When was the Golden Era of Music?

Everyone loves music and we are always debating who are some of the best musicians of all time. Nevertheless there are certain musicians that have revolutionised music such as The Beatles or Elvis Presley that, quite frankly, have made all lives better. However when it comes to the best decade of music, this is always an ongoing debate. But let’s dive in, here are some of the best era’s of music:

The 1960s

The swinging 60s was one of the most iconic times in all of music history and will be looked back upon as a major change of the zeitgeist. The start of the civil rights movement, the 60s saw some exceptionally talented black artists become household names such as Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. Moreover, in the USA, the 1960s was dubbed as “the British invasion” seeing iconic artists become global names such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Animals.

On the latter, The Animals’ famous cover of the House of Rising Sun has been used in many Hollywood movies, most notably Martin Scorseses’ Casino. Casino’s back then were totally different to that of the present with most casinos now online offering even greater convenience to players. Players can sit in the comfort of their own home being able to compare casino bonuses, check which payment options are available such as Skrill or Bitcoin and also review which operators have the best customer support.

Elvis Presley paved the way for these artists to perform, which at the time was controversial with many Christians calling his rock n roll music “the devil’s music”. For truly great artists, controversy was always present for example when John Lennon exclaimed that “The Beatles are bigger than Jesus”.

The 1970s

The 1970s was the start of the disco era with many floorbangers such as Earth, Wind and Fire or the Bee Gees. Mullets and flares were all the fashion and the 70s had some of the greatest music to dance to. The 70s had some major changes in pop culture, so read our guide to highlights of the major pop culture trends of the 1970s. Outside of disco music, the 1970s was a tremendous era for rock and roll with artists such as Bon Jovi and Journey releasing many timeless classics.

The 1970s also saw some great Motown music which was a style of rhythm and blues. Many great artists came to prominence such as the Jackson 5, Diana Ross and the Commodores amongst others. Keeping on the Jackson 5, we saw a five year old boy – Michael Jackson who would eventually become the King of Pop, releasing his first solo song Ben. Michael Jackson was not only an exceptionally talented singer but also a very gifted dancer, making him a major star.

The 1990s

The 1990s had some incredible music especially when it came to the British music scene with iconic bands such as Oasis, Primal Fear and the Stone Roses. A new era of rock n roll music, the songs produced are still as popular as ever today. Denver, on the other hand, is still known for its vibrant music scene, and every year, people flock to the city for concerts. You can easily find Denver concert tickets for some of the most famous 90s bands that are still touring today and relive the nostalgia of this incredible decade. Whether it’s grunge, alternative rock, or pop music, the 1990s had something for everyone and continue to be a major influence on current music trends.

The 1990s also saw the emergence of house music. Music being produced from a computer became a thing, and iconic artists such as Daft Punk and Tiesto became international stars. A new genre was born, and since then it has grown exponentially. Timeless classics such as “Freed From Desire” by Gala , “Sandstorm” by Darude  and “Children” by Robert Miles were produced.  This type of music hallmarked “the ecstasy era” which has grown exponentially since then making some of the highest earners in music being DJs. .

Overall, if we had to make a decision, the 1960s was the golden era of music, it revolutionised everything. The Beatles revolutionised pop music and it was the start of prominent African- Americans. Whatever your opinion, all these decades covered in this article have some incredible music. So get on your music streaming service and explore the wonderful songs produced in these decades. .