How to Have A Successful Night Out


So you’ve sent the message off in the group chat, and you’ve finally got everyone together for that night out you promised each other would happen months ago, go you! The only thing left now is to get ready and have a night you probably won’t remember for all the right reasons. You may not have gone out in a while and feel you’ve lost your party spark, or maybe you’re anxiously waiting to go on your first night out. Luckily for you, we have a few tips to have an absolute baller night out on the town. View here to learn more about male strippers.


Alcohol in bars will often cost you an arm and a leg; it’s daylight (Whoops, nighttime) robbery! A tried and tested method to spend less on drinks while you’re out is to start drinking before you even set foot outside your door. Go down to the liquor store and get some cheap drinks with high alcohol levels and get tipsy. You’ll feel buzzed and ready to go and save some money down at the club. The drink of choice is completely up to you. Maybe you’ll enjoy a rose canned wine; maybe you’ll enjoy a beer.


Everyone in the group should decide on the place you want to start out at and if you wanna go anywhere else during your late-night adventures. If you end up somewhere where there are no people, and the nightlife is dead, then you’re just not gonna have a fun night. Part of enjoying a night out is the atmosphere and vibes. Look around on the internet for bars or clubs hosting special events or offers; people love cheap booze and will flock there as a result.


With enough drink, anybody can become the world’s best dancer, or, at least they think they are. Getting drunk with your friends and busting terrible moves can be some of the best experiences you ever have. It’s a bonding experience knowing you’re equally as bad as everyone else when you’re hammered.

Talk to People

As the booze flows through your veins, you tend to become a lot more confident in yourself and your ability to strike up conversations with people. Meeting new people when you’re drunk can be a great way to make new friends and do the most random things you didn’t expect to be doing at the start of the night. We’re not saying you should just go up to strangers and strike up a conversation; let it happen naturally. Don’t harras groups of friends if they’re having fun or anything like that.

If there are also board games and tabletop games that are available at the venue, you can play those with your friends or with new people to easily strike a conversation with them. Some of the best games that you can play with friends or strangers include Jenga and Trivial Pursuit. Read our article titled “The Most Nostalgic ‘As Seen on TV’ Toys of the 1980s” to know more about these games.

Know Your Limits

Getting too drunk can ruin a night out for you and your friends. If you have to go to the toilet to puke, you’re probably not gonna feel too great, and you’re just wanna go home. You can also end up doing stupid things that you think are funny, but other people probably don’t. Don’t stop drinking if you don’t want to, but just don’t push yourself too far and learn the signs that tell you when you’ve probably had enough to drink for the night.


Some nights out are there to remember for years and years to come. Follow the tips above, and you’ll be pretty much guaranteed to enjoy yourself and make some funny memories with your friends. Have a few drinks before you go out, look for a good location, get dancing, get chatting with new people, and know when the right time to stop is. Cheers to a fun-filled night of alcohol, laughs, memories, and friendship.