What group sang ring, ring telephone ring, Was it Cimerron or something like that?


Cymarron 45rpm Single

What group sang ring, ring telephone ring (somebody said baby what ya doing). Was it Cimerron or something like that? It was a 70′s hit. Leo Kolte also covered this song.

Mr. Pop History - The song you are asking about is “Rings” by Cymarron – a top-20 hit in 1971. The group is from the South and this is their biggest record. A few years later, Lobo would cover “Rings,” substituting “Got James Taylor On the Stereo” with “Got The Allman Brothers On The Stereo.”

This cleverly written song about re-starting a relationship uses the word “ring” in different context. From telephone ring, doorbell ring into the “ring around the sun” and the ring around “your pretty finger” into “let the wedding bells ring.”

I like to call songs like these “gems.” Should have been a bigger hit. The problem with some of these terrific songs during the late 1960′s and into the 1970′s was that some of the bigger radio stations such as WABC, New York had unusually short play lists. If you listened to WABC or stations playing copycat, you would have never known this terrific song (or many others).

Legendary Memphis/Muscle Shoals record man Chips Moman produced “Rings”. Although he didn’t write “Rings,” Lead singer Rick Yancey wrote the flip side “Like Children.”

Below is a sample of Cymarron’s “Rings” from the original 45rpm single.