWS earbuds called Huawei free-buds 4 which is the upgrade from 2019 freebuds3. This time the free-buds 4 has a feature open ear design with new feature addition of active noise cancellation, which is just and filter is filter-out the noise up to 25bB of surrounding noise. Also, the earbuds get the updated Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and bigger battery over the last year’s model. Buds are perfect while using while working, gym it has got and tangible upgrade over their predecessors. Let’s talk in detail about the Huawei earbuds 4.

Huawei headphones 4 why best?

If we look at the design and build quality free budsthat come with an open-fit style with a long steam design also reminds us of apples’ regular air-pods. The charging case is slightly on the smaller side comparing it with the last model and has less weight as well. This makes it easy to fit into the pocket and bags. It looks like one is carrying a dental floss kit and a squarer design is much easier to handle. The design is not that good after wearing it for a longer period. It feels like it tends to loosen over time to the point where it feels like it’s gonna slip out or fall.

Some of the people, who tried them on said that there are some sound receptors so they had some issues in listening. On the other hand, the build on this year’s model is very solid and feels like premium Free buds. The opening mechanism of the case is rock solid and brings a snap sound like closing. The top lid has some weight as well to improve the build quality, also earbuds can take the fall damage up to 2 meters without any scuffs and scratches.

Furthermore, if we look at the features as soon as one puts the earphones into the ear, one will get the accompanying sound which lets you know that they are connected, which is good software touch. One can use them separately, which is cool. If you want to share the music with your friend you can easily be done. And on top of that, you remove the buds instantly pauses all the media. That is playing including videos on smartphone tablets and laptops. Talking about the pairing process is the same as another Freebudsone just have open the case and hold the pairing button for a few seconds, and the pop-menu will pop up on the Huawei devices.

Also, the animation is quickly cool once the Smartphone knows that freebuds are connected. The stems themselves are touch-sensitive which is a strong point is and it works perfectly. Double-tap and long press gesture as well as there is vertical swipe as well. Freebuds comes will 14.3mm dynamic coil drivers, and the sound is crisp and clear also have rich bass. There are some sound profiles one can change and find the perfect balanced sound profile. On another hand, noise-canceling is not that impressive but works fine.

Last words

Huawei free buds 4 present is a very good option. The look and feel of the free buds are premium and offer an impressive sound profile. One who has the freebuds2 will happy to have this upgrade. At the price of 150 to 130 euro, it’s a very good offer. Keep in mind the noise canceling is not that good, but the good sound quality makes up for it.