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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of April 11, 1988 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



 In The News

Addressing the annual National Assn. of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas and setting the tone for next month’s Moscow summit conference, President Reagan challenges Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev to tear down the “grim, invisible wall of oppression” that prohibits the flow of ideas and information between East and West. “We have been too long divided East from West. Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev, that our peoples might come to know one another – and together, build the world anew.”

Hijackers of a Kuwait Airways jumbo jet seized last week, release 12 of their estimated 46 captives as ground crews refueled the plane for a flight to Algeria. Two hostages were slain, earlier. 

Two Algerian officials meet with the hijackers of a Kuwait Airways jet with 32 hostages aboard and said the air pirates agreed to avoid further violence in the nine-day terror odyssey. 

The U.S. Navy Frigate Samuel B. Roberts hits a mine near Iran’s Farsi Island while on patrol in the Persian Gulf. Six sailors were injured.

 Senate Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd announces he will not run for the leadership post next year and will, instead, seek the chairmanship of the senate Appropriations Committee.

Stock prices plummet for their fifth-worst single day loss – 101 points, after the announcement of a $13.8 billion trade deficit in February.

Wholesale prices jump .6% in March – much more than expected.

At least 12 Arabs are dead – shot by Israeli troops as the occupied West band and Gaza Strip erupted in violence.

Former President Richard N. Nixon suggests that President Reagan pardon former White House aides John M. Poindexter and Oliver l. North, if their roles in the Iran-contra affair should lead to their conviction for crimes Reagan deems unintentional.

Vice President George Bush charges that Panamanian strongman Gen. Manuel A. Noriega has maintained his hold on the Central American nation because Libya’s Col. Moammar Kadafi has sent him millions of dollars in financial support.

Former Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark says he has filed a lawsuit against President Reagan, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and others for compensation for 55 Libyans killed or injured in a U.S. bombing raid on Tripoli two years ago. Clark said he filed the suit in U.S. district Court in Washington against Reagan, Thatcher, other officials and pilots who conducted the raid, for compensation for 15 Libyans killed and 40 injured.

Former White House Spokesman Larry Speaks resigns as chief spokesman for Merrill Lynch & Co, days after he created a storm of controversy by admitting he once concocted quotes to make President Reagan look good.

President Reagan said that he has caught unaware by the disclosure of fabricated quotes by his former spokesman, Larry Speakes, and said he has “no affection for these kiss-and-tell books” written by his ex-aides. “And I find them entirely fiction,” said the President.


Fascinating Business News – April 11, 1988

Carl N. Karcher, founder of the Carls Jr. fast food chain, is charged with insider trading by illegally tipping off his relatives about some bad news his company was about to release.

 Hotel Tycoons Harry and Leona Helmsley are indicted on charges of failing to report over $4 million in persona expenditure paid for by business or corporations they controlled. Much of the $4 million went to renovate their $11-million 28-acre Connecticut estate according to the indictment.

Tony Hoffman -  best known for hawking real estate get rich advice on cable talk shows and infomercials, files for bankruptcy


Technology news – April 11, 1988

Ready to debut – OS/2 is out and will supersede MS-DOS as the new operating system standard for PC’s. The new operating system will allow some existing programs to run a bit faster, but in the long run, it will be able to run more powerful programs with computers equipped with more memory and OS/2 can run up to a dozen tasks simultaneously. To be sure, MS-DOS will still be around and supported for at least a few more years. Last week, IBM said it is coming out with its PS/2 line of personal computers to usher this new era in. For OS-2 – you’ll need one of these new PS/2 computers or a PC AT with either an 80286 or 80386 microprocessor and at least 3 megs of RAM. It’s being called a new level of computing. Where MS-DOS could be equated to one tenant in a building, OS/2 is like having dozens of tenants in the same building.   


Music news – April 11, 1988

Passing – Brook Benton (56) who had a string of hits during the late 1950’s and into the 1960’s. His last big one was “Rainy Night In Georgia” from 1970.

R.E.M. – America’s leading rock band (according to Rolling Stone) signs with a new label – Warner Brothers.

James (JT) Taylor has left Kool & The Gang to go solo.

Daryl Hall & John Oates launch their first studio album in three years with a closed-circuit press conference beamed to more than a dozen cities. It was hosted by Z-100 PD Scott Shannon.

Wolfman Jack is hosting an “early” rock ‘n’ roll show on, of all places, The Nashville Network. Wolfman taped 26 episodes of the new show, “Rock N’ Roll Palace’ in less than two weeks at Little Darlin’s Rock ‘n’ roll Palace in Kissimmee, FL. Wolfman says he hates videos and particularly MTV – “I’ve hated MTV since it came on the air. It’s really loused up the music terribly. All they do is look for ways to make the records fit the images they have on the screen.” Speaking of TNN, it’s celebrating 5 years on the air.


Radio news – April 11, 1988

Westwood One – the program syndicater, buys its first radio station – WYNY New York for $39 million.


Radio Arbitron Ratings – April 11, 1988

Los Angeles – Power 106 – 7.6… KIIS AM/FM – 6.9… Talk KABC - 6.2 … KOST – 5.2… KROQ – 3.7


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – April 11, 1988

Viewers tuning into the Academy Awards, saw Cher and her eye-popping dress.  Here are some winners:

Best Picture – “The Last Emperor.”

Best actor – Michael Douglas – “Wall Street.”

Best actress – Cher - ”Moonstruck.”

Best director – Bernardo Bertolucci – “The Last Emperor

Best supporting actor – Sean Connery – “The Untouchables.”

Best supporting actress – Olympia Dukakis – “Moonstruck”

Best original song – “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life.” – Dirty Dancing


Jane Fonda’s new exercise videotape – “Start Up” has shipped 781,659 copies – a record for a videotape debut of this kind.

Ted Turner will launch Turner Home Video this summer. His new cable channel – TNT will launch Oct. 3.  


Television news  - April 11, 1988

Syndication - Don’t miss “Don King’s Only In America” talk show. Guests this week – Bruce Willis, Louie Anderson, Randy Travis and Freddie Jackson.

Geraldo Rivera’s syndicated TV special – “Murder: Live From Death Row” was a hit in the ratings. It’s yet another of Geraldo’s sensational specials.

NBC will produce programming for the Disney Channel – the first time a network has produced programming for a cable channel. The show, a comedy is title “Good Morning Miss Bliss.” NBC will air the program Saturday mornings after its Disney run.

On the syndicated Oprah Winfrey Show: When Do Lover’s Quarrels Become Violence? Patty Labelle sings.


Saturday night television listings/TV guide – April 11, 1988

CBS – High Mountain rangers, Tour of Duty, West 57th

NBC – Facts of Life, The storyteller: The Luck Child, Golden Girls, Amen, Hunter, Saturday Night Live

ABC – Conversations with the Presidents, O’Hara, Spenser: For Hire

Fox – Family Double Dare, Boys Will Bee Boys, Werewolf, Werewolf

HBO – Boxing – Chevz-Aguilar

Nick at Nite – Laugh-In, Make Room for Daddy, My Three Sons, Donna Reed, Mr. Ed, Car 54, Where Are You?, Mad Movies, Monkees

WTBS – Night Tracks


High Mountain Rangers – After their father kills a man, a family sets out to silence the witness – Cody. Stars Robert Conrad and his son Shane.

On Saturday Night Live – Former presidential candidate Paul Simon hosts with musician Paul Simon.


Top Pop Hit Singles In Britain – April 11, 1988

Drop the Boy – Bros

Heart – Pet Shop Boys

Don’t Turn Around – Aswad

Can I Play With Madness – Iron Maiden

Could’ve Been – Tiffany

Cross My Broken heart – Sinitta

Loves Changes (Everything) – Climie Fisher

Stay On These Roads – A-Ha

I’m Not Scared – Eighth Wonder


Top Country Music Hit Singles – April 11, 1988

I’ll Always Come Back – K.T. Oslin

I Wanna Dance With You – Eddie Rabbit

Cry, Cry Cry – Highway 101

It’s Such A Small World – Rodney Crowell

The Last Resort – T. Graham Brown

Strangers Again – Holly Dunn

Timeless And True Love – The McCarters

Young Country – Hank Williams Jr.

Famous Last Words of a Fool - George Strait

Hot Album Rock Music Tracks – April 11, 1988

Get It On – Kingdom Come

Tall Cool One – Robert Plant

Born To Be Bad – George Thorogood

Only A Memory – The Smithereens

Rev It Up – Jerry Harrison Casual Gods

Nothing But Flowers – Talking Heads

New Sensation INXS

Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil

All That Heaven Will Allow – Bruce Springsteen

Century’s End – Donald Fagen

Damn Good – David Lee Roth

Under the Milky Way – The Church


Top movies –  April 11, 1988


Biloxi Blues

Bad Dreams

The Seventh sign

Bright Lights, Big City

18 Again


The Last Emperor

Above the Law

Stand and Deliver

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